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Peter Parker #2

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Number Request from Smut Prompt List.


“You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you…?”                     “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?”                                                                                                        “I-I just wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

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 november 15th, 2016 // tuesday

I’ve been playing around with photoshop for the first time (I spent way too much time making those cards, oops), and it’s really fun! Maybe I’ll sign up for an elective in graphic design next year, hah. Anyways, since I’m halfway through my first semester, I decided to start reading through an algebra/precalc textbook that I have and make myself some notes (I finally have some extra time!!)

I was bored in algebra class one day, so I wrote PHAN IS REAL in a couple of the textbooks. I tried my best to use a handwriting different to my own in case I got caught. Well, when there were two weeks left of school, it came back to bite me.

We were using the textbooks again and one person shouts, “What does Phan is real mean?” Another kid, “It’s all over the textbooks! What does it mean?”

“Who is Phan?” It caused a whole eruption in the classroom, trying to find out who Phan is and what did it mean. My teacher didn’t care though, he just told everyone to be quiet and sit down.

Me, the quiet girl, sat in the back, covering my mouth and trying not to laugh. The worst part was that I was wearing my TATINOF sweatshirt and was trying to cover it to the best of my ability to not get caught. Thankfully I didn’t.

favorite memory is when i kissed a girl in an empty church: somewhere between a plastic pitcher of communion wine and the statue of a crucified jesus. when i set my algebra textbook on fire. when i flooded anthills with my sister. or alone. probably alone. when i snuck out that night to the beach bonfire, just to see a girl who wanted nothing to do with me. when i walked to school after a car accident. when i thought about water. or burning. when i dove into the fountain at the graveyard my grandfather was buried in. not in mourning, but always laughter. when i spilled gasoline in a motel pool. when i held my head under water as the sky bled lightning, not thinking about my body or motherhood, or anything else that sounds like danger. but believe me when i say i was happy then. i’m trying to make memories that won’t hurt to remember.

Isaac- I Think You’re My Anchor

Requests-  Can you do a Isaac x reader insert, where him and the reader has been together for awhile, and tells them that their his anchor? /  Hello :) I just wanted to ask if you could or wouldn’t mind doing a cute fluffy imagine for isaac where the reader is shy and is his anchor and helps him and eventually they date. I love your writing and imagines by the way :D x

A/N- Thanks sweetie! I decided to combine these two, and I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted. Next up is a Stiles imagine.

