ali brown quotes

'You are'
  • Mr. Brown: Ali, 'you are'
  • Ali: ... :)
  • Mr. Brown: You are...
  • Ali: You are waiting for me to speak an answer. :)
  • Mr. Brown: Well done! Anna-
  • Ali: Unfortunately, I am not understanding the question. :)
  • Mr. Brown: I want you to give me a sentence using 'you are'.
  • Ali: I am. :)
  • Mr. Brown: No, not 'I am', 'you are'. For example, you are from Pakistan.
  • Ali: I am from Pakistan. :)
  • Mr. Brown: Good, yes, now use 'you are'.
  • Ali: But I cannot say you are from Pakistan because you are not, are you? :)
  • Mr. Brown: Repeat after me; you are English.
  • Ali: No, no, I am from Pakistan. :(
  • Mr. Brown: WHAT AM I?
  • Ali: You are confusing me. D:
There is no growth without change. You’ve got to let go of some old stuff. and that can hurt. Often when I’m in the most pain, I realize it’s coming from my trying to control everything. Or resisting the changes that come with the progress. But you see that light… that beautiful next level… and that’s what you have to focus on.
—  Ali Brown
"What is your name?"
  • Officer: What is your name?
  • Ali: Oh no, Watt is not my name.
  • Officer: I don't want to know what your name is not. What is your name?
  • Ali: And I'm telling you it is not.
  • Officer: You! What is his name?
  • The officer points at Anna.
  • Anna: Nein.
  • Officer: Ah ha! Now we're getting somewhere- Mr. Nine.
  • Anna: That is not his name.
  • Officer: You said it was.
  • Anna: You asked me if his name is 'Watt' and I tell you 'nein'. Watt is not his name but also not nein.
  • Officer: I'm going around the bend!
  • The officer points at Ranjeet.
  • Officer: What is his name?
  • Ranjeet: Absolutely not.
  • Officer: Not what?
  • Ranjeet: That is correct.
  • Officer: What is your name?
  • Ranjeet: Wrong again!
  • Giovanni pushes Ranjeet away.
  • Giovanni: He's not here.
  • Officer: Who's not here?
  • Max: Watt.
  • Officer: Pardon?
  • Max: Who is not here and Watt is not here neither.
  • Officer: You're all barmy! Mr. Brown, if I promise not to proceed with this report, will you do me a favour?
  • Mr. Brown: Yes, what is it?
  • Officer: Get these crackpots out of here, and promise never to bring them back even if they've committed murder!