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“You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you…?”                     “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?”                                                                                                        “I-I just wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

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Studying? I think not/// Ethan Cutkosky SMUT

Studying? I think not//Ethan Cutkosky SMUT

Word count: 2008

Warnings: full on smut

(Y/N)’s p.o.v

I anxiously bit my lip, today was the day Ethan was coming back from playlist.

He offered for me to go with him but I turned him down, I had to stay here and deal with school, it was currently midterm week and I needed to study.

I had recently finished my first five test, Writing, Reading, history and Science. I now had to take my Latin and math one, the two I knew I would fail.

I mean I’m not bad at math it’s just not my strong suit, and neither is Latin.

I texted Ethan and told him about it and he told me as soon as he unpacked he would come over and help me study. But little did I know he had other plans.

“Hey babe” Ethan said kissing the side of my head. I smiled.

“Hey” I mumbled while wrapping my arms around him, he was like a huge teddy bear.

“Alright, let’s get started” he said.

I pulled out my Latin binder, Latin worksheets, Latin translations, and Latin textbook.

Ethan rubbed the side of his head, “why didn’t you pick Spanish”

I rolled my eyes “I didn’t pick Spanish because I can’t make a decision until high school, I’m still in eighth grade remember?”

Ethan only sighed and got in a comfortable position on my bed.

“Let’s start with translating some sentences then we can work on Roman numerals and derivatives” Ethan said looking through my stuff. I nodded my head.

“Alright can you translate this sentence ‘ubi est nilus fluvius?’ ”

I smiled “easy, where is the Nile river”

Ethan smiled “correct, ok next sentence 'Africa et Europa in Rheni fluminis’”

“The Rhine river is not in Africa but Europe” i responded.

“Correct babygirl”

Ethan leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I giggled and pulled away.

“Come on lover boy, you said you would help me study, not make out with me”

“But I prefer this much more” he mumbled on my lips.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. “Come on, the faster we get threw this, the more time we’ll have together to do what you want”

He only sighed and we continued practicing Translations.

“Ok, we’ve gone threw almost 90 translations, can we move onto Roman numerals and derivatives?” Ethan asked.

“Yup” he opened my binder and flipped to the second column and opened the rings to take out my derivative and Roman numerals worksheet.

“Ok, so when i say the number in Latin, say it in English and name one derivative, ok?” He explained.

I nodded, “seams simple enough”

“Alright, unum”

“The number is one and a derivative could be unison”


“The number is two and a derivative is duplex”


“Five, quintet”


“Six, sextuplets”

We went on and stoped at thirty.

“Alright I think your in pretty good shape (y/n)”

I blushed, “thanks, now. Time for math”.

I reached over for my bag and pulled out the algebra textbook and my notebook.

“I don’t need as much help with math, I just need help with slope intersect form, and all the lines that have to do with slope and graphing”

Ethan’s p.o.v

I watched as she grabbed her backpack and took out her textbook and notebook, she looked so pretty.

Her hair was up in a high ponytail and some strands of hair had fallen out. She was wearing my oversized sweatshirt that I had left here a before I left for playlist. She had paired the sweatshirt with some shorts.

Her mouth was open and words were coming out but I couldn’t focus on them, I was too busy checking her out.

“Hellooo, earth the Ethan?” (y/n) said whiles snapping her fingers in front of my face.

“Mhhh, what as that?” I asked.

(y/n) rolled her eyes “I said, I don’t need as much help with math, I just need help with slop intersect form, and all the lines that have to do with slope and graphing” she repeated.

I nodded “ok, let’s get started”

I took her textbook and opened it to a bookmarked page that was highlighted with different colors and little notes on the margin.

I then opened up her notebook to the first page and see a bunch of notes. Something’s were highlighted and there were notes on the side just like her textbook.

“Why do you highlight things and write notes everywhere?”

“The highlighters all have their own meaning. Yellow means I totally understand what I’m learning, pink means I I’m completely lost, and orange means I somewhat get it. The notes are supposed to help me when we take open book quizzes” she said sheepishly.

“I got the idea from teen wolf, remember? You were there. We were cuddling on my bed while catching up on the series because I wanted to and you agreed to it for some odd reason, stiles was helping malia study and he asked her why she highlighted things” she continued on.

I nodded my head remembering. “Does it help you?”

“Yeah, it works out perfectly. I stay after school and get help with the stuff that are pink”

I sighed. “Ok, well les get to work”

I skimmed threw her textbook and saw some practice Problems that she had highlighted pink.

“Ok (y/n) what are the two slope equations that you have to know?”

“Umm, y=mx+b and y1-y=m(x-x1)?”

“You partially got it right the second formula is y-y1=m(x-x1)”

She nodded and i looked at her notebook and asked her.

“How do you find slope?”

“You have to have your y and x axis graphed then you do y2-y1 over x2-x1 and you have your slope”

I nodded “you got it right, let’s try a problem”


“Passes through (-2,5) and (3,9)”

“Ok so first you have to find the slope so you do y2-y1 over x2-x1 and you get 4/5 as your slope, then you fill in the numbers and it will be y-5=4/5(x-(-2))”

I smiled “yup, your so smart baby girl” I cooed.

She only blushed and looked down I chuckled at her.

“Ok time for graphing, state the x and y intercepts for the function, then graph the function”

(y/n) reached over and grabbed her graphing book.

“The function is 2x - 3y = 6, solve it”

(y/n) waisted no time. She quickly jotted down the function and stared plugging in numbers for each side to find x and y. When she did she bit down on her pencil and furrowed her eyebrows obviously confused. She then erased half of her work and plugged in zero to see where that would get her, after she did that she found the intercepts and graphed the function.

She handed me the notebook and I looked down at her work, it was messy but clean and the same time. I checked the work and handed it back and nodded my head.

We continued to study until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“(y/n) we’ve went over everything, your so smart you need to have faith in yourself babygirl”

She nodded and rubbed her eyes.

“Now, time to have fun” i smirked.

