TMBLRVISION - Algeria will select a song internally

The Algerian delegation, also known as me, has announced today that the Algerian song for the maiden @tmblrvision song contest in Reykjavik will be selected internally. The delegation used this as an excuse to make this image.

One of my friends shared the story of Hamza Bendellajd on her facebook. I couldn’t find a whole lot of stuff anywhere about him. Probably because he stole FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS and donated it all to charities in Africa and Palestine. 

The Algerian computer science graduate was able to hack over  $400 million from 217 banks. When arrested, he refused to make a deal with the government explaining how he was able to do such a thing. He told the authorities  “Money and power are nothing if they are not used to build a better world”. For this, he was hanged in Thailand on March 4, 2016.

Hamza Bendellajd was the very definition of “chaotic good”.


Saharan Desert Landscape, including sand dunes (don’t miss the wind ripples) and palm trees, from Algeria.