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Throughout the years, I’ve heard many things said about animated shows, whether they be good or bad. And that’s their fair opinion, and that’s okay! Everyone is entitled to one. But it just hit me hard when people, usually adults, are so blunt about it.

7 movies with a great twist

Not Spoiler Alert /!\ The plots are not necessarily at the end of the movie and I’m not revealing what the plot is, but anyway, if you want to keep the secret, don’t look at this post. /!\

The Sixth Sense (or basically any M. Night Shyamalan movie) (1999)

Planet Of The Apes, Franklin J. Schaffner (1968)

Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock (1960)

Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer (1995)

Fight Club, David Fincher (1999)

Donnie Darko, Richard Kelly (2001)

Gone Girl, David Fincher (2014)

based on an idea of

Dead Robins Headcanon.

Alfred, being the caring, loving grandfather (yes, he is the batkids grandfather) that he is the one that gets the Club together back when it was just Jason and Steph. 

He managed to convince (there might have been some cookie bribing) Jason to come to the Manor when Bruce is at WE, Dick in Bludhaven, and Tim was with the Titans. When Jason comes over Alfred introduces him to Stephanie Brown. Turns out that Tim quit being Robin whilst Jason was training to become the Red Hood and Steph became Robin before being fired (only once - not given another chance unlike Dick, him, and Tim). She died soon after being totured by Black Mask only to be replaced by Tim. (Who now Jason was going back to calling his replacement. Because seriously!?). 

Jason and Steph get off like two peas in pod (just like Alfred knew they would) once Jason gets over his rage; because Bruce f*cked up again! Another kid died and he couldn’t revenge her or even give her a memorial in the Cave. (On side note: Selina received - much to her confusion - a fruit basket soon after for killing Black Mask from the Red Hood.) 

After Damian came back to life Alfred calls his school and tells them that Damian is sick and he can’t go to school today. After Bruce, Dick, and Tim leave Alfred invites Jason and Steph over. They (Alfred is a honorary member) spend the day devouring the cookies Alfred makes them (Alfred refuses to let them cook) and watch Disney movies, play with Damian’s army of pets (Damian milks his death so he can get more strays), and Steph and Jason argue over which book (Pride and Prejudice vs Harry Potter series) is better.

Basically Alfred takes care of his grandkids (makes sure they eat and have someone to talk to that understands what the other has been through) and founded/is a honorary member of the Dead Robins Club. 


Day 2 of Batfam Week is Shenanigans so please enjoy some Dead Robins Club pranks. As usual it can be found here on my ao3.
Rating: G
Words: 1,538

Stephanie smirked, the water balloon in her left hand had been filled with liberal amounts of glitter before being filled with water. As had all the balloons she had in the bag that rested against her hip. Peering around the corner she could just make out her target. Standing in the middle of the large, wood paneled, filled with priceless antiques – most of which were Wayne family heirlooms – hall was Dick Grayson. He shifted his weight on the plush carpet, eyeing a particularly large vent opening. Steph’s smirk grew, he thought that she had gone through the manor’s duct work. Boy was he going to be surprised.

Readying the balloon, she ducked out into the hall with a battle cry of “Hey Dick-face!” Chucking the soon to be glitter grenade with perfect aim as Dick whirled on her, startled. It hit him square on the chest, bursting with a splash that soaked Dick and simultaneously coated him in glitter. Steph took a second to admire her work before giving a whoop and sprinting away.

She ducked into a spare bedroom and shoved herself under the desk. When she heard Dick run past she wiggled out and doubled back. Her remaining balloons were still intact but Steph needed to regroup with the rest of her team. Her route through the Manor was a bit overkill in how elaborate it was, a way to keep herself from being found and followed as well as to throw off suspicion on where their base of operations was.

She reached the laundry room and lightly knocked three times before slipping through the door. Damian and Jason looked up at her from where they were making more glitter balloons in the sink. “Dick now looks more disco worthy than his old costume,” she said smugly.

“Ha! Nice. Is it just Cass left?” Jason asked. He deftly tied a balloon shut before adding it to the pile already filling a laundry basket they had commandeered.

“And Father. Unless we want to rescind Gordon’s immunity?” Damian raised a brow.

Jason shook his head. “We want Barbie to give us the video footage of this, we are not pissing her off.”

“Yeah, and I have to work with her. I’m not gonna go anywhere near her with one of these babies,” Steph said.

“-tt- Cowards.”

“So you’re going after Bruce?” Steph shot back at the youngest bird. She placed her hands on her hips as she raised a brow.

Damian sneered and Jason laughed. “Nah. B is mine. You two get to take Cass.”

“That hardly seems fair to Cassandra,” Damian said.