I started to take all of her books, papers, and binders off of her bed so that it was just me and her.

I gently pushed her so she was laying down on the bed and started leaving wet butterfly kisses from up her neck to her lips.

She tangled her hands in my hair and kissed me harder. She wrapped her legs around my waist.

We continued kissing for a while before I pulled away to take off my shirt and 'her’ sweatshirt.

I looked at her and saw that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I let out a low growl and mumbled 'fuck’.

She blushed and covered her chest.

“Don’t babygirl, your beautiful” I said while unraveling her arms from her chest.

I leaned down and left love bites on her collarbone. I didn’t leave a lot, I knew she didn’t like it when I left them out in the open, she would get in trouble for it.

I took her right breast into my hand and sucked on it. I bit down on her nipple and it turned into a hard bud. I did this to the other breast.

I then moved down and teasingly started to pull off her shorts. She whined at my slow pace and took matters into her own hands and ripped off her shorts

I smirked. Only I had this effect on her.

I sucked in a harsh breath when I saw her white lace underwear. I could feel myself hardening even more.

I took off her underwear and placed my head in between her legs and placed wet kisses on the inside of her thighs.

I stopped when my lips met her heat. I inhaled and kissed her clit. She moaned my name and fisted the sheets.

I then stuck my tongue inside her and moved it around a little. I then brought up my hand and stuck in my index finger.

“Ethan” (y/n) moaned. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head in deeper. I grabbed her hands and placed them back down. And started going faster making (y/n) squirm, moan, and play with my hair.

“Ethan, I-I-I’m going to-”

“I got you babygirl” my pace fastened and (y/n) arched her back and came in my mouth and hand. I swallowed it all and licked her clean. I then sucked off the rest of her juices that was on my hand.

I stood and took off my pants and boxers my member sprung up and hit my stomach. (y/n) got up and sat on the edge of her bed and took my length into her hands.

She licked the tip and slowly slid it into her mouth. What she couldn’t fit in her mouth she wrapped her fingers around and massaged.

“Mhhh, babygirl right there I said while wrapping her hair around my hands and pushing my length farther into her mouth.

She started bobbing her head up and down. I moaned and released into her mouth.

She swallowed it all and I picked her up and placed her on the bed and positioned myself at her entrance.

"Ready babygirl?” She nodded her head in respons. I slowly slid myself in and waited for her to get used to my size. When she did I started going faster.

“Mghhh, Ethan fatserrr” I oblige and went faster slamming in and out of her.

“Princess I’m going to come”

“Me too”

“On the count of three, ok?”


I got in a few more thrust before I pulled out and came on her stomach.

I got off of her bed and went into her bathroom and got some paper napkins and went back to her room to wipe off the seamen that was on her stomach.

“I love you” I cooed before kissing her lips

“I love you t-”

“(y/n), honey are you home?”

(y/n) and I looked at each other at he sound of her moms voice. We shot up and quickly put on our cloths.

I opened her window and she sprayed some of her perfume. We jumped on her bed and I grabbed some flashcards from the floor and fixed my hair.

“What’s osmosis?” I questioned just as her mom opened her door.

“(y/n) what have I told you about closing the door when you have Ethan over? This door is to stay open. Okay?” Her mom said.

(y/n) smiled and nodded “alright mom”

“Hello Ethan”

I smiled and waved “hey Mrs. (y/l/n)”

Her mom smiled and walked out he door. (y/n) and I let out sighs and fell back on her bed.

“That was close” I mumbled.

Five Times When... || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: while spending the night at ned’s place along with peter, you begin to think back on all of the memories you shared with the young dork while trying to figure out his feelings for you.}

admittedly, this is not peter’s soulmate au, but i really wanted to write this imagine so…enjoy~

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


You had a hunch that Peter Parker may have a crush on you, but you couldn’t say with absolute certainty that he viewed you in a romantic light.

Being best friends with Ned Leeds since you were in fifth grade, it was obvious that your paths would cross with Peter on numerous occassion, seeing as though the boy was also a good friend of Ned’s. You got along just fine with Peter, only feeling a tad bit envious when he and Ned would do cool Guy Stuff™ together while sometimes excluding you from their activities completely.

Take right now, for example. Ned’s parents absolutely adored you and Peter and seldom minded whenever Ned invited you both over for a sleepover. Your days would be filled with time spent on videogames and binge watching all of your favorite movies. However, when it was time to turn in for the night, you would be forced to sleep in the guest room as Peter was allowed to stay with Ned in his room.

Admittedly, this made you incredibly jealous. It’s not like either boys particularly liked you-

At least, that’s what you thought.

Which was what brought you to your current situation. As you lay in complete darkness, staring blankly at the ceiling, you thought back to five specific incidences where Peter acted way more than just a friend to you, making you question if his feelings toward you truly were just purely platonic in nature.

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Liam- As Long As You’re There

Request-  hi I love your writing!could you write a Liam one where the reader is tutoring him and she’s like really shy and awkward but she likes him a lot and Liam is super oblivious to it so she asks Lydia to help her be like more appealing to him but when she shows up all made up he makes a weird comment so she gets sad and runs away and then someone tells him he’s dumb and she likes him so he goes to her and tells her he liked her just the way she was before her makeover and it’s all cute and stuff?

A/N- Last imagine in the ask! I’ll be opening it up soon.

