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St. Paddy's Day Nail Art Tutorial

February is almost here and you know what that means…St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner! I know, may seem a bit early for some of you, but make sure you put this on your nail art to-do list!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A bobby pin, dotter, or tooth pick with the “sharp” end snipped off.
  • 2-3 colors (Pictured here we have OPI in “Jade Is The New Black,” “Greenwhich Village,” “Who The Shrek Are You?” and “Alpine Snow” for the white base.)
  • Rhinestones or glitter polish to add a jewel-like appearance (optional)
  • Foil, a post-it note, or business card to place drops of polish on to dip the tools in
  • A thin brush to draw the clover stems (optional)

Tip: Cutting off the pointy end will create a thicker end that will result in a bigger dot. Bobby pins are one of my favorite alternatives because they work as a great dotter and are easily accessible. 

Before you begin, make sure you prep the nail properly. I have a tutorial on YouTube on how to properly prep the nail and how to do a professional manicure that guarantees long-lasting wear. 

After prepping the nail and applying base coat, apply 2 coats of white nail polish.

  1. Using your dotter, place 3 green dots on the nail.
  2. Using a different shade of green, apply another 3 dots to the other end of the nail. To complete the clover, use a nail art brush to draw the stem or use the sharp end of a tooth pick and carefully draw/drag a line at the base of the three dots.
  3. Take your third color and dotter and place dots all over the nails to create a polka dot background.
  4. As you can see in the original photo, I placed 3 rhinestones on the clover to give it a bit of a pop and add some flare and elegance to the look. If rhinestones aren’t available to you, you can take a green glitter polish (here I’m using “Running in Circles” by China Glaze) and layer over the clovers using your dotter. It will look just as eye catching! :)
  5. After waiting several minutes for the design to dry, top it off with top coat. My favorite top coat to use is Seche Vite. It’s fast drying AND a high shine polish- best of both worlds!

Quick, easy and sure to be a show stopper. Enjoy!