The Arabs say: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Manners are contagious. If you mix with righteous people, you will find that you have picked up a lot of their good manners. It is rare that you would find someone who doesn’t smoke hanging out with smokers. When you are around positive and successful people, you can’t help but be positive and successful. If you are feeling down or low, those next to you can be the reason. Try to get a better people to be with and avoid bad friends because misery loves company!
People change their minds quickly and they are moody. Sometimes they are grateful to what you do but other times they are not. It saddens us a lot when we do things and people don’t appreciate it. We spend all of our lives trying to gain their love. They may love you today and hate you tomorrow. Be wise and look a bit beyond the tip of your nose! When you seek Allah’s love and He loves you back, He orders Gibreel, peace be upon him to love you. Gibreel then orders the angels in heavens to love you. Acceptance is then laid down for you on earth. Therefore, if you want the love of people, seek your Lord’s love and He will make them love you without any effort from you.
—  Assim Alhakeem
When harshness touches me, my instant reaction is to take cover. To hide. To save myself from the pain. And then it hits and as it does you seek solance in Al-Hakeem (The Most Wise) and Al-Jabbar (The comforter) - Who brightens the darkest of days.
There are things, once they take place, there is no going back. Therefore, always think twice before taking that step; an arrow when shot, a glass when shattered, a statement when said, time when wasted, trust when lost and your love ones when they are gone.
Life is short and our time is limited on earth. We don’t have enough time to see or visit one another. However, in Paradise, we will meet and be with all those whom we love whether before our time or after it.
Therefore, cleanse you heart and forgive others! ‘I’, ‘he’, ‘they’ and ‘we’, all of these pronouns will pass away! Fill your heart with forgiveness and love and let Allah take care of them.
—  Assim Alhakeem