You stood in front of the stained bathroom mirror, quickly combing through your hair with your fingers. Maybe it was a little ridiculous to be worrying about your appearance when all you were doing was tutoring someone, but today was different. Liam made you worry, because between all the joking and the laughing and the algebra, you realized that he wasn’t just a dumb lacrosse player.
He was sweet, and unlike some of the other kids you were assigned to help, he actually treated you like a human being, and not some smart freak. Maybe you didn’t care so much about makeup or fashion. Those just hadn’t been your priorities, but you figured the kind of girls Liam dated weren’t exactly the kind that cared about grades and extracurriculars that weren’t cheerleading.
That’s stupid, you suddenly thought. I barely even know him and I’m already judging his taste in girls.
You shook off the thought, telling yourself you shouldn’t assume anything about him, and went back to brushing your hair out of your face.
“Now who are you trying to look pretty for?”
You jumped at the voice, and glanced back to find Lydia Martin leaning against the wall behind you. You blushed furiously, and stood up a little straighter. You hadn’t even noticed her in the mirror.
She was a teacher’s assistant for your English class, and one of the only people you even talked to. The problem with being the weird smart kid was that when you took a regular class to get a break, everyone treated you like you had some kind of disease. The only moments when you weren’t contagious just happened to be when someone needed to copy a homework assignment.
Lydia had been your saving grace throughout that class, and while you were grateful to her, she still kind of scared you.
“No one,” you lied quickly. “I’m just-”
Lydia rolled her eyes, causing you to pause. She peeled herself away from her post on the wall and walked toward you, pursing her glossed lips. “Y/n, it’s okay to want to look pretty for someone. It doesn’t make you any less intelligent.”
“No, I-I know. I just…”
You sighed and looked back at yourself in the mirror. “He’d never feel the same way.”
“Does this he just happen to be Liam?”
You flushed, and had the lovely opportunity to watch yourself turn beet red in the mirror. “How’d you know?”
“You tutor him on Wednesdays and Fridays don’t you?” she asked. “Besides, I see the way you look at him. Total heart eyes.”
“But he’s so popular,” you protested. “And I’m just…I’m not.”
“That doesn’t matter at all,” Lydia told you firmly. “Take it from someone who learned the hard way. If you like him, and he likes you, nothing else counts. It took me way too long to realize that, and I don’t want you missing out.”
“But that’s only  if he even likes me back.”
“I think you’d be surprised just how much he likes you. In my opinion, Liam just hasn’t learned the art of being proactive.”
“So what do I do?”
“You be the proactive one,” she began, but when she saw your frightened face, she rolled her eyes. “Or you do something that turns him into the proactive one.”
“Like what?”
Lydia sighed. “I don’t know, Y/n. Maybe make him jealous?”
“Jealous?” you repeated. “Lydia, have you seen me with guys? What about…what about a makeover?”
“A makeover?” she asked with a frown.
“Yeah!” you told her. “You’re amazing with makeup. You could make me beautiful.”
“Y/n,” she said, her face softening. “You are beautiful.”
“But not Liam’s kind of beautiful,” you pressed.
“Y/n, if that’s not who you are-”
“It’s who I can be,” you cut her off. “I mean, I have potential, right?”
She sighed once more. “You have loads of potential. More than you think, but I just-”
“Please,” you begged. “Please, Lydia. This might be the only way to get his attention.”
She pursed her lips and stared at your face for a while, taking in your serious expression. “Fine…but I’m only doing this to prove that he’d like you with or without the makeup.”
“Okay, whatever,” you agreed. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”
“Yeah, yeah. Don’t thank me yet. How about Friday morning? I can pick you up and do your makeup before school.”
“Yes!” you breathed. “That’s perfect.”
“Good, now get to the library. You don’t want to be late to meet Liam do you?”
You froze, and quickly pulled your phone from the pocket of your jeans. You cursed when you looked at the time, and quickly rushed out of the bathroom.
“Thanks, Lydia!” you called, sparing her one last glance before you rushed out of the bathroom.
She watched you go with a tiny frown, hoping she wasn’t making a mistake by helping you out with this. Makeup and fashion weren’t everything, and she certainly didn’t condone transforming yourself for a guy. She knew Liam was on the lacrosse team, and she knew you didn’t think you were his type, but she also knew that he didn’t really care about that. She just hoped that you’d get the picture before you turned into someone you weren’t.
Outside of the bathroom, you rushed back down the hall to the library. When you pushed open the doors, Liam was already sitting at your usual table, scanning his algebra textbook and frowning.
You hurried over and slipped into your usual seat, causing him to raise his eyebrows at your haste. “Hey, sorry I’m late!”
Liam smiled. “Y/n, you’re only five minutes late.”
“Still,” you continued. “You look like you’re having trouble.”
He shrugged, casting his blue eyes down toward the book. “A little. Mr. Bryant didn’t finish the lesson, so he told us to look in the book, but I don’t understand how any of that has to do with what he taught us.”
“Hm,” you said, leaning over the table to take a closer look.
You rose to your feet and walked over to stand beside him, examining the page before you. “Notes?”
“Oh yeah,” he said, pulling a handful of crumpled papers from his backpack.
You stared at them with pursed lips, and then looked back at Liam. “What?”
“Nothing,” you told him with a smile, smoothing them out on the edge of the table and then placing them beside his textbook.
You leaned in to take a closer look, and Liam was all too aware of how close your shoulder was to his. The scent of your shampoo filled the space around him, like coconut and vanilla, and he fought the urge to lean in closer.
“Okay, so it looks like it’s the same thing,” you began to explain. “And they only call it something different. It’s the same technique. Do you want me to show you?”
You looked over at Liam, and while he was looking at you, he didn’t seem to hear you.
“What?” he asked, his face going bright red at the fact you had caught him staring.
“Do you want me to show you?” you repeated.
“Oh, uh, no…no I think I got it. It’s just the same technique, right?”
“Yeah,” you told him slowly, almost sure that he hadn’t been listening. “So you’ve got it from here?”
He nodded. “Yeah. But I think you should stick around, just in case I need more help with the homework.”
You shrugged and went back over to sit in your normal seat. “That’s what I’m here for.”
Liam frowned. “So, uh, are you doing anything fun this weekend?”
“Nope, not really,” you told him, rooting through your bag. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting started on your homework?”
Liam swallowed, and quickly glanced away. “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right.”
You looked back up at him, but he was diligently working through the worksheet on the table. You frowned slightly, realizing that maybe you had said the wrong thing, but you didn’t know what to say to remedy the situation.
You cursed yourself for being so oblivious, and it occurred to you that Liam might have been trying to show some interest. It didn’t matter, you decided, because on Friday, Lydia would make you look so amazing that you wouldn’t be able to do anything to mess it up.