“Lookit ninja boy, we just went over the fact that I’m not stupid. You wanna take on the much older and more skilled ninja girl by yourself then be my guest.” Stephanie perched herself on the counter and carefully added more balloons to her bag.

Jason snorted. “Yeah Demon Brat, have fun and good luck. It was nice knowing you.”

Damian gave a short -tt- but was obviously defeated. He pulled on an overly large sweatshirt and started filling the pocket with balloons. Jason got rid of the evidence and grabbed the laundry basket with the remaining balloons for himself.

“Ok Dead Robins Club, I need a status report.” He looked at them seriously and Steph couldn’t stop her snort.

“Drake was taken completely unaware but has since notified the others via text message. Thomas was resigned to his fate but Grayson and Cassandra made attempts to avoid theirs.” Damian said equally serious.

Steph burst out laughing. The plan to glitter the others as a loving prank had been her own but she didn’t think that the boys would actually be down for it. It had turned their day into a quasi-spy mission and was a lot of fun.

“And Steph just took care of Dickiebird and I got Harper as soon as she stepped foot in the manor.” Jason nodded.

“Ohmygod. She was so confused and pissed!” Steph laughed. Damian smirked and surprisingly offered a fist bump which she eagerly accepted.

“Barbie is on our side, Bruce is oblivious, Alfred cannot know or I won’t get good cooking for a month, and Cass is on the run.”

Damian gave a curt nod and Steph jumped down. “That sounds right. So you’re going to hope Dick hasn’t tattled on us and surprise Bruce while we’re going after Cass. Alright team! Let’s do this!” She grinned at the boys who smiled back for once.

They crept out of the laundry room and Jason waved as he headed towards the study. Steph and Damian went the opposite way in search of Cass. They knew she would be expecting them by this point but if she would try and avoid the glitter or embrace it was unknown. The first place they were going to check for her was the smaller, secondary ballroom that Bruce had converted into a dance studio for her. Their route there was just as circuitous as Steph’s route to the laundry room. Doubling back multiple times and going out of their way in an attempt to not run into Alfred. As they neared the studio the sound of music could be heard from within.

Steph grinned at Damian who looked a tad surprised. She assumed he wasn’t expecting it to be so easy. Carefully they tiptoed closer and poked their heads into the door. There in the middle of the room was Cass in a ratty pair of pointe shoes practicing her turns. Damian slipped a balloon out of his pocket as Steph grabbed one of her own from her bag.

Cautiously they entered the studio, creeping along the back wall and hoping not to be seen. Suddenly Cass’s voice called out over the music. “Expecting you.” She continued her turns and made no move to run. Damian looked at Steph who just shrugged. Raising their balloons to strike Steph and Damian threw them at Cass with the same accuracy as they threw their batarangs. The other girl simply leapt out of the way, causing the balloons to burst and spatter across the floor.

Damian shared a wide-eyed look with Steph and the two began lobbing the balloons. Cass merely danced around them, avoiding every shot. Only her pointe shoes held any coating of glitter. This was merely because she danced through the puddles.

Finally, Steph and Damian moved to stand on either side of Cass. She gave Steph a wink and a small smirk before spinning on her toes with her arms held out. Steph and Damian both threw one of their last balloons. This time they shattered against Cass and doused her in glitter. She smiled as she admired her wet arms sparkling in the light. After a few seconds Cass returned to her dancing and Damian walked over to Stephanie.

His expression was puzzled, his brow pulled low over his teal eyes. “What was that about?”

Steph shrugged and Cass gave a soft hum before replying “Needed to earn it.”

Steph burst out laughing as her best friend smiled. Of course Cass wanted to be glittered, they just needed a dose a karma after sneaking up on the others. Steph ruffled Damian’s hair as he grumbled and swatted at her hands. “C’mon Dami, let’s find out how Zombie Boy fared.”

As it would happen, Jason had not fared well. He had successfully glitter bombed Bruce, just as Alfred walked in to the study. To say the elderly gentleman was not pleased with their shenanigans for the day would be a severe understatement. Both Steph and Jason were banned from the grounds, with the exception of the cave, for an indefinite amount of time. Meaning they were also not going to be the recipients of Alfred’s famous culinary skills during that time either. Damian was grounded from patrol and given an extensive chore list, he was not allowed out again until the list was finished.

Jason was pouting as he walked with Steph down the manor’s front steps. She was trying to console him to no avail when both of their phones went off. Each of them had received an email from Babs containing the footage of the day’s glitter attacks. Jason smiled as he watched Dick from three separate angles, thanks to the manor’s excellent security and Barbara’s overall skill and mischief of her own. “Alright, getting banned was worth it for this alone,” Jason laughed as he watched the video of Dick again.