You opened up your locker, shoving your algebra textbook into it with a happy sigh. At least you wouldn’t have to pick it up again till tomorrow.
Lydia leaned against the locker next to yours, blatantly ignoring the poor freshman girl who was too shy to ask her to move so she could get to her things. Lydia scrolled through her phone, showing you seemingly infinite amounts of photos of dresses she was deciding on for the winter formal.
“Now, this one I’m not sure about, but I think it would look amazing on you,” she told you.
“Woah,” you said as you looked down at the dress, which was strapless and blue with a fluffy knee length skirt. “That’s beautiful.”
“And it’s all yours if you want it,” she said to you in a sing song voice.
“Wait, you have this?” you asked.
“Of course,” Lydia told you. “I have all of the ones I showed you.”
“Lydia you showed me like fifty dresses!”
“And?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at you.
You rolled your eyes. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter because I’m not going anyway.”
“Excuse me?” Lydia asked you. “You must be crazy if you think I’m going to let you sit at home while we all have fun.”
“I don’t understand why you even want to go,” you protested. “I mean, you nearly died last time you went to a dance.”
“Exactly,” she told you. “I don’t want my only memory of a winter formal to be nearly getting ripped apart by a psychopath. This year is going to be different.”
“Well I wont be there to find out,” you said. “I wouldn’t even have a date.”
“So ask someone,” Lydia suggested.
“Me?” you repeated. “Me ask someone?”
Lydia rolled her eyes with a huff, crossing her arms over her chest and peering down the hall. You weren’t the most outgoing person, but she knew you would have no trouble finding a date. The problem was finding someone you actually liked, but as she caught sight of someone down the hall, she had the perfect solution.
“What about Isaac?” Lydia asked with a smile.
“Lydia,” you complained, a blush quickly creeping onto your cheeks. “We’re just friends.”
“But you want to be something more,” Lydia announced.
“Lydia,” you complained through gritted teeth. “He’s coming this way.”
“So what?” she asked. “I’ll scream it to the world if that’s what it takes for you two to get together.”
You made a noise of protest, anxiously peering down the hall and meeting Isaac’s eyes by pure accident. You were sure he had heard you, but he simply sent you a bright smile from down the hall. Your shoulders relaxed and you looked back at Lydia, only to find her staring at you with a sly smile.
“Please, Lydia,” you begged. “Don’t do anything stupid for me. We don’t have time to go to some stupid dance anyways, not with a whole pack of alphas running around.”
“You’re no fun,” Lydia told you, her lips forming into a perfect pout. “But I’m going to get you and Isaac together one way or another.”
You huffed, slamming your locker in protest. “No way-”
“MS. Y/L/N!” someone yelled, causing you to nearly jump out of your own skin.
You and Lydia both looked over to see Mr. Harris poking his head out of his chemistry classroom. His beady eyes landed on you, and you swore you saw your life flash before your eyes.
“This is a school building, not a rock concert,” he spat. “Now I suggest you stop slamming things before you get a week of detention instead of just one day. See you after school.”
You blinked, frozen in shock as Harris stalked back into his classroom. “Did he just give me detention?”
Lydia sighed. “Yep. Your first one too. We should throw you a party.”
You rolled your eyes, opening your mouth to let out some snarky retort when Isaac walked up to you.
“Yikes,” he remarked. “Harris, right?”
“How has he not gotten fired yet?” Lydia wondered aloud.
“Lydia I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are like three teachers in this school,” you told her. “They couldn’t afford to lose Harris, even if he probably is a serial killer.”
“You’ve got that right,” Isaac told you. “At least you won’t have to brave detention alone.”
“You got detention too?” you asked Isaac.
“Fighting,” he told you with a shrug.
“Well at least you’ll have Isaac,” Lydia remarked, flashing you a knowing smile.
You shot her a look, hoping Isaac wouldn’t see and considering the fact that this was going to be a very long day.

