algarve 2014

All this anger and talk and everything relating to the USWNT at Algarve right now is giving me deja vu.  

A couple years ago, before I tore up my knee, I was training some kids(17-21 yrs olds) in basic sword fighting and I was letting them win.  Loss is important, but when someone is just starting, letting them win, letting them build up their confidence, letting them think they can do it is more important than beating them down because that just drives them out. After a good amount of practices I pulled a sword-brother onto the field and the two of us took on four of them.   Suffice to say, we slaughtered them.  Slaughtered. It was very educational.  The ones I thought would flake took it in stride, the ones I thought would handle it fell apart and ran away metaphorically crying.

That seems to be what’s going on now.  Not with the players on the team, but the fans.  USA loses and they run off screaming about how they were lied to and betrayed and boohoo, Tom is mean and a bad man.  I may be old by Tumblr standards (still younger than some of the players) but ye gods people, simmer down, it’s a frakking game. It’s not like Tom Sermanni walked up, smacked you upside the head, and stole your laptop.

People have bad days, bad cliche thought it is women PMS, shit happens.  Loss is useful. Take a deep breath, reload your dash, look at pretty pictures of whatever player takes your fancy, and move on.