“Pout your lips,” Lydia ordered as you sat in the parking lot. “More…okay, there you go.”
You were sitting in the backseat of Lydia’s Toyota, perched on the seat as she brushed, curled, and painted what she claimed to be a masterpiece. Your stomach was twisting with excitement, and maybe a little something else, because while you trusted her, this was totally new to you.
“You can look,” she informed you, pulling a mirror out of her purse and holding it up to you.
A soft gasp left your throat as you gazed at yourself in the mirror. The girl before you looked alien, foreign, and even though she was you, it seemed as if she was an entirely different person. You trailed your fingers along the intricate fishtail braid Lydia had woven your hair into, and smiled.
“Lydia, you made me look gorgeous.”
She shot you a look. “You always look good, Y/n. It’s just enhanced now.”
You closed the mirror and shot her a look, but your lips were wobbly from keeping your smile in check. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” she said with a roll of her eyes. “Now all you have to do is wow Liam…though it’s not like he isn’t already.”
You smiled and grabbed your bag, then reached out to open the door, shooting her one last glance. “You’re my hero, Lydia.”
“Go be your own hero,” she promptly told you, before rolling her eyes once more.
You grinned as you headed toward the school, ready to do exactly what she said.

You were rifling through your bag when Liam walked into the library later that day, trying to find some of your algebra notes. Your heart was hammering in your chest as you fumbled with the zipper, and it took you so long that by the time you finally got the bag closed, you had already heard the grating of chair legs on the floor.
“Y/n?” Liam asked, raising his eyebrows as he looked down at your ducked head.
“Yeah?” you asked, picking your head up.
Instead of replying, his mouth fell open and he let out a sort of choking noise. His blue eyes were wide with surprise, and you smiled at him. “Do I look good?”
“You…you definitely look different,” he told you, his voice strained.
You frowned. “Lydia did it this morning. I thought…you don’t think it looks good?”
“It’s just so…it’s so weird,” he said thoughtfully.
He came around the other side of the table and reached out to touch the end of your braid. “I mean, you just don’t look like…you. That’s all.”
Your heart began to sink in your chest, dragging all your self confidence down with it. You had been so sure that Liam would love the makeup and the hair, but now, as he stared at you with a frown on his face, it occurred to you that maybe no amount of makeup would ever make him feel the way you dreamed he would.
“You’re right,” you muttered, rising from your seat and grabbing your things. “It’s stupid. I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”
Liam blinked those baby blue eyes in confusion, and you just couldn’t stand them on you anymore. You turned away, walking as quickly as you could toward the doors and trying to fight the tears about to fall.
“Y/n, wait!” Liam called, but you burst out of the library before he could decide what to do, and soon all he could see was your back through the small windows in the doors.
You bitterly wiped your cheek, hating the fact that you were crying over a boy, but you couldn’t help it. Maybe this is why Lydia didn’t want to do it in the first place, you thought angrily. Maybe she knew and didn’t want to get my hopes up.
You darted into the bathroom, not even caring enough to glance around and make sure the coast was clear. You simply let your backpack fall to the ground, and rushed into one of the empty stalls. After you locked the door, you finally let yourself cry without holding back.
Tears dripped onto your cheeks as you cursed yourself for being so silly, and so naive. How could you think that some mascara and a braid would make a boy fall in love with you?
A knock on the door of your stall suddenly startled you, causing you to pause your sniffling.
“It’s taken,” you called out, your voice already hoarse.
“I know that,” a sharp voice informed you. “Why else would I be knocking on a stall when there are three empty ones right near me?”
You blinked, and straightened up. “Lydia?”
“Open up.”
You stood up and reached for the lock,only to slightly crack the door. You were met with one green eye peeking into the stall, and part of an eyebrow that you knew was arched.
“What do you want?”
“What do you think?”
“He hated it, Lydia.”
She rolled her eyes. “Did he say he hated it?”
“Well…no,” you said hesitantly. “But you were in the library. You heard him. He said it was weird.”
“It is weird,” she countered. “The definition of weird is something uncanny or out of place. You don’t normally wear makeup, so yeah I’d say it’s weird. That doesn’t always equal bad.”
“It does to me,” you muttered.
“Then maybe you should change the way you think,” Lydia fired. “Y/n, how can you expect someone to love you if you don’t love yourself? I guarantee you that Liam is into you. The only reason I didn’t want to give you a makeover was because I didn’t want you thinking you needed something else to make him like you.”
“Well he clearly doesn’t like me at all.”
“Bullshit,” she breathed, giving an exasperated sigh.
She reached forward and shoved open the door of the stall, causing you to stumble back in shock. “Lydia-”
“Listen to me,” she ordered, staring straight into your eyes. “Love is not about looking a certain way, or being something you’re not. Love is about seeing a person for who they are, for what they are, and knowing that whatever that is, being with it everyday makes you happy. And if you keep trying to fight who you are, you might be fighting someone who’s going to give that to you.”
You pursed your lips. “What do I do? I just…I stormed out on him.”
“Go back there and talk to him,” she suggested, staring at you like it was obvious. “Besides, he might not be as far as you think.”
“What?” you asked, but she gave no response other than the raise of her eyebrows. “Fine.”
You grabbed your bag from the floor and headed out of the bathroom, but you barely made it two feet before you almost slammed right into Liam himself. You took a step back and glanced up at him, not having a clue what to say. Luckily, you didn’t have to say anything.
“I never meant to hurt your feelings,” he blurted. “I mean, you look good in the makeup. Really good. I was just surprised, cause I’ve never seen you look like that.”
“Yeah,” you said slowly.
“And, don’t get me wrong, I liked you before. I really liked you…and I still like you.”
“You like me?” you repeated softly.
He nodded. “As more than my tutor. A lot more. I was trying to ask you out last time I saw you…but you didn’t seem interested.”
“No!” you blurted out. “Liam I-I was distracted. I was so worried about this makeover, and I thought you would like it.”
“Y/n,” he said softly. “I’ll like you no matter what.”
“Yeah?” you asked.
“Yeah,” he promised. “So maybe, instead of you tutoring me today, maybe I could take you out?”
You grinned. “Yeah. Yeah that’d be great.”
“And you can look however you want,” he assured you. “Makeup, no makeup, whatever. As long as you’re there, I don’t care.”
A light blush covered your cheeks. “Okay.”
Liam broke into a wide grin, and he held out a hand that you gladly took. His fingers were warm in yours, and slightly sweaty, but you didn’t care that he was nervous. You let him lead you down the hall, and after a few moments, he spoke.
“You look really beautiful by the way.”
They were the words you had been waiting to hear all day, and while you were flattered, they didn’t seem to matter so much anymore.
“Thanks Liam,” you said with a grin. “I just don’t think it’s me.”
He shrugged. “You’d still be beautiful if you took it off.”
You smiled to yourself as you followed him out to the parking lot, thinking that you would have to thank Lydia later. Not only had she been right all along, but she insisted on helping you figure out what mattered when you were too stubborn to face it.
In the end, you still had Liam, and you knew now that he didn’t care about hair, or makeup, or clothes. He simply cared about you, and he always had, and nothing as trivial as that was going to change it.

