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The signs as I know them

Nothing serious, just thought I’d make a quick post ;)


The strongest person I know,  I would not be able to go through half the shit they’ve been through. Funny as fuck. Loud, but only around their freinds and people they like. Can be shyer around strangers but doesn’t take long to warm up and make you laugh.


hahahaah so materialistic. If they’re on their phone in class, there’s a 99% chance they’re on Sephora, Asos or Color Pop. Will procratinate their work, but they still manage to hand in top quality shit bc they’re so hardworking tbh. Dry sense of humour. They have a natural and easy sense of beauty to them. 


I don’t actually know many Gemini’s, and that’s probably beause it’s SO HARD TO GET TO KNOW THEM. Will dissappear on you for like a billion years but its alg becuase they’re honestly so much fun. Deep talks until 3am. Will not shutup and are big gossips. Loves drama, and when I’m with them, I do stupid shit.        I love them.


All Cancer’s hate it when I call them cute… but they cute. ARTISTIC AF! not just in a painting or drawing way, but little ways as well… like home decor, cooking and little crafts here and there. Will cry if needed. Good at keeping secrets.


Okay, honestly SO funnny. SO freindly. We click and vibe. Arrogant AF, but they roll with it and exaggerate it, so it works. The other Leo I know is more of a lowkey one. Very smart and hardworking and like a super great friend. Centre of attention, but naturally, not because they openly look for it. 


All the virgos I know are fucking crazy. In a good way. They’re also very artistic and creative, a trait I envy a lot. I don’t always click with them, but when I do, we have some pretty chill conversations. 


WILL CHARM YOUR SOCKS OFF. They dont realise it, but every thing that comes out of their mouth is very very flirty. Then they end up with ppl inlove with them and then they get all triggered and shit. Like babe. You honestly didnt see that coming? Really? So natural around ppl, even if they’re intoverts.


Scare me a little, not gonna lie. And it’s not because they look mean or they have an intense vibe. It’s because one minute your chilling and having a great talk, and the next, they just snap and saying something that just leaves you shook. But despite that, honestly v nice ppl. 


Loud asf or quiet and reserved, no inbetween. Love to make people laugh. RAYS OF SUNSHINE!!!! Has a very relaxed and chill aproach to life and is down to talk about anything, no matter how weird :))) I love my Sag sistas


I honestly love Capricorns so much. My best friend. The HARDEST worker I know. Most people wouldn’t guess that she’s hillarious, but she is.. I cant even describe why she’s funny, she just is. Great at dancing and loves tea. If she ever reads this post, she’d probably give me so much shit lol.


The main Aquarians in my life have been ex best friends. Despite this, I still fuck with them.  Either really weird or very superficial. Also is a big narcissist. They’re so smart and quick. Having converstaions with them is so much fun because I can just bounce weird ideas off them and they wont batt an eye. Hard to get to know them though. 


I love my pisces friends so much. They’re so funny and hillarious and sweet and I just love them so much. Their sense of humour is very silly. Loves Game of Thrones. A wee bit obsessive. Also amazing friends and they have the greatest smiles.


Three different angles of my latest firearm. Saiga 12 that I’ve had for quite awhile in sporter configuration is now converted! ALG trigger, custom hand guard, BCM keymod, MD Arms 20 round drum, 10 round AGP Mags, Streamlight TLR-1 HL-X, and magpul furniture

Men of an RAF Repair and Salvage Unit working on a damaged Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX of No 403 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, at B.2 forward airstrip Bazenville in Normandy, 16-19 June 1944.

Airfield Bazenville (Advanced Landing Ground B-2 Bazenville or B-2 Crépon) was an Allied wartime airfield in Normandy, France.
The airfield was built by the Royal Engineers 16th Airfield Construction Group together with the RAF’s 3207 and 3209 Servicing Commandos starting just after midnight after D-Day. The groups built a runway, dispersal areas, communications facilities, landing lights and many other requirements to run an airfield. It was located between the villages of Crépon, Bazenville and Villiers-le-Sec.
ALG B-2 would have been completed as the first ALG in Normandy on 9 June, but a B-24 Liberator crashlanded at the uncompleted airfield that morning and ripped up a lot of SMT. Instead it was completed two days later, on June 11, and serviced the first 36 aircraft (Spitfires) of 127 Wing that same day. The complete Wing (403, 416, 421 and 443 Sqns) moved in on 16 June 1944.

(Photo source - © IWM CL 186)

(Colour by Doug)

This guy spent about half an hour trying to explain the police force why they shouldn’t be standing there protecting the ones who are trying to break them, and why they should join the fight and protect THE PEOPLE.
I stood there the whole time listening to him and hoping that at least one of the officers took out their hat or put away their equipment (most of them had them in their hands. Not this side though, they’re on the right) and join us, but none of them did. Some other day, perhaps.

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Can I have a scenario about Iida and his girlfriend spending some time alone in his room? Not nsfw, just what they would do? Stuff like reading, playing games, just talking? Does he like to be hugged when they're alone? Maybe a few small kisses?

((hear me out man: sleepy as hell Iida just kinda stops caring after a little while and he’s not yelling all the time or all stiff and it’s very nice))

“Iida, have you ever relaxed in your life?” You asked, sprawled out on his floor and putting on pair after pair of backup glasses. “I don’t think you’ve made a mistake, just come and rest.”

Iida looked at you over his shoulder from his desk with tired eyes. He’d been doing homework for about half an hour, and he could have gotten it done within five minutes, but he had to double-triple-QUADRUPLE check that he got it right, and it was one in the morning.

