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So Ali Danesh posted her concept character designs for ATOTS, and I was definitely interested in Ford’s, mostly because the episode itself is so dark, you can hardly make out the details! Also interesting to note that he WAS already wearing the turtleneck; he simply had his scarf that was on his face covering it.

Also wanted to talk about the symbols on his belt! Anyone have any guesses as to what they could be? Here are mine (but I’m open to other interpretations).

  • H-like symbol - Symbol for Pisces, Greek for fish, and also the constellation.
  • E- like Symbol - My best guess is Epsilon, the Greek letter. Also used to denote the 5th brightest start in a constellation.
  • ♉ - Appears to be the symbol for Taurus, representing the constellation and strological sign of the same name.
  • £ - Pound sign. Represents Libra, the basic unit it weight in the Roman Empire, and possibly also the constellation.

All seem potentially based in astronomy/astrology in one way or another! Makes me even more curious as to what he did on the other side of that portal…


Special designs and color models from Northwest Mansion Mystery

Designs by Stephanie Ramirez & Ali Danesh

Color by Daniaelle Simonsen

TRIVIA: One of our board artists, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, suggested that Pacifica should be wearing red gloves because “her family has blood on their hands” Color really can help tell a story!  

Get To Know Your Animators: Gravity Falls (Disney) 


James Baxter, Matt Braly, Paul Robertson, Dana Terrace

Character Designers:

Bryan ArnettMatt BralyKristen CampbellRobertryan CorySabrina Cotugno, Ali DaneshChris HoughtonAlex KirwanJoe PittStephanie Ramirez

Storyboard Artists:

John AoshimaMatt BralyTyler ChenEmmy CicieregaSabrina Cotugno, Mark GarciaDavid GemmillSunil HallPatrick HarpinBen HolmChris HoughtonJoe PittStephen SandovalChris SonnenburgDana TerraceLuke Weber


“Weirdmageddon” and some other random Gravity Falls designs. It was an ultimate honor to design the cat judge voiced by Jon Stewart also baby mayor Befufftlefumpter is my favorite:D…Thanks for your constant support Gravity Falls fans!!! There are still some designs I haven’t shared with you, maybe I should make a little competition for you guys guessing what episodes they are from!

* Bill’s portrait painting is done by Gravity Falls painters based on my design.

Hey guys,

I’ll be sharing a table at CTN this coming weekend with my talented friend Toniko Pantoja. This is my first year and I haven’t prepaid anything haha. I’ve been super busy with my current job so I wasn’t able to make an specific sketchbook or other goodies BUT I can still make some signed prints like weirdmageddon and Sock Opera that I made for Nucleus Galley Art Show if you’re interested. It’ll be great to see you in person!
comment, message or email me and let me know what art you like me to bring to CTN.