Steph chuckled. “Totally. And they’re so gonna get us back and it’s not like we’re banned forever.”

“And Damian needs to learn how to do chores eventually. Otherwise he’ll turn out like Tim and none of us need that.”

Steph laughed as she reached her parked car and Jason his motorcycle. “So overall a win for the Dead Robins Club?”

Stuffing his phone in his pocket he pulled on his helmet and swung a leg over his bike before replying. “Definitely.”

Steph smiled as she watched him peel down the gravel drive. She took one last look at the manor she was temporarily barred from before getting in her own car and heading home. She would find out soon enough that its residents were plotting their revenge.

Sexual Orientation:


Hetalia AU Thing; Host club version

I love writing AU stories and I’m going to do so for the others and not just Hetalia. Except so far I’m only doing a basis thing for Hetalia. I may end up doing ones for the others and I may not, so no promises. Though I do have ideas for a College Supernatural AU and a magical Dark matter AU, DM less likely to be done then Spn. Also the AU’s I mention won’t be the only AU’s I’ll be doing for Hetalia, it’s just these I’m having a basis for already.

Host club AU
“The Ouran Host Club is where the schools handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academys’ elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful.” ~Tamaki Suoh

Will be called Gakuen or Hetalia host club. I’ll decide that later. Basically this AU is based on the anime OHSHC. This countries will be human in this AU so it will also Technically be classified as a human AU.

1) America-Alfred F Jones
Alfred is going to be the king of the host club. He’s the one who brought everyone together and created the club. The one who gets the most request out of all the host and ideas must be brought to him before they can be put through. Basically (if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga) he’s taking up Tamaki’s role

2) England-Arthur Kirkland
Arthur is going to be the right hand man. The brains behind the host club. The one one who handles all the money. He makes and sells merchandise to the guest. He makes sure everything runs along smoothly and that everything is in order. Basically (if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga) he’s taking up Kyoya’s role.

3) Nyo Liechtenstein- Noah Vogel
Noah is the shouta (Cute, short and innocent) of the host club. He’s the one who eats most of the sweets that the host club gets and is the main reason they even have such food in the first place. He doesn’t look it but is the second oldest member. Basically (If you’ve seen the anime or read the manga) he’s taking up Honey’s role

4) Switzerland- Basch Zwingli
Basch is the strong and wild type. He doesn’t talk much when hosting but when does it’s usually extremely important (or regards Noah) in one way or another. Basch is the oldest member of the host club. He and Noah always host together. Basically (if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga) he’s taking up Mori’s role.

5) N.Italy-Feliciano Vargas
Feliciano is part of a duo host that he does with his brother. He is one half of the brotherly love type. What they do as host is literally a given. He’s the younger twin and the more timid/shy one of him and his brother. Basically (if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga) he’s taking up Koaru’s role.

6) S.Italy/Romano-Lovino Vargas
Lovino is part of the duo host along with his younger twin brother. They do a brotherly love type of thing when they host. Aka forbidden, taboo sort of thing. He’s the more outspoken and harsh one out of him and his brother. He’s basically (if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga) taking up Hikaru’s role.

I hope you guys don’t mind but it’s most likely going to be a reader insert. However if for whatever reason I change my mind then Nyo Canada will be the final member who takes up Haruhi’s role. However whomever takes up her role (Wether Reader or Nyo Canada) that does not mean who she ends up with is already decided. I’m not going to follow the anime/manga exactly. Just the fact that there’s a host club and the initial character traits that I like or deem fitting. For example Alfred will call Arthur mommy like Tamaki does to Kyoya because I find that this will be hilarious. Anyways yeah, host club AU basis over

Instead of putting all the basis in one post I’ll be doing multiple. Since the post will be too long if it’s all in one.

Next will be Mafia, Supernatural and magical. Idk which AU series I’ll start first but before that I’ll be doing one shots for them. Then after that I’ll choose which one I have the most ideas for and which one seems like it’d be the most.
Forgetful Drunk

For @pyocchan !!! <3

Summary: Arthur and Alfred are at a club when Alfred gets a little too drunk and forgets some rather important information. 
Pairing: USUK
AU: Omegaverse
Rating: SFW, mild language

Francis caught Arthur by the arm, and in between a pulse of lights he pulled him closer to talk to him. The club they were in was loud tonight and nearly filled from wall to wall with little places to move unless you plastered yourself to the side. Arthur had moved out with some of the other omegas to dance around for a bit, although he was starting to get tired. In addition to this, a throng of alphas had moved to join the omegas as well, but Arthur wasn’t interested in picking up anyone new. The only reason he was here was because a beta friend of his had a party earlier that night for the promotion they’d received at their job. They’d gathered everyone up at their house before suggesting they move to the bars and the clubs.