Early To Rise

George Washington x Reader

Time Period: Modern!AU

Words: 835 ( shortest thing I have ever written :o )

Warnings: Nothin’ but tooth-rotting fluff!

A/N: Hi everyone! I was really overwhelmed by the response on the first reader-insert I posted here, and I wanna thank you all for being so amazing! I know it was really angsty, so I wrote this drabble to (hopefully) make up for it! I really hope you all like it, and as always, please feel free to drop me a message! My inbox is always open and I don’t bite~!

Oh also! Fun fact: George Washington really did love mashed potatoes! It was his favorite food! =D

Now, without further ado, enjoy!  \(^u^)/

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George Washington always rose before the sun. 

    It was not so much out of necessity or a conscious lifestyle decision, as it was simply a force of habit. He had grown up on the family plantation - learning how to manage such a large estate from a very early age - and was therefore brought up on the age-old farmer’s habit of rising before the morning light.

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Rough Mornings || Peter Parker x Reader [[request]]

[[request prompt: A request where Peter is having a rough day and he’s tired and super grumpy and then misses his train and he’s super upset and he goes to a coffee shop or something and the reader spills coffee on him and instead of getting mad he is like instantly happy and nervous and he plans a date and the end is all fluff please?!]]

I’m determined to make this super fluffy (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

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{{request status: open}}

warnings: none, just smol bean peter bein’ upset because he’s having a bad day.

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story**


When Peter woke up fifteen minutes late this morning, he knew that today was not going to be his day.

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assuming that college au is when they first hook up how do sid and geno Officially get together and how do they each react to exam season/general college stresses

Zhenya knocks out at around 2:16 AM, wedged in Sidney’s tiny bed with both arms wrapped around Sidney’s waist and his linear algebra textbook facedown on his lap. (He only has one more midterm, not until next Thursday, and all his papers had been turned in already.) When he opens his eyes again, the digital clock says it’s 4 AM and Sidney is still sitting upright, reading glasses perched on his nose and staring at PowerPoint slides from last week’s lecture.

“Sid,” Zhenya croaks. “You should sleep. Been up more than twenty hours.”

“One more slide, G,” Sidney says.

His Sidney works so hard, Zhenya knows. Throws himself into everything–his studies, his workouts, sports–he doesn’t know how Sidney does it, but now he kind of has an idea. 

“Midterm not until Friday, baby,” Zhenya coaxes. “You sleep now, I wake you up at 10 tomorrow, then back to study. You remember better, for sure.”

Sidney doesn’t look convinced. But his eyes also look glazed over, and he looks slightly panicky as he rereads the slide again.

“G, I can’t–”

“You tired. I promise I wake you up tomorrow.”

Sidney doesn’t look away. “I’m really scared, G,” he admits. “The midterm’s worth 40%.”

“And you will do well, Sidney, I know you.”

“Okay,” Sidney whispers, after a bit. He closes his laptop and sets it aside, then snuggles into Zhenya’s waiting arms. 

Zhenya presses a reassuring kiss on his curls, and in less than a minute, Sidney’s breathing evens out into a soft snore. 

…So…my collection of really good and super cheap math texts has grown again…. The top two just arrived

Changes - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Prompt by @derangedangelIsaac has been flirting with reader since season 2 when he was being a douche but she didn’t like him then and now Stiles still doesn’t like him but reader kinda does. And it doesn’t have to be senior year cause that seems like a long time from season 2.

Word Count: 2,426

Warnings: None

Pairings: Isaac Lahey x Reader (Romantically), Stiles Stilinski x Reader (Platonic) 

Author’s Note: Took me a while to write this and come up with a story for this imagine, but I hope you like what I came up with. :)

My Teen Wolf Master List

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Fall Semester

“Hey, baby.”

I rolled my eyes before slamming my locker door shut and turned around to see Isaac with that stupid smirk on his perfect face. Isaac used to be a shy kid no one knew. Then overnight, he became popular. The girls loved him; the guys wanted to be him and Isaac knew it. He let the attention get to his head and automatically assumed I was one of those girls that only wanted him for one thing.

Isaac’s long fingers began to play with a strand of my blonde curls. “Got any plans tonight, baby girl?”

I pushed his hand away. “None that involve you.” I turned on my heel and began walking away from him. 

Isaac quickly caught up to me and kept up with my pace. “You know, your chemistry class is in the other direction.”

I sighed annoyed he wouldn’t leave me alone. “I was willing to take the longer way to avoid you.”

“Ouch,” he said sarcastically. “Well now we can both take the long way to class." 

