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Unpopular opinion : Hakuryuu is more attractive than Alibaba. (idk if its unpopular thb)

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In my opinion, Alibaba has one of the most unimpressive appearance in the story. He looks okay but there isn’t a single thing to make him look special. I wouldn’t call him attractive.

On the other hand, Hakuryuu has always been a handsome boy. And he keeps getting better as he gets older.

Sorry Alibaba but this:

could never compare with this:


Pirates!Magi AU (I inspire myself from the costumes of Kaito in “Portrait of the Pirate F” (Vocaloid) for Kougyoku and Jack Sparrow for Ali Baba, btw), I really had fun drawing this ! ^^

Where Kougyoku is a very talented privateer engaged to catch Ali baba, a famous smuggler and captain of the ship “Labyrinth”.

But they learnt about a conspiracy and then, they had to cooperate with each other…

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I'm usually against Alibaba too but I think when he says "such pathetic anxieties" it's because he's actually aware that she doesn't want it and he knows he's just being stupid about it. Hope I'm making some sense haha

You are making perfect sense :)

It’s possible that Alibaba indeed knows that Morgiana doesn’t want polygamy and thus why he calls his anxieties pathetic. In such case,he’s being an idiot for having these thoughts and a small part of himself still doubts Mor (shame on him,really) because otherwise he wouldn’t get insecure in the first place. At least, that’s how I see it.

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That filler episode in which Alibaba has a dark djinn really ruined his character.

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I can think of reasons why Alibaba’s character has been-partly- ruined but I wouldn’t include his dark djinn moment. It was just an anime filler, not something canon.

Even the moment itself didn’t have much impact to the plot. He just became a dark djinn user for like one episode, his friends fought him and then he returned to his normal self. It didn’t cancelled all of his other development which at that point of the story was a good one.

Does that mean that I like that dark djinn moment? Hell, no. I dislike in general filler moments and I have more reason to dislike that one. There was no point to see someone from team Zagan to go to the dark side (even briefly) when on the next season we would have Hakuryuu’s rukh turning black.