You walked into the janitor’s closet with a sigh, your arms full of stacks of paper towels. Isaac walked in behind you, noticeably itchy at the fact that he was in such a small space.
“You can stay outside if you want,” you offered, setting the paper towels down. “I know you don’t like small spaces.”
“Nah,” he told you. “I’m okay, trust me.”
He wasn’t exactly worried about being in the small space like you had thought, especially since he knew he could get out at the moment. His nervousness had more to do with the fact that he was going to be in there with you, only inches away from your lips that he had wanted to kiss for years.
“So, I heard you talking to Lydia about the dance,” he said evenly.
“Oh,” you said, looking over at him for a second. “Okay.”
“And you know, I heard you say that-”
Isaac was suddenly cut off with a loud slam, and you whirled around to see that the door to the tiny room was shut. Isaac’s eyes went wide, and he immediately reached forward and tried the handle. It was moving, but no matter how hard he pushed, the door wouldn’t open.
“No, no, no,” Isaac muttered, banging his fist on the wood.
“Is it locked from the outside?” you asked nervously. “M-maybe someone locked it by mistake…”
“No,” Isaac said, frantically trying to push it open. “Someone put something up against it.”
He backed away from the door, pacing a couple steps this way and that as he ran a hand through his hair. He took a deep breath, but then he began to suck in air in short gasps as he placed his hands on the door and started banging.
“Isaac,” you said slowly. “You need to relax, okay? You just need to calm down. Someone is going to get us out.”
But he wasn’t listening to you, and he kept fiercely banging on the door, his fists slamming against the wood. You took a step back in shock, trying your best to try and calm him down.
“Isaac, just listen to me,” you begged. “You have to calm down. You’re not in the freezer and you’re going to get out, okay?”
Isaac froze, and for a second you began to think it had worked. But then he slowly turned around, and in the darkness of the closet, you could see his eyes glowing a bright yellow. You sucked in a sharp breath, fear creeping through you as you heard Isaac’s soft growl.
“Isaac,” you said softly as he took a step forward. “Don’t. Please, Isaac, don’t.”
He walked towards you, letting out a growl as he backed you up against the wall. He let out a snarl, causing you to flinch back in fear. There was nowhere to run in the tiny closet, and his hands came up and slammed into the wall on either side of you. You closed your eyes in fear as you waited for the blow, but it never came.
You opened your eyes to see Isaac staring down at you in horror, breathing heavily as he leaned over you. His eyes were now fading back to their normal blue, and he quickly scrambled away from you.
“I-I’m sorry,” he breathed. “I-I didn’t mean to do that. God, Y/n I’m so sorry.”
He backed up against the wall, trying to put as much distance between the two of you as he could. His hands shook slightly as he leaned against the wall, too guilty to meet your eyes.
“Hey,” you said softly. “I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me.”
“But I could have,” he whispered, still avoiding your gaze. “I-I don’t even know how I stopped.”
You took a hesitant step forward, reaching out to place a gentle hand on his shoulder. “Isaac, I’m fine.”
He looked up at you. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah,” you told him. “But uh, I’m kinda curious about one thing.”
“Well you were about to rip me apart,” you said, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear “What made you stop?”
Isaac paused, biting the inside of his cheek and looking away from you for a second. He had a theory, but it wasn’t exactly something he wanted to blurt out in front of you. If he told you why he had stopped, that meant telling you how he felt about you, and he didn’t know if he wanted to do that just yet.
On the other hand, you were about a foot away from him, and there wasn’t much of a way for him to hide anything in that tiny little closet. Isaac took a deep breath, hoping that someone would be there to let you out soon in case this took a turn for the worse.
“I…I think you’re my anchor,” he said slowly.
“Your anchor?” you repeated.
He nodded. “Yeah, it’s like-”
“I know what it is,” you said softly, your heart fluttering in your chest. “But, uh, doesn’t that mean that you-”
“Like you?” he finished. “Not necessarily.”
“Oh,” you said, a blush creeping onto your face. “Nevermi-”
“But in this case it does,” he added, a small smile working its way onto his face.
“Oh,” you said, but his words did nothing to make the red disappear from your face.
“So, uh, if you don’t mind and you still don’t have a date,” Isaac continued. “Maybe I could take you to the formal. Provided we get out of here.”
You smiled. “I think I would love that.”
Suddenly you heard a scraping sound coming from right outside the door. Isaac let out a sigh of relief as the door creaked open, flooding the tiny space with light. Scott and Allison stepped into view, looking at you and Isaac with concern.
“Oh my god,” Allison breathed. “Are you guys okay?”
You nodded. “Yeah, we’re good.”
“Are you sure?” Scott asked, looking from you to Isaac. “Allison texted me when you guys never came back to Harris’ class. She thought something might have happened.”
“Almost,” Isaac admitted. “I’m pretty sure the twins locked us in there and then I freaked out and almost hurt Y/n.”
At Scott and Allison’s wide eyes, you quickly held up your hands. “But I’m okay! He didn’t hurt me at all.”
Scott sighed. “Well at least we know they’re not playing around anymore. They don’t just want to piss us off, they want to get someone hurt.”
“We’ll get them back for it,” you swore. “But for now I think I’m just ready to go home.”
“I’ll walk you to your car,” Isaac offered.
You gave him a grateful smile, nodding as he trailed after you down the hall. Allison and Scott watched as the two of you walked away, but they didn’t miss the way Isaac’s fingers reached out to tangle with yours. Allison smiled, flashing Scott a grin just as they heard a satisfied hmph coming from behind them.
They both turned, catching sight of Lydia leaning against a row of lockers with a proud smirk on her face. Allison blinked, looking back down the hall at you and Isaac and then back to Lydia.
“Oh my god,” Allison said. “Lydia, you didn’t.”
“Wait, she didn’t what?” Scott asked, looking between the two girls.
“What?” Lydia asked with a roll of her eyes. “They’re together now. That’s all that matters.”
Allison crossed her arms over her chest. “And how much did it cost you for the twins to push that thing in front of the door and trap them in there?”
Lydia rolled her eyes. “Fifty bucks. But it was worth it.”
“Wait, you paid them to trap Isaac and Y/n?” Scott demanded. “Lydia he could have killed her!”
Lydia waved her hand, as if this would simply be a minor hitch in the plan. “Whatever. I am a master matchmaker, and no one can tell me otherwise.”
Allison sighed. “At least we can all go to the dance now.”

