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In memory of The Algerian Revolution November, 1st 1954. 
Djamila Bouhired (جميلة بوحيرد) is a leading Algerian heroine and revolutionary.
She fought in the war of national liberation (1954–1962) and has worked as a vocal activist in the movement for women’s rights in independent Algeria. Djamila Bouhired joined the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) while a student activist to fight for independence from France. Bouhired and other young women played a critical role during the battle for Algiers, which began in September 1956. Bouhired assisted the FLN leader, Saadi Yacef , in recruiting young Muslim women from the capital who could pass as Europeans. Dressed as Frenchwomen, Bouhired and two other female militants placed concealed bombs in the European sections of Algiers. Two bombs exploded, causing civilian casualties; Bouhired’s bomb failed to detonate.

This event and others unleashed the Battle of Algiers, which raged until 1957. Bouhired eluded the French military and police until April 1957, when she was arrested, imprisoned, and subjected to appalling torture; in July she was sentenced to death by the guillotine after a trial deemed a travesty of justice. However, Bouhired became a cause célèbre because of international media coverage of the French army’s systematic use of torture, and she was eventually released.
In the early twenty-first century Djamila Bouhired continued to be actively involved in feminist politics, advocating fundamental transformations in the legal, political, and social status of Algeria’s women.

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