Only, If I Moved My Hands Lower - Tom Wilson

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Word Count: 1,198

Warnings: Period pains, fluff and mentions of sex.


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Normally, your period wasn’t that bad but this time you couldn’t even move without shedding a tear. Not one, but both of your ovaries felt as if they were twisting inside of your body, trying to claw their way out. That even wasn’t the worst thing surprisingly, your lower back hurt, you were bloated and to top things off your flow was so heavy that you had to wear a super plus tampon with a pad just in case you wouldn’t leak on the white bedsheets. So yeah, you were ready to basically die at this point.

Being in so much pain that you were in, you didn’t hear your boyfriend, Tom coming home for practice. “Y/n?” You didn’t say anything, figuring that he will eventually walk in your shared bedroom. Minutes later, you heard footsteps outside of the door and the creaking sound of it opening. “Kitten?”

“Tom.” You whispered, out letting some tears fall from your eyes.

“Hey.” He crouched down beside the bed so he could get a good look at my face. And that’s when Tom noticed the tears running down it and that some of your hair was stuck to your skin because of the wetness. He pushed your hair away from your face then wiped the tears away with his thumb.

“It hurts.” His blue eyes fell to where your hands were clenching. This made him began to stroke your cheek.

“Is it your period?” You just nodded before snuggling more into your pillow. You watched as Tom sighed before asking, “did you take any medicine?” You shook your head.

“It hurts every time I try to move.” You notify making Tom nod his head before kissing your forehead.

“I’ll be back.” He mumbled before heading out of the room.

“M'k.” You started to rub your stomach trying to settle the pain a little. But the pain seemed to want to stay. You heard the familiar footsteps again.

Tom walked back over to you and set a glass on the nightstand. “Let’s get you to sit up.” This made you give the man a look. “Don’t give me that look. You’ll choke if you try to drink anything in that position.” He tried to argue.

“Not if you grab a straw.” You sassed but your boyfriend stood his ground. “Fine.” You sighed in defeat.

As you tried to sit up, a pain hit you in your lower back that made you gasp. “Hey.” Tom helped you completely sit up and slowly rubbed your back. “I’m gonna grab the Ibuprofen, so don’t lay back down, okay.” You nodded your head as he handed you the glass full with chocolate milk.

A smile covered your face at this. It was a weird thing that you craved when you were on your period. Chocolate milk always seemed to settle your stomach. You took a sip as your blue eyed man walked out of bathroom with a small smile on his face. “Here you go, kitten.” He handed you the pills to which you quickly took.

“Thank you.” You said as you set down the now empty glass of chocolate milk on the nightstand.

Tom stood in front of you while his left hand played with your hair. “I started the bath, if your interested.” This caused you to groan in delight. Your arms reached for his neck.

“How did I get so lucky?” The brunette answered with a chuckled as you brought him down for a kiss. Tom pulled away to pick you up bridle style. Once he carried you to the bathroom he set you down on the toilet so he could check the water. “Tom.” His blue eyes connected with you y/e/c ones. “Help.” You pouted before you lifted up your arms.

He chuckled again. “You’re trying to kill me.” You laughed as he pulled your big shirt off your body leaving you in nothing but your granny-panties. Tom’s eyes traveled down your bare chest to your “sexy” underwear. “Yep. Definitely trying.”

“Hush.” You pushed him away making the both of you laugh a little. “Now turn away, so I can change my tampon.” Tom made a face then did as he was told plus covering his ears.

Once you were done, you walked over to the white Barclay tub and slipped in. A sigh escaped from your mouth as the tension left your muscles. You tilted your head black and looked to the right to see Tom with his eyes still closed and hands over his ears. “Tom.” He didn’t answer you. “Tom.” Still nothing. You splashed some water on him, finally catching his attention. He looked at you like he was mad, but you knew better. “You wouldn’t listen. I had to get your attention somehow.” A giggled left your mouth as he moved over to you.

“This is how I get treated after trying to take care of you.” He put both of his hands on either side of the tub leaning down closer to you.

“I’m sorry, baby. How can ever I make it up to you?” You joked with a smirk resting on your lips.

Tom copied your facial expression before saying. “I think I know a way.” His right hand cupped you cheek as his lips pressed a soft kiss to yours. The both of you sighed into the kiss feeling the warmth from each other.

“Love you.” You mumbled against him.

The blue eyed man pulled away from you to look into your eyes. “Love you, too, Y/n.” He straightened his posture. “I guess, I’ll leave you alone so you can rest.” You pouted at this.

“Please, stay.” Tom looked at you for a moment. “You can grab a chair and just sit by the tub. You don’t have to come in.” You paused. “Please.” When you saw a smile cover his gorgeous face you knew you won.


About an hour and a half later, the both of you made your way out of the bathroom to the bedroom where you were wearing one of your favorite shirts that belonged to Tom. He let you wear it knowing that it’ll made you feel better.

So here were you both, cuddle on the bed with Tom leaning against the headboard and you were sitting in between his legs leaning against his chest while Pitch Perfect was playing on the tv.

His big hands your making small circles on your lower abdomen causing you to let out small moans. “You know on normal occasions, in the same position I’d have you moaning like this. Only, if I moved my hands lower.” This caused you to hit right arm. “Hey, I’m just saying.”

You rolled your eyes. “Four more days, babe. Be patient.”

“Oh, how I can’t wait.” You snuggled closer to his chest.

“Why because you know that you’re gonna get a big reward for treating me so well?”

“What?” Tom gasped. “How dare you?” He moved his arms around your waist. “I just want you out of this pain, kitten.” He pressed a kiss to the back of your head making you raise an eyebrow.

“Um, hmm.” You knew the truth.