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“I had to prepare myself for this end long ago, because either I or they were created to be for others. Our dreams, our days, our laughters, and our bodies are all saved for others.”
_ by Ilhem Mezioud

In Algerian Darija we don’t say “I love you”, we say “نموت اعليك (nmout a'leek)” which roughly translates to “I would die for you” and I think that’s too romantic for a country like Algeria.

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a selective decolonial history of Jews in France

basically France has been playing Jews against Muslims and Muslims against Jews for years, since way before Israel was created, during colonial times. 

for example in colonial Algeria, the native population of Algeria (both Jewish and Muslim) was initially under the “indigenous” status which meant they were second-class citizen in the colonial legal regime. and then in 1870 the Jews of Algeria were granted full national rights as French citizens by default, which suddenly gave them privilege over Muslim Algerians who were still under the “indigenous” status. 

this divide and conquer strategy made the Jews of Algeria suspect of being on the side of colonial power - which was partly true. many were in favor of Algerian independance and participated in the national liberation movement and resistance against colonialism, but in terms of privilege, they had indeed gained a superior social, legal and economic status. and many therefore sided with the French because that is what served their material interests.

before the “Décret Crémieux” (the 1870 law that made all Jews of Algeria French), there was also a long process of assimilation of North African Jews into French culture, which was a deliberate process mainly implemented through colonial Jewish schools created by the “Alliance Israelite Universelle”. these schools had the explicit purpose of “civilizing” the Jews living in these “barbarian” and “savage” lands, to enlighten them with the modern French culture etc, so they were very quickly and forcibly assimilated with European clothes, French first names, and of course repression of the use of Arabic language. these schools did the job within one generation. Arabic / Judeo-Arabic speaking parents sent their kids to schools of the Alliance Israélite Universelle where they were taught in French and became assimilated and lost their cultures. my father was raised in a French colonial school in Tunisia and he never even learnt Arabic although his grandparents spoke Arabic at home, and his parents understood it perfectly. 

after the decolonization, most of Jews of North Africa were forced to leave because they had been given this special status that made them suspects of double allegiance in the eyes of the rest of the population, they were considered traitors, they were not considered as fully Tunisian/Algerian/Moroccan anymore, so some didn’t feel like they had a place there anymore post-decolonization. some had been given subaltern jobs in the colonial administration, they had been hired to do France’s dirty jobs, so now that the countries had gained independance the colonial administration was gone and they lost their jobs. France’s Jewish population is i think majority descendents of post-colonial immigrants - although it’s just my impression but i might be wrong.

it must be noted that Adolphe Crémieux (the parliament member who passed that decree in 1870) and the Alliance Israélite Universelle, the organization who began this forced assimilation of Jews from colonized lands, were white French Zionist Jews. and they held really fucked up racist and colonialist positions. they stole our North African, Maghrebi, Arab/Amazigh Jewish cultures to homogenize all Jewish cultures to look like, sound like, smell like, feel like and taste like French European Jewish culture. their writing really reflect the “white man’s burden” type of mentality, they felt like they had to “save” Arab/Amazigh Jews and educate them and civilize them. just like Israel has been doing too, inventing a monolithic Jewish culture that is so colonial and so European and so Islamophobic and anti-Arab, negating all diversity of Jewish cultures, and creating a new language (modern Hebrew), new names (Tal, Dor, Or, Ronit), just stripping Jews from their cultures of origin and pretending they all have the same “neutral” Israeli culture… anyway. 

many had left, but many Jews had chosen remained in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco after the independence. they belonged in their countries and were attached to them, they felt fully Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan. But after the creation of Israel, antisemitic hostility grew. in 1967, after the 6-days War, there were violent anti-Jew riots in Tunisia for example, the synagogue burned, the whole community left and came to France. unlike Moroccan Jews who massively went to Israel through shady zionist displacement programmes, most Algerian & Tunisian Jews had no interest in Israel and felt deeply Tunisian & Algerian. They didn’t go to Israel when they were forced to flee, but instead they went to France, to escape the rising antisemitism in their home countries, in which they had been existing as communities since before even the Arab Conquest. 

There have been Jews in North Africa since before Islamization, since before the Romans. We are indigenous to North Africa, as most Jews of the Maghreb are Amazigh (also known as “Berber”). for example in Morocco most Jews are Chleh (an amazigh people of Morocco, of which some are Muslims and some are Jews and were all living in the same villages, speaking the same languages, before the creation of Israel and massive displacement). 