Ok please imagine the 10th generation  guardians in a college lecture led by Skull. So of course no one is paying attention

You have Tsuna, who honestly tried to pay attention but just ends up messing around on the internet

Then you have Hibari sleeping, like straight up knocked the fuck out and not even trying to hide it

Then you have gokudera who is all like “This class is just a gen-ed requirement, its not in my major” and he just fucking takes out his linear algebra textbook and a calculator and starts doing a shit ton of math

Then you have Yamamoto photoshopping his face onto a bunch of different ppl like. He photoshops his face onto a person who went to a Bernie Sanders rally and is all like “I can’t believe I saw Sanders.” and Tsuna has to remind him they’re in fucking japan

Then you have Lambo who’s playing games, and he yells in frustration whenever he messes up or dies

Mukuro and Chrome are just in the back chillin, watching movies on their laptops


“Shhh, I think I hear something.”

Dex opens his eyes. Nursey’s upside-down face peers over the edge of the bunk. Dex peels his cheek off his Abstract Algebra textbook. He fell asleep in the middle of studying. Pathetic. “Hear what?”

Nursey looks scared. He sings softly, “Ooops, I did it again.”

“I played with your heart, got lost in the game,” Dex sings back. 

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Phantom au where Erik is replaced by Count Von Count. There’s no angel of music. It’s the Angel of Arithmetic. Final lair involves Count Von Count assaulting Raoul with algebra textbooks and other complicated math problems. 

Featuring numbers such as:

  • Mathematics of the Night
  • Don Juan Calculus
  • Counting Past the Points of No Return
  • Counting Notes
  • Prima Algebra
  • All I Ask of Math
  • Angel of Arithmetic
  • Final Exam
shawn imagine #1

like if you enjoy this and send me some feedback babes !! love you

“I actually can’t do this anymore,” I yelled at myself in frustration.

I dropped my Algebra II textbook on my desk and a loud slamming resonates from the action. I grunt angrily and throw my folder across the room. I’ve been working on the same problem for about 20 minutes and I still can’t figure it out.

Math for me has never been my strong suit; I integrate myself into the science subjects more. I find them relatively easier and learning about DNA is just more enjoyable to me than learning about radical expressions. My mind starts drifting off into thoughts about next week’s Biology exam when a tri-tone alert from my iPhone sharply brings me back into reality.

A text message from Lucy, my best friend, is displayed across the brightly-lit screen.

“alyssa what the hELL is the math homework even talking about” it reads.

I chuckle a bit before responding to her.

“honestly I don’t even understand what I don’t understand.. can you help me pls”

In seconds, she replies back with one of her infamous catchphrases.

“literally same babe, sorry but i have absolutely nO idea what im doing” she says.

I locked my phone and took a deep sigh. I can’t spend forever on math homework, I have four other assignments due tomorrow and it’s already 8:00pm. I read the directions out of the book one more time out loud, as if hearing it is going to make me understand it any better.

“Solve for x in the equation x^2+5x+6=0.” I say.

“Sounds really complicated.” My dad comments from my bedroom door. I didn’t even realize he was standing there.
A take a deep breath in and say “Yeah, it really is.”

He raises his eyebrows up and gives me a genuine smile. “Well,” he starts, “If anyone can figure it out, it’s you. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your mom is working late tonight and I’m going to the gym, alright? Be good, Kiddo.”

With that, he disappears from my doorway and jogs down the stairs. I hear him grab a water from the refrigerator and close the front door.

“If anyone can figure it out, it’s you.”

My dad’s encouraging words keep replaying in my head until realization hits me.

“If anyone can figure this out, it’s Shawn.” I smile and immediately reach for my phone to call him.

Shawn Mendes is a classmate of mine, who just so happens to also live down the street from me. He’s cute in a nerdy, adorable way and I wish I could get to know him better. I think I would consider us friends, though. We talk in math class sometimes and he always knows the answers to questions our teacher asks us. He came with his family to our house-warming party when we first moved here and I see him every so often in the neighborhood while I’m walking my dog. I know that he sings and plays the guitar really well, too.

