ali carmitchel

Brace Yourself

Pease do this gracefully.
I know it’s like gravel on your tongue,
and your chest has never felt thinner
Don’t blow away.
You’re not a feather,
You were not born to be held in fingertips,
This is your life.
stop letting everyone else hold it.

I know it’s your heart on the line,
Lean into it.
You know just how to move,
You won’t break a thing.
You’re not glass.

-Ali Carmitchel


There’s nothing left, 
only traces of your sweat in my clothes from holding on, 
so tightly. 

My knuckles are white, and
you’re lips taste dusty I’ve kissed them so many times.

I am too fast, too soon,
not enough where you need me,
not quite the girl,
just a little off, keep me close,

But don’t you dare touch me,

I am so much porcelain you’re gonna have cuts in
your fingertips after breaking me so many damn times,

You’re fogging up these mountains,
as smoke seeps from your mouth, 

I’ve been trying to quit for years.

-Ali Carmitchel