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Scrolling your blog I read you're algophiliac, so you couldn't be hurt, right?

Sure. If you hit me I won’t feel pain, if you cut me I won’t blood, if you stab me in the heart I won’t die, if you cut me head off I will continue to chase you: basically, I am a god. KNEEL.



…sorry, anon, I couldn’t resist XD. No, of course I can be hurt like other people: because of my algophilia I just feel pleasure instead of pain when someone hurts me, or when I accidentally hurt myself. I can get bruises, cuts, fractures, ills, etc: algophilia doesn’t give me superpowers, indeed, it can be a problem because it makes me not notice the wounds. That’s all.

miss-evening ha risposto al tuo post :miss-evening ha risposto al tuo post :I was sure…

I see. So you don’t sense a pain, unless you get a serious cut, or a broken bone? And I’m sure you’re intelligent, even though your algophiliac. I’ve never heard of that phenomenon before.

Yes and no, actually the situation is slightly different: when I get physically hurt I generally feel pleasure instead of pain, unless the pain is really intense. It’s not something given to my mind, to the concept and perception of pain and pleasure I have, like masochism, because it’s not related to the situation: I feel pleasure when I’m bitten by my boyfriend, I feel pleasure when I accidentally hit the table with my knee, I feel pleasure when a stranger punches me. Three totally different situations, the first enjoyable (yes, I’m also masochist), the second random, the third dangerous and frightening, and yet it’s pretty the same for me. Moreover, I also bear pain easily, because I’ve experienced a lot of physical pain during my life, so here’s the result: somewhen I don’t feel anything at all, somewhen I feel pleasure and, so, don’t notice the injury, and rarely I feel pain. I have to admit it’s not always the same: some days I’m more sensible, some less, some kinds of pain (like headaches and pricks) turn painful soon, some late or never, some times I unconsciously ignore something I intimately know it’s wrong, some times I don’t notice it at all, but generally I realize I got hurt hours or even days after it happened. During the comicons this situation gets worse, because I wear shoes, clothes and accessories not completely comfortable, I walk all the day and often along hard paths, I meet hundreds of people who occasionally hit me (accidentally, I hope), and above all I’m having fun, so I’m surely not focused on checking my body and distinguishing real pleasure from pain. Just to let you understand, the last year I literally dug a hole in my right calf by walking on it for three days, and I not only didn’t notice it (it was in a point not easy to be seen while showering), but I even thought “Uhm, this shoes are so comfortable, they even thicklish me on the calves!”. Three days after my boyfriend discovered the hole and almost screamed, because he could see the muscle through it, and because the skin around it was grey. And I thought it was thicklish. I complained a little about the cut I found on my back because I had decided to pay more attention and take care of myself better, but I miserably failed, and, as always, I don’t even know HOW it happened. It’s a little embarassing. So embarassing. Anyway, sorry for the long rant, I hope I managed to explain you properly the situation, and I hope I haven’t bored or annoyed you - I just thought you asked for a complete answer. If you want to ask me something else I’m here, have a nice evening