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favorite memory is when i kissed a girl in an empty church: somewhere between a plastic pitcher of communion wine and the statue of a crucified jesus. when i set my algebra textbook on fire. when i flooded anthills with my sister. or alone. probably alone. when i snuck out that night to the beach bonfire, just to see a girl who wanted nothing to do with me. when i walked to school after a car accident. when i thought about water. or burning. when i dove into the fountain at the graveyard my grandfather was buried in. not in mourning, but always laughter. when i spilled gasoline in a motel pool. when i held my head under water as the sky bled lightning, not thinking about my body or motherhood, or anything else that sounds like danger. but believe me when i say i was happy then. i’m trying to make memories that won’t hurt to remember.

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I'm interested in computer science and I was wondering if you would recommend any starter books on computer science/algorithms/math for computer science? A lot of terms and ideas come up in some of the online programming tutorials that I don't really understand. Thanks so much and I love your blog!

Hey, thank you! :) Those are some books I have.

  1. Deitel books.
  2. Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics by Ralph P. Grimaldi.
  3. Linear Algebra with Applications by George Nakos and David Joyner.
  4. Computer Organization and Design by David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy.
  5. Yet Another Haskell Tutorial by Haul Daumé III.
  6. The C Programming Language  by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie.
  7. Algorithms: a functional programming approach by Fethi Rabbi and Guy Lapalme.
  8. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java by Michael T. Goodrich & Roberto Tamassia.

Highly recommended: Clean Code and The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin.

You can view an answered question about AI books here.

I was bored in algebra class one day, so I wrote PHAN IS REAL in a couple of the textbooks. I tried my best to use a handwriting different to my own in case I got caught. Well, when there were two weeks left of school, it came back to bite me.

We were using the textbooks again and one person shouts, “What does Phan is real mean?” Another kid, “It’s all over the textbooks! What does it mean?”

“Who is Phan?” It caused a whole eruption in the classroom, trying to find out who Phan is and what did it mean. My teacher didn’t care though, he just told everyone to be quiet and sit down.

Me, the quiet girl, sat in the back, covering my mouth and trying not to laugh. The worst part was that I was wearing my TATINOF sweatshirt and was trying to cover it to the best of my ability to not get caught. Thankfully I didn’t.

Malia- There’s Something Different About You

Request-  Hi lovely! So happy to see you posting again! Will you do an imagine where the reader is dating Malia and is an avid hiker through the Beacon Hills preserve and gets into an accident. She’s too injured to move and lies in pain for hours or even days. She’s close with the pack but doesn’t know their secret and Malia fears the worst and looks for her when dark falls. She finds the reader when it’s almost too late (or is too late your pick). super angsty I’m sorry

A/N- Next up is a Derek imagine.

