ali blaire krieger


Yesterday (12/12/2016), Severn School welcomed two Team USA Olympic athletes, Alexandra Blair “Ali” Krieger and Kari Miller to both the Chesapeake and Teel Campuses. The Olympian’s visit is part of Procter & Gamble’s GOLDEN SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM sweepstakes. Thanks to the efforts of the Norrington family, Severn School was the winning school in the mid-Atlantic region. In addition to the visit from the athletes, Severn School will receive a $10,000 gift from Proctor & Gamble to be used for the Lower School’s physical fitness program.


When people are saying
• Ali Kreiger is not the best right back in the world
• Ali Krieger is not an attacking right back
• Ali Krieger should not start at the Olympics
• Ali Krieger is not going to start at the Olympics
I’m just like haters gon’ hate ✌

Krieger Fever.

So I just came back from the FFC-match against Bad-Neuenahr and when Ali gave autographs I asked her if she knows what ‘Krieger Fever’ is.
She said yes and that her trainer told her about that.
Guys, she knows!!! :O

Another thing I asked is if she watches 'Dancing with the stars’ she said that she sometimes does but it’s difficult because when it’s on TV it’s night (about 3AM) here.

I took some pictures and I’ll upload them tomorrow.