Nope! That’s not the excited face of Dad grabbing his plate of a gourmet meal. Nope! That’s Dad’s excited face over hot dogs & macaroni & cheese!!! LOL! Ugh!

I swear, my culinary skills have really declined when I realized this dude will eat ANYTHING! I am truly blessed to not have to deal with a picky eater! When it’s late & I’ve done so much, & I literally have forgotten we haven’t eaten? Sandwiches! Hot dogs! Turkey burgers! Hahaha

My go to meal for Dad though is whole wheat pasta, with a sauce, & a protein cooked in, & veggies on the side. It’s quick. It’s easy. It lasts for a few days!

For me? I try to stick to a lower carb option & will do fish/chicken & veggies, etc. Dad would even be happy with that!

Instead of complaining that he puts hot dogs on a higher scale than steak, I have learned to embrace that awesomeness and relax when it’s time for dinner.

We try to keep it healthy most of the time - but every now and again? ;)

i hate that my nana has dementia… i don’t hate it because it gets annoying when she asks you the same question every five minutes. i hate it because its getting worse and i hate seeing her suffer.

i was with her today and she was crying because she misses her husband and she doesn’t know when he’s coming home. he was sitting in the chair across the room, and she was just talking to him ten minutes before that and she knew who he was. she doesn’t even know she has it. she says shes fine, but she isn’t.

i wish i could just somehow obtain magical powers and heal her, & make her happy.

nothing makes me happier than seeing my nana happy ♥