ten songs ten mutuals

Ten songs ten mutuals

Been tagged by the lovely @ iscahmckrae 

I made this playlist 2 years ago and I pretty much listen to whatever on YouTube now but here goes nothing 

زفة زغاريد فقط unknown artist 
Beautiful wedding nasheed  'masha Allah’  unknown artist 
 By Rashid ‘صلو صلو عن النبي’
Arabic Wedding Songs unknown artists
مني امرشا ’  مخطوبه’=  Mona Amarsha 
Jad nakhle lahza by unknown artist 
يا نجوم الغالي  by Nancy Ajram
Labanese Wedding zaffe by unknown artists 
يا بنات اليمن by unknown artists 
Yemen Zaffa by Ayoob Tarish
الياسمين by حسين الحامد = Hussein alhamid 

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