Light filtered in through the trees of the preserve as you crunched through it, casting a warm glow onto the bark and dirt surrounding you. You had been hiking for a couple of hours, and as you paused to pull your phone out of your bag, you saw that it was about time for another break. You walked over to a small collection of rocks and sat down to rest, your hands diving into your backpack to find a bottle of water and a baggie of trail mix.
You didn’t bother to check your phone as you slid it back into your bag. You didn’t have service anyway, not this far out in the woods. Maybe you shouldn’t have strayed from the trail, but it wasn’t like you were a beginner when it came to hiking. You had been doing this since you were five, a side effect of being born into a family that loved the outdoors. Yes, your phone was pretty much useless since it had no signal, but you kind of liked the fact that you had no communication with the outside world. It made this hike that much more special.
You knew you worried your girlfriend when you went out by yourself, and you knew Malia was just protective because she loved you, but she had no reason to worry. You knew these woods like the back of your hand, and on the off chance you suffered some crazy lapse in memory, you always had a map in your bag. Still, she had been adamant that you not go alone, and from the way she had acted when you tried to convince her you would be fine on your own, she acted more like you were trying to talk her into pulling all her teeth out.
“It’s not a good idea, Y/n,” she had insisted. “What if you get lost?”
“I’ve been hiking in those woods since I was five, Malia,” you protested. “And I have a map!”
“Well, what if you get hurt?” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I’ll have my phone,” you had told her. Provided it still works.
“And if there’s no service?”
“Malia,” you groaned. “You know I would ask you to come with me, but you’re taking your SAT and studying with Lydia.”
“I can reschedule it,” she told you stubbornly. “And screw Lydia. You’re more important.”
You had sighed and grabbed her hands in yours. “Malia, I love you and I trust you, and I need you to trust me. You already had to reschedule it, remember? Because of what happened at the school?”
“Yeah,” she said uneasily, thinking back to her near death experience that you knew less about than you thought you did.
“And then you had to go to Mexico to look for your cousin…” you trailed off. “Look, you need this, okay? And I haven’t been hiking in weeks. I know you usually come with me, but I’m not going to ask you to skip something this important just to trek around in the preserve with me. It wouldn’t be right.”
Malia frowned at your words and it was no surprise to her that they hadn’t made her feel better. Maybe it had been a mistake not telling you about the supernatural when you first started dating, but it wasn’t like she could just spring it on you now. You don’t know half the things that have been through those woods, she wanted to protest, but Malia knew she couldn’t just tell you the truth without talking to Scott first.
“Fine,” Malia said. “But what time are you going to be back?”
You shrugged. “Seven? Maybe eight? Definitely before it gets dark.”
“That’s a long time,” Malia stated with a frown.
“It’s the preserve,” you told her. “Not the Columbia River Gorge. I’ll be fine, Malia.”
Malia had stared at you with those conflicted brown eyes for a few seconds, but she wanted to believe you would be okay. “Alright, but you call me as soon as you get back to your car. And if you’re not back before dark, I’m coming in after you.”
You laughed softly. “You’re perfectly welcome to, but I doubt I’ll turn up on one of those missing hiker fliers. You know I’m too good for that.”
Maybe you had been a little cocky, but Malia had kissed you goodbye anyway, after making you promise about ten times that you wouldn’t stray from the trail. She should have known you would have gone off the path, knowing how much you loved the challenge of hiking an uncharted trail, and later that was something she would curse herself for.
You scarfed down a few handfuls of your trail mix and took a few more sips of your water, and rose to your feet.  You shoved your things back into your backpack and continued to walk, admiring the beauty of the preserve. You did wish Malia had been here to experience this with you. You had always preferred hiking alone, but that all changed when you were with her.
Everytime she set foot in them, the Brunette seemed to be a part of the woods. She knew them just as well as you did, if not more, and you knew she had lived in them for years when she was a kid, after escaping a car accident that had killed her family. No one really knew why Malia hadn’t tried to leave the woods, not even you, but you accepted that. If she wanted to tell you she would, and if she didn’t, you would be there for her either way.
The only thing you really had a problem with was all the secrets she seemed to be keeping now. Her and your other friends-Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Kira-left school at the oddest times, and had cancelled plans more times than you could count. They chalked it up to family emergencies and other seemingly normal excuses, but those didn’t necessarily require everyone but you. Malia had assured you that it was just some personal stuff, because they had lost one of their friends, Allison, only a few months before.
You accepted that and as long as you had Malia, you were okay. You missed her now as you walked through the beautiful woods, and you felt a little bad about lying to her. You were breaking your promise by straying from the path, and you knew she would be upset if she knew about it. With a sigh, you looked back over your shoulder. You were pretty far from the trail, but it was starting to get late, and you knew it was getting close to the time you needed to head back.
Malia was probably still studying with Lydia by then, but you figured you could head back a little earlier and surprise her. You pulled out your map, just to double check you were going the right way, and then you headed back toward the trail.
You smiled at the thought of the happy look on her face when she saw you and let your mind wander to Malia. You were so distracted that as you walked back down a sloping hill, you didn’t notice the stray rock sticking out from a collection of leaves. One of your boots hit the rock, causing you to trip and crash down into the leaves.
You tumbled down the hill, rolling into the dirt with a painful cry. It hurt, and you knew you would have bruises, but the pain you felt was nothing compared to what would come next. You let out a piercing scream as you hit the forest floor, terribly confused as your vision went white with agony.
It was burning, agonizing, and it seemed to radiate throughout your entire body for minutes. Hot tears filled your eyes as you tried to orient yourself. Through the haze of pain, you managed to figure out that you were on your back, and the sharp pain that spread through you wasn’t coming from your whole body, just from your leg. You let out a choked noise as you glanced down, only to find a metal trap wrapped around your leg. You must have fallen onto it when you tumbled down the hill.
Blood oozed from the puncture wounds in your skin, and you wanted to reach up and pry the trap open, but right now that was the only thing staunching the blood flow. You took a deep, shaky breath and pried your backpack off of your shoulders. You rooted around inside and finally found your phone, but your heart sank when you saw that you still didn’t have a signal.
Earlier, that had seemed like a much needed break from reality. Now it marked beginning of a nightmare. You swore and slammed your phone down into the grass. It was getting later and the light was starting to die, and despite the fact that you didn’t think anyone was out in the preserve, you began to call for help.
Your cries eventually turned hoarse and desperate, and you began to lose hope. It only took an hour for you to lose your voice, and soon you began to grow dizzy from blood loss. You knew you wouldn’t last much longer, but you just hoped that when you died, Malia wouldn’t be the one to come looking for you. You didn’t want her finding your body.

“Malia!” Lydia complained, shooting a sharp look at the Coyote.
“What?” Malia asked as she set her phone down on Lydia’s bed.
“We’re supposed to be studying,” the Banshee told her. “Remember?”
Malia huffed. “Lydia, I already took my SAT. What else do I need to study for?”
“Uh, finals?” Lydia suggested. “You know, the things that are gonna make or break your senior year?”
Malia frowned. “Lydia, Y/n still hasn’t called me.”
“And?” she asked. “So she got a little carried away while she was hiking. She loves those woods-though I can’t imagine why-and she knows what she’s doing.”
“It’s seven o’clock, Lydia,” Malia told her. “The sun’s gonna set in like an hour.”
Lydia frowned. “Okay, that is a bit weird. What time did she say she would be back?”
“Six at the latest,” Malia informed her. “So this is bad.”
“Do you think something’s out there?” Lydia wondered. “In the preserve?”
“I don’t know,” Malia said with a sigh. “But I’m going out there. Maybe her phone just died or she decided to stay longer, but I don’t care. I need to find her.”
Lydia nodded and shut her algebra textbook. “I’ll drive you.”

Lydia pulled to a stop at the entrance to the preserve, her tires crunching on the gravel. Malia jumped from the car and slammed the door, causing Lydia to jump out before she even took the keys out of the ignition. “Malia, wait!”
Malia paused and shot an impatient glance over her shoulder. “What?”
“How can I help?”
“Just wait here,” Malia told her. “If something’s wrong we might need to take her to the hospital.”
“Maybe we should call Sc-”
Before Lydia could even finish her sentence, Malia was taking off into the woods. The Banshee watched her back disappear in the trees with a sinking feeling in her chest, hoping that Malia would find you alive.

