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I crave that Undyne and Alphys baby interactions. Cute family shenanigans! I picture Alghys as a bit overprotective, maybe because Undyne should not be left in charge of a small child ever. Dear lord babysitter Mettaton. Too many headcannons!! Ahhh!1!!

Her name is Anolise, she was created over on my post-Pacifist headcanon scenario blog, @determined-college-student!! If you wanna see more of her and other random headcanons from me and others, go check it out!!
I’ve been a bit inactive there as of late, but only because nobody’s been sending in asks and I’m so busy with other things that I don’t make stuff for it myself without them. 

…I need some asks over there, I love me some Collegetale.

ANYWAY, actually, guess who the stay at home mom is…

And yes!!! Mettaton loves Anolise to pieces, whenever he’s the babysitter of choice he spoils the little axolotl monster so much. She’s kinda like his honorary baby sister, in a way.

I love this small drooling bab.