So, I think we’re friends.

I guess we’re about to find out.

I unlock my phone and quickly find his contact under the name “Shawn M”. I make no hesitation to tap the call button. The phone barely has time to complete its first ring when I hear a raspy male voice on the other line.


“Hi Shawn, it’s Alyssa Green. I live down the street and I’m in your fourth hour cla-“

“I know who you are, Alyssa,” he laughs, “But one thing I did not know was that you had my number.”

“Um,” I say, searching my mind for a memory of how I got his number in the first place. I can’t find one. “I think your mom gave it to me?” I lie.

“Oh okay.” He seems to buy it. “What’s up?”

“You’re going to laugh, and I get that, but I’m in desperate need of math help right now.”

“Um…” he sounds like he’s seriously thinking about helping me right now, which makes me a little bit offended. There’s a long pause from the both of us. Why is he taking so long to just say yes? After a minute that felt like an eternity, he finally says something utterly startling.

“Are your parents home?”

“No?” I try not to let my confusion show.

“Open your bedroom window, I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Before I had a chance to digest what he’d just said, he’s already hung up and I’m left with my jaw held open. After all, I was just expecting him to talk me through it over the phone.

My body moves before my thoughts do, and I slide open my window like he told me to. I sit there for a minute before I look down and realize that I’m only wearing a tank top and leggings, my hair is a mess and I have absolutely no makeup on. I run to the bathroom across the hallway and splash some water on my face to freshen up. After drying, I put on some chapstick and manage to pull my hair into a ponytail. I fidget with my tank top before finally accepting that it’s not getting any better than this before he gets here. I practice smiling in front of my mirror a few times, turn off the light and then walk calmly back to my room. As soon as I walk in, my sense of smell is jolted into awareness by the amazing smell of men’s body spray. I glance at the window and then to my bed, where Shawn has made himself quite comfortable already. He’s just wearing a plain white t-shirt over gray sweatpants, but the simplicity of the outfit makes his defined body so much more apparent. The broadness of his shoulders, the way his chest narrows into his abs, the veins running vertically along his arms, the-

“Hey Alyssa,” he says, straightening himself out before standing up to greet me. We’ve never hugged before so this moment was a bit awkward, but he went for it anyway. He leaned in towards me and it was then that I realized just how tall he really was. The hug lasted a second or two, and then he was sitting back on my bed.

“Hi Shawn,” I manage to get out. My throat is suddenly dry and my hands are suddenly sweaty. I walk towards my desk and sit in the small chair in front of it. I pick up the textbook and folder than I had thrown earlier and then turn around to start talking. I was surprised to see that he had already moved across the bed and is sitting right behind me.

“What can I help you with?” he asked me. The simple question now seemed so complicated, and I found myself wrapped up in so many thoughts that I couldn’t even form a single logical sentence to answer him with.

“Math,” I started saying, and it only got worse from there. “Please, I need you to help me with math, if you want to.” I mentally slapped myself in the face and felt my cheeks go red with embarrassment. Thankfully he laughed, and I felt my cheeks return to their normal color soon after.

“If I didn’t want to help you, I wouldn’t be here.” He chuckled. “Let’s see what we have here..” he whispered and leaned past me to get my textbook for a closer look. After he read the problem that I had been struggling on, he said something that started to make some sense to me. “It’s factoring a quadratic. You have to find two numbers that add up to 5, but multiplied together gives you 6.”

I think for a moment before staring straight at him and saying “Three plus two equals five, and three times two equals six.”

He smiles at me and I’m mesmerized by how perfect he looks. “Good job, love.” He says to me and moves a few inches closer.

“Can we try another one?” I smile back. I’m actually really happy that I’m understanding this now. “What’s x^2+2x+1?” I read from the book and stare at the problem, hoping the answer can come to me before he has to give me any hints. “Is it,” I start, “One plus one equals two, one times one equals one?” I look back up for approval and Shawn’s defined face is inches away from mine.

“Mhm.” He slowly nods as he continues to stare into my eyes. I close mine for a fraction of a second and I feel soft, warm lips on my own.

“Shawn,” I breathed onto his lips, “I kind of like you.”

He laughed again and pulled away from the kiss.

“I like you too, babe.”