Entry 15: Curiosity

Prompt #15: Doppelganger

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Yvaine sat there blinking as she saw someone that looked so much like her but this time it was a young girl. It was unlikely that she was related since Algernin had no children and her mother only had her unless there was another bastard that happened to be running around which was very unlikely. Her head tilted from side to side curious as to how this came to be but figured it was just strange coincidence. As she watched the young girl Yvaine made mental notes of how she was dressed and from what was deduced the girl had to be roughly in her early teens maybe not even that. She had her hair pulled back into a low ponytail adorned with a pretty bow and a dress to match. In a funny way Yvaine felt like it was a mirror into her past but this girl looked happier though there was a tinge of sadness or maybe distress. Slowly Yvaine approached not sure when Renias would return to the market area of Kugane and asked the girl if everything was alright. In a way it was to find out more as to why this girl was here but also to get a better look at her.

“I am waiting for someone.” the girl replied politely while peering up at Yvaine with slightly darker green eyes.

Yvaine smiled warmly, “Well if you like I’ll wait with you. I’m waiting for someone too. My name is Yvaine Athidrial.” She offered her hand out to shake then once they shook hands she gestured to some benches nearby that were no longer occupied, “How about we sit and then see if those we are waiting for show up?”

“Um..very well then. I hope they show up soon. The airship will be leaving and we need to make sure we have all that we need. Oh! I am Alma. Sorry I should have introduced myself properly after you had. Father would be upset that I forgot my manners.” Alma was a little flustered but seeing Yvaine’s smile seemed to calm her down. It wasn’t long before her head tilted curious about the staff on Yvaine’s back, “Are you an adventurer?”

Yvaine blinked a few times then laughed a bit, “Me? Not really. I help others though when I can. I am a healer. My husband works as a bodyguard well he’s much more than a guard but he helps others too.” She moved the staff off her  back and let Alma look it over, “It’s a conjurer’s staff.”

“You can use magic? Maybe you can help us then.” Alma seemed to perk up and smiled as those she had been waiting on showed up. It was some reporter along with another that seemed to be like a guard for Alma.

Yvaine blinked again somewhat alarmed by what was happening and stood up quickly, “Uh…How can I help exactly?” It was then she saw Renias heading her way quickly and she waved to him to get him to move faster. Once he got there it was pretty much explained and that their help was needed for a task to help locate the girl’s father. Seemed simple enough and in a way their work did entail such tasks occasionally. Nervously Yvaine smiled at Renias as he looked from the girl to Yvaine then back again as if doing  a double take but saying nothing for now. They agreed to lend a hand before calling the company to let them know what was happening. It wasn’t long before Algernin and Damaris showed up along some others figuring this could be a fun adventure. In a way they were right but also Yvaine had a feeling that her curiosity over the little girl that reminded her of herself if she had been raised as a lady of the upper class may have landed them into more trouble than they could manage.