ali cannon

Jealous Negan Head cannons

@ali-pennell ask and you shall receive!

- When Negan’s jealous he is not subtle
- Lots of angry glances at you when your talking to Simon, or Dwight
- He will make a point of walking over and just pulling you into him in a possessive manner
- He will often when you are in midsentence just start kissing you so that you’re cut off
- It amuses you to see Negan Jealous honestly, he’s like a small child
- Negan will often make sure to leave a lot of marks on you so that every knows that you’re his
- When he sees you with other men he will often clench and unclench his fists (PRIDE AND PREDJUDICE HELL YES)


Prince Ali as Le Pallion/ Hawkmoth

Like I feel like the head cannon for prince Ali came out of nowhere. Can anyone point me to its origin? Like seriously where do though come from head cannon?