Andreas Fredriksson, known as Effett, is a 24 year old artist from Stockholm.

Andreas began creating digital concept art around two years ago, but his interest in technology, especially video games, was established over two decades ago.

“I started to realise the concept art behind these games, and thus became more and more infatuated with the idea that, ‘What if I could create a creature like that?’ How cool wouldn’t that be?”

He was initially inspired by the work of artists like Axel Torvenius and Graeme Borland.

“These were the first artists that showed me that amazing concepts can be created in a short manner of time, and I really fell into the creative part of drawing rather than the polished 20 hour pieces. I love just throwing my idea out there and start on a new one!”

Andreas’s current art inspiration is concept designer Maciej Kuciara. He practices his art by taking commissions, and posting regularly to his blog. You can support Andreas by following him here on Tumblr.

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So I was just watching 2x13 cos apparently that is one we should watch before the finale for clues and I noticed how when Noel grabs Ali from behind in the halloween store it looks similar to when Charles grabs Ali last episode. I don’t know if this is a clue but I’m just putting it out there as it’s something I noticed