now the Jewish communities of Tunisia & Algeria are almost extinct, and they all went to live in France were they assimilated after a while, but still many of them live in racially & socially segregated neighborhoods along with North African Muslims. but after decolonization and immigration, France did not stop its colonial practise of trying to create tension. so now the government and the media use Jews as ammunition against Muslims in the Islamophobic propaganda. and everybody knows France is pretty much a laboratory of islamophobia. so then because public officials use Jews against Muslims so much, its just stirs hatred and they play dangerously with fire, and Jews end up being considered allies of white power. basically capitalism and white supremacy use Jews as a human shield, a scapegoat to receive all the resentment and anger of poor people and people of color. you don’t have money? it’s because of the Jews. you are being exploited? it’s the Jews. as a Muslim you are denied your rights in this country? look at the Jews, they are not treated as bad as you are, they do not get the same treatment because they are France’s “favorite child”. etc. which then designates Jews as an easy target for terrorism, for hatred, for anger, etc. ‘cause of course if a parent keeps designating one of his kids as the favorite, and conspicuously treating his two kids with double standards, of course the “good treatment” from the parent will ‘cause anger, jealousy and resentment from the sibling who feels neglected and treated unfairly. it is an intentional policy in the case of France and its two religious minorities, to cause oppressed people to misdirect anger and social unrest at the “favorite sibling” instead of lookin at the oppressor. and of course the government and the media also keep repeating that there is no antisemitism in France, except for the one imported by the immigration from North Africa, that antisemitism is inherent to Islam, that all North African Muslims are antisemitic, etc, that it is very dangerous to be Jewish in neighborhoods with lots of immigrants, etc, so that Jews will start being more islamophobic and distrustful of Muslims, etc. the whole thing becomes performative. they just repeat and repeat and repeat those lies until they become truths. it’s just a horrible mess. the more state Islamophobia grows, the more popular antisemitism is growing too, and there are crazy people making a lot of money and feeding it… it’s just a nightmare for all of us, Jews and Muslims of color being used against each other by white supremacy and being victims of its plotting against us all. 

the main French Jewish organization, the CRIF, is even more problematic than AIPAC. extremely Zionist, extremely Islamophobic, right-wing, and dominated by rich white/Ashkenazi Jews. they get to be the voice of Jews in France although they do not really represent what most French Jews believe, but they have coopted Jewish identity here so much that the French Jews who DON’T agree with them have almost given up on feeling Jewish, they/we feel almost ashamed to be Jewish, it is very hard to still want to identify as Jewish when that is what Jewish has come to mean in France in public discourse and in the media : Islamophobic, anti-Arab, Ashkenazi, White Supremacist, assimilationist, capitalist right-wing conservative, etc. All the Jews that have a voice as intellectuals in the mainstream media, Bernard Henry Levy, Elizabeth Levy, Eric Zemmour, Alain Finkielkraut, Gilles William Goldnadel, are extremely Zionist, racist, nationalist, and/or bordering on extreme right wing. the only ones i can think of who claim a visible Arab/North African Jewish identity/culture are all comedians/buffoons/clowns - Gad Elmaleh, Cyril Hanouna, and Michel Boujenah, so not political or intellectual or cultural commentors, they are not taken seriously.

this is an unfinished draft for an article that i might someday write 

Mostly used in Egyptian Arabic:

Bil hana wish shifa’, بالهنا والشفا - Bon appetit (used before a meal, conveying ‘enjoy your meal’)

Other ways of saying this:

Bsahtek, بصحتك - Algerian dialect.
Sahtein, صحتين - Lebanese, Syrian dialect.

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Le chat du rabbin - Qu'elle ne se marie pas!

I find it funny when I see Arabic articles or comments in which Arabic speakers say that dialects of the Great Maghreb region in general are difficult and impossible to understand because most of the time people don’t even make the effort to listen and understand what’s being said

one real question that i have is like why has no one made a fancast/fanart of jean as a brown guy yet


Simple vowel sytems ranging from 3 to 8 vowels. It includes no front rounded vowels, no back unrounded vowels, and only symmetrical systems with little allophony. Examples of languages for each type:

  • 3 vowels [i, u, a] - modern standard Arabic, most australian aboriginal languages, Aleut, Inkutitut (Eskimo langs.), Greenlandic, Quechua, Aymará, Miskito (in Nicaragua), Centras Atlas Berber
  • 4 vowels [i, e, a, o~u] - Cree, Ojibew, Slavey, Dene, Navajo, Nahuatl, Malagasy
  • 5 vowels [i, u, e, o, a] - Spanish, Basque, Sardinian, Mayan languages, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Lezgian, Fula, Hausa, Songhay, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Ganda, Turkana, Luvale, Mbundu, Nyanja, Chichewa, Shona, Ovambo, Xhosa, Zulu, Tsonga, Makua, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Kadazan Dusun, Japanese, Tok Pisin, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Brahui, Divehi, Maori, Fijian, Samoan, Tuvaluan, Kiribati, Hawaian, Nama-Khoe, Sandawe, Lakota, etc.
  • 6 vowels [i, ɨ, u, e, o, a] - Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Kashubian, Erzya, Guaraní, Mapuche, Garífuna
  • 6 vowels [i, u, e, o, æ, ɑ] - Persian, Pashto, Tajik, Uzbekh, Egyptian, Iraqi, Najdi, Tunisian and Levantine Arabic, Northern Sami, Nenets, Latvian, Orya, Sinhala.
  • 6 vowels [i, u, e, ə, o, a] - Itelmen, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Kanuri, Marathi, Nepali, Malay, Indonesian, Sundanese, Javanese, Moroccan and Algerian Arabic, Armenian, Cherokee.
  • 7 vowels [i, ɨ, u, e, ə, o, a] - Romanian, Komi, Udmurt, Hakka and Gan Chinese, Amami, Amharic, Tigrinya, Tigre, Malayalam.
  • 7 vowels [i, e, ɛ, u, o, ɔ, a] - Galician, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Corsican, Southern Catalan (Valencian), Tedaga, Dazaga, Zaghawa (in Chad), Yorubá, Igbo, Akan, Ewe, Fon, Lingala, Dinka, Nuer, Luo, Masai, Kikuyu, Tswana, Bengali, Haitian Creole.
  • 8 vowels [i, e, ɛ, ə, u, o, ɔ, a] - European Portuguese, Northern Catalan, Wolof, Slovenian, Burmese, Gujarati, Santali.