“[Name], I think you’re probably right. I’ve checked over it four times now, so the margin of error is extremely low.”

You sighed in relief. Finally. “Awesome. Now come here, I wanna show you something.”

With a wary glance, Iida sat on the floor next to you, trying to take off one of the many glasses you put on your face. “What is it?”

A smirk spread across your features as you grabbed an old yearbook from under his bed, flipping it to the picture page. “IS THIS YOU? IIDA IS THIS YOU?”

Your dear boyfriend turned about 25 shades of red before he snatched the yearbook from you and put it somewhere high. “HOW DID YOU FIND THAT?”

“It wasn’t very hard, it was just under the bed. You were a cute kid, I don’t know why you’re acting all embarrassed.” You stretched across his lap and kissed his nose, much to his delight embarrassment. “But I do think you’ve grown up to be much cuter, Iida.” You dragged a hand through his hair, messing it up just shy of him having to fix it.

“C-cute? I would hardly consider myself to be ‘cute’!” He said matter-of-factly.

“Really? Because I sure would.” You kissed him again, on the lips this time, and got up on his bed. “Now, I’m super tired and I don’t wanna go back to my own room, so do you want some company tonight?”

The implications of your statement made Iida’s heart speed up in his chest, but he didn’t see any ulterior motives in your eyes, so he just nodded. “If you’d let me change, then I would love your company. Maybe you should go get sleepwear yourself.”

You hadn’t expected him to accept your offer, since he’s usually so reserved in the intimacy department, but you’d be damned if you weren’t gonna take advantage of it. “Sure thing.” You opened one of his drawers and grabbed a shirt, making your way to the bathroom. “Be right back!”

Iida watched you turn the corner with pink on his cheeks before it occurred to him that that was his shirt, and you were smaller than him, so you were bound to look, of course, almost too cute. He’d soon find out that he was right, but at the time all he could think about was taking off his glasses and laying down, waiting for his significant other to come back and just be close to him.

Beneath the Shadowed Hood (There is a Mark Upon My Countenance)

Summary:  Felicity is living in the Glades, surviving on her own, when she runs into the Nightmare of Starling; the green-clad bringer of justice. She saves his life, and the attraction blooms. But Felicity has been burned before. She no longer believes in what a True Soulmate can give her. Circumstances force the two of them together, and only love can force them apart.

A/N: The long awaited fic is finally here! Hooray! .This will update weekly on Fridays! 

 The biggest thanks to @writewithurheart for betaing this, @alexiablackbriar13 for cheerleading and feedback as well as the amazing poster above!


“I feelin’ me a spark today.”

Felicity jumped at the unexpected voice, almost hitting her head on the steamship she worked on. She cursed, wondering how she had gotten so lost in the wiring and mechanics of the machine above her that she hadn’t heard anyone enter. Adjusting her goggles so they rested on her head, she pushed out on the slideboard.

Her assistant, Evelyn, grinned broadly, bouncing slightly with barely contained enthusiasm.

“A spark?” Felicity asked, not exactly sure what Evelyn meant. They dealt with electricity and steam constantly, feeling a connected arc from a wire wasn’t unusual.

Evelyn rolled her eyes, then gestured to her gloved hand. “I feeling a soul spark,” she clarified.

Felicity about let loose a scoff, barely holding it in. Just because she was cynical about society’s fixation on a ‘one true match’, didn’t mean that everyone was. The fact that Evelyn was excited about what Felicity would’ve just brushed off, meant that she still had golden hopes. Evelyn, like her, had grown up in the slums where there wasn’t much hope to begin with. She couldn’t crush something that had Evelyn’s eyes lighting up with delight.

Forcing her voice to feign interest, she passed off a simple, “oh?” then slid back under the steamship.  

“ Felicity. ” Her assistant whined. Apparently, Evelyn wanted her whole attention.

Not able to mask her impatience with Evelyn’s choice of topic, Felicity snapped “That’s Miss Smoak to you, young lady. Plus, this steamship isn’t going to fix itself. Go ahead and tell me, but I aim to continue working.”

A large, dramatic sigh was heaved above her. A few seconds later, Evelyn launched into her tale.

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ce te faci când o sa doară, mai tare ca un vârf de ac înfipt intr-o rana? și ce te faci când nu o sa mai simți acea emoție in piept, când îl vezi zâmbind pe strada?
vei vrea sa treacă prin tine, ca un cub de zahăr aruncat in cana, ca o mașina pe strada? sau îl vei striga cu dor, ca un copil o ploaie de vara?
ce vei vrea sa simti când nu vei simți nici ura și nicio lacrima amara, dansând noaptea pe fata ta albă? iubire pentru o amintire, regrete pentru ceva ce n-ai avut, sau doar o liniște surda, care sa vindece un urlet mut, ascuns in tine, departe de vise.
vei vrea sa fi din nou ce-ai fost? un suflet gol, încălzit de promisiuni reci? sau vei fi cum nu ai fost? și vei continua cumva, sa cauți ceva in umbra ta, un strop de viața amara, in cafeaua de pe masa și-un zâmbet tâmp, printre străinii de pe strada?
vei iubi un suflet ce-a fost purtat de vânt, peste mari cu alge și dureri ascunse adanc? sau vei învață sa te iubești pe tine și acei ochi calzi, care te privesc din oglinda și îți promit ca vei bine și vie, ca un fulg de nea care dansează liber, printre atâtea lucruri șterse?
—  19augustanonimat
14 decembrie 2016, 7:05pm