“What is it?” Arthur asked.

“Your husband,” Francis retorted.

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Have Some Confidence

Pairing: USUK
Rating: K
Teaser/Summary: Arthur is a simple student who has good grades, participated in school activities and was student council president. The only problem is his confidence in himself is not very high. Fortunately, the new student in school may be able to help our bushy-browed StuCo president!

Note: I participated in the @usuknetwork Summer Festival this year! This is my gift for @briaranise-star. Her second prompt was “High school AU, Arthur struggling with his self-esteem and not understanding why the golden boy Alfred is suddenly lavishing him with attention”. Hope I did well and that you like it! :D (ohgodalltheclicheswhy)

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Master Jason’s had a condescending practice of referring to the costumed criminal element as “dress ups”. He also noted that such individuals did not fear the Batman the way street toughs and mafioso did. The “dress ups” did not believe that he was a monster.

I explained to Jason that he was correct, but only to a certain degree. These individuals with their special abilities…these men who could do the unimaginable…these madmen…they had their own myths. Some believe he is just a man. Others believe he is an army. Some believe he can’t be injured. Other’s believe he can’t die.

But the boy did say something to me that chilled me to the bone…even then.

“They all know he won’t kill them.”

I’m not sure what frightened me more. The observation by one as young as Jason…that power could be levied with the threat of murder. Or the fact that he was most likely correct.

—  Alfred Pennyworth, Batman #647 (2006)



Dates have become so boring. So standard. Everyone just goes to dinner, a movie, maybe there are a few drinks in there. The wildest shit I’ve heard was of someone going to an Off-Broadway show. PEOPLE: choosing a “cooler” restaurant or “exclusive” cocktail bar doesn’t make your date any better; just like style isn’t about the clothes you wear but how you wear them. Dinner at Zuma, then drinks at (insert any hotel bar) and that’s dating. WOW HOLY SHIT SO CREATIVE. What happened to actually having fun? We’re so overly nervous: she orders a salad, he doesn’t order anything too messy, no one eats and that’s dating today. Let’s break the system: I’m gonna throw some ideas out. 

Side note: if you don’t have boyfriend or girlfriend to slip this date to or some goober hasn’t asked you out, this is just as fun to do with a friend.


Silverlake. We’re out here. We in it. The cool of the cool. Start out at Bar Stella. The downstairs part. It’s one of my favorite bars is L.A. Have a drink or two to prepare yourself for SPELLBOUND SKY where you’ll partake in a nice meditation sesh (Fridays only). Don’t panic fam: it’s pretty easy and actually pretty amazing. If you’re still panicking it’s cool—it’s a guided meditation in which everyone’s eyes are closed the whole time. A.k.a. the only judgement-free zone in L.A. I’ve got a feeling you’re lost as shit rn. Harness that amethyst fam god. FAITH WILL GUIDE YOU 🙏.

Otherwise, this is the most next level crystal shop—NEVER DOUBT MY KNOWLEDGE, I’VE BEEN TO ALL OF THEM, where you can get some citrine to destroy your obstacles and make monayyyy. Afterwards, head over to Nite + Market Song. But LEAVE YOUR CAR. YOU WILL NOT FIND PARKING and there’s no valet. UBEZIES. Go have some of the best Thai in LA and order the off-menu fried chicken sandwich. Lastly, you’re going to head over to the Normandie Club. This shit just opened, which is always good for impressing because you’ll seem like you might actually be in the know. The perfect ending to this date is to go super classic and get some ice cream. But not just any ice cream: Salt & Straw. It’s the some of best ice cream you will ever have, so even if your date was a complete and utter shipwreck you STILL got some dope treats.


tip: Go early. Like I said, it gets packed later in the night.


tip: Stay after mediation and talk to the owners. Their crystal knowledge is wild and their outlook on life is even better.

tip: Meditation is Wednesdays only, but call ahead to confirm. Also get there early, it actually fills up.

tip: Buy some crystals.

tip: The owners Mark and Martin are super next level. Seriously: talk to them about something.

tip: mediation is fridays only at the Sweat Spot at 3327 Sunset Blvd.


tip: The haters will say Jitlada is the best Thai, so don’t think home boy doesn’t know about that ish. Night Market is where it’s at.

tip: Off-menu fried chicken sandwich.


tip: Chill. Go now before everyone finds out and infiltrates.


tip: Sample everything. They encourage you to literally try everything. I have no advice for you here. Prepare for a life-changing experience.