what is this??! algormortis is a short visual novel that i threw together in (roughly) a WEEK!! as such, it’s a little rough, but HEY, it is free so you have zero excuses to not download it!! tell your friends and neighbors!!

do not be fooled by its hasty demeanor! algormortis features:

  • roughly 1-2 hrs+ (21,510 words total) of game"play" (aka READING)!
  • around 7-8 decision points that will alter the story and affect the characters’ conversations, relationships, fates, and possibly even who lives or dies…!?
  • takes place in the same universe as the duenkhy but is totally unrelated, story-wise, so makes for a good appetizer while duenkhy is in the works!
  • four different endings! collect them all!

i would super duper appreciate it if you could spread the word♪ this story has been brewing at the back of my mind for a few years now, and it’s very special to me…. ((also if you post about it, you should totally tag it “algormortis” so i can see!!!))


i could have sworn i posted these in their entirety a long time ago but apparently i only posted cropped panels…??? or else i just didn’t put ‘em on the right tag so i can’t find them on my blog haha

anyway these are NULLIFIED and i am adapting algormortis into a SPEED VISUAL NOVEL right now and it will be free as heck in a week, so look forward to that v(ºoº)v !!!

i shouldn’t be posting this but who KNOWS when i’ll have enough of a backlog to actually start up the website, and i’m really itching to post art, so… page one sans the text balloons?? i still don’t really understand the comic making process blegh

This is my character, Mortrini, who is going to be the heroine (if she can even be called that) of my upcoming webcomic :) :) :) She’s got a curse that causes her to always rapidly rot and fall apart, so it’s a regular task to replace her decomposing body parts! It’s pretty gross.

Also she’s sort of got a few bounties on her head uh oh