You breathing was labored as you laid on the forest floor, staring up at the fading sky. You had spent countless minutes drifting in and out of consciousness, and your fight to stay awake just wasn’t a battle you seemed to be winning. Your face was damp with sweat and tears, and your breaths had started to quicken a few minutes ago. You had tried to drink some water, but that didn’t seem to be helping at all.
Of course it wouldn’t, you thought to yourself. I’m going into shock.
You felt yourself slipping away again, but before you could totally lose consciousness, you heard a voice calling your name.
“Y/n! Y/n, where are you?!”
You blinked slowly, sure you were hallucinating at first, but then you heard it again.
“Y/n! Can you hear me?! Y/n!”
The voice seemed to be pretty far off in the distance and a lot closer to the trail than you were. Regardless of the space between it and you, you called out anyway.
“Here!” you shouted painfully. “I’m over here!”
“I’m over here!” you repeated.
You waited for what felt like hours, but soon the voice began to get closer, and you started to hear footsteps. “Oh, god, Y/n. What happened?”
“M-Malia?” you choked, looking up into her brown eyes as she knelt over you. “How…how did you find me?”
Malia paused, but she couldn’t exactly be honest with you. She had followed your stale scent from a few hours ago, but she knew it well enough to seek you out. She had been searching closer to the trail, but thank god you were conscious enough to call back to her.
“Doesn’t matter,” she told you firmly. “I’m getting you out of here.”
“I’ve tried,” you croaked. “It doesn’t tell you how to release it and I’m not strong
“I am,” Malia promised. “This is going to hurt.”
“Wait, what are you-”
Malia gripped the trap in her hands, and in seconds she was pulling the metal apart. You screamed, loud enough to scare the birds from a nearby tree, as Malia ripped the trap apart. You laid back on the ground, your vision beginning to blur, but not before you caught a glimpse of Malia’s eyes. Her normal chocolate brown irises were glowing a bright blue.
“Y-your eyes,” you gasped. “Your eyes.”
“Y/n-” Malia began, but before she could finish her sentence, your eyes were rolling back into your head.
You slumped to the ground, and Malia quickly tugged off her jacket and wrapped it around the injured part of your leg. She tied it tightly, hoping it would pause the flow of blood until she could get you to the hospital. She scooped you up in her arms and tossed your phone in your backpack, slinging it over her shoulders.
When she made it to the parking lot, Lydia was waiting with a look of absolute horror on her face. “Was that her screaming?”
Malia nodded and jerked open the door of Lydia’s car, setting you gently in the backseat. “We have to get her to the hospital.”
“Wait, wait,” Lydia said. “She’s going to bleed out. Give me your belt.”
“Lydia, we have to go,” Malia insisted.
“You drive,” Lydia told her firmly.
Malia’s eyes widened. “But I ca-”
“You can,” she said firmly. “I’m going to try and help Y/n. Just…try not to kill us.”
Malia reluctantly pulled the belt from her jeans and handed it to Lydia, who crawled into the backseat with you and started to make a tourniquet. Then she hopped into the front seat and threw the car into drive, praying to every god there was that she would be fast enough to save you.

You woke up to warm fingers brushing hair out of your face. You opened your eyes in confusion and looked up to see Malia staring down at you. “Malia?”
“Hey,” she murmured, pulling her hand away.
“What happened?” you demanded, glancing around you.
You were lying in a hospital bed and Malia was sitting next to you, and one look at her eyes was enough to bring all your memories back. You gasped, glancing down at the lower half of your body, which was hidden under the sheets.
“My leg-is-is it…?” you choked.
“Y/n, it’s okay,” Malia assured you, grabbing your hand. “It’s still there. You lost a lot of blood, and you’re probably gonna have to through a lot of physical therapy, but they didn’t have to cut it off.”
You nodded. “No more hiking for me, I guess.”
Malia sighed. “Not for a really long time.”
You sighed too and tucked some loose hair behind your ear. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you. I’m sorry I strayed from the trail. I’m sorry for everything.”
Malia shrugged. “I’m just glad you’re alive.”
“I’m just glad you saved me,” you answered. “But there is one thing…”
“Yeah?” she asked.
“How did you break the trap?” you questioned. “I’ve never seen anyone do anything like that. I’ve never even heard of something like that.”
Malia froze. “Uh, I guess it was a cheap trap…”
“Malia,” you said softly. “I love you, but I’ve been honest with you…well, for the most part. I need you to be honest with me. I saw your eyes. They were blue. Electric blue.”
“Y/n,” Malia groaned. “You don’t wanna know.”
“I do,” you told her. “Malia, I don’t how you did it, but you saved my life. I don’t even know how you got me out of the woods.”
“I carried you,” she mumbled.
You blinked. “See? No normal human teenage girl could do that, not unless you were hyped up on adrenaline.”
“Maybe I was,” Malia said firmly.
“Come on, Malia,” you begged. “I know there’s something going on with you and the others. Scott, Lydia, Stiles…there’s something different about you. All of you. Please just tell me what’s going on.”
“Fine,” Malia groaned. “Promise you’re not going to hate me?”
“Of course.”
“Okay. Just…don’t scream okay?”
Malia turned away for a few seconds and closed her eyes, and when she looked back they were glowing the bright blue you had seen in the woods. Her lips pulled back to reveal wicked sharp teeth, and your mouth fell open in shock.
“You-you’re-” you choked out.
“A were-coyote,” she confirmed, her face morphing back to normal.
“W-were-coyote?” you squeaked. “And Stiles and Scott?”
“Scott’s a werewolf,” she told you. “Lydia’s a banshee, and Kira’s a kitsune.”
“And Stiles?” you asked. “What’s he?”
Malia made a face. “Stiles is human.”
“Oh,” you breathed. “That’s not so bad…I guess this whole thing isn’t really that bad.”
“It’s not,” Malia promised. “What I am…it helped me save your life. I found you because I can hear better than most people. I heard you calling…I even looked for you by scent. That’s how I knew you were close. And the whole reason I was worried about you was because we’ve seen some horrible things happen in those woods.”
You blinked and ran your hands through your hair, letting out a small laugh. “Oh my god. This is crazy.”
“Yeah,” she agreed. “That’s Beacon Hills for you. The real Beacon Hills.”
“Holy shit,” you breathed. “Thanks for telling me.”
Malia smiled. “Yeah, yeah. Don’t mention it. Now scoot over.”
You smiled as Malia crawled into bed with you. She wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you against her chest, humming in content.
“Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this,” you whispered.
“We definitely shouldn’t be doing this,” she agreed. “But the nurses are gonna show up soon, so I’m taking advantage of every moment I get with you.”
You smiled and leaned into Malia. The day had been incredibly overwhelming, but after almost dying in the woods, you were just happy to be in Malia’s arms.