Manfred Mohr’s Youtube Channel

A collection of videos featuring works by pioneering computer artist Manfred Mohr, many dating back to the early 70’s. Also includes interviews and lectures:

Manfred Mohr is considered a pioneer of digital art. After discovering Prof. Max Bense’s information aesthetics in the early 1960’s, Mohr’s artistic thinking was radically changed. Within a few years, his art transformed from abstract expressionism to computer generated algorithmic geometry. Encouraged by the computer music composer Pierre Barbaud whom he met in 1967, Mohr programmed his first computer drawings in 1969.

You can go to the Youtube channel here


Rhizome - Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: The Algorists

A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the web, focusing on a collection of European artists who since the 1960’s have independently been creating art with the computer, and in 1995, became known as ‘Algorists’. 

Definition of an Algorist:

if (creation && object of art && algorithm && one's own algorithm) { include * an algorist * } elseif (!creation || !object of art || !algorithm || !one's own algorithm) { exclude * not an algorist * }

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