Passed Away HP actors & actresses

Terence Bayler -The Bloody Baron 08/02/16
Alan Rickman - Professor Snape 01/14/16
Rik Mayal- Peeves (who never saw the light of day on screen) 06/09/14
Dave Legeno - Fenrir Greyback 07/06/14
Roger Lloyd-Pack - Barty Crouch Sr. 01/15/14
Jimmy Gardner - Ernie Prang 05/03/10
Richard GriffithsUncle Vernon 03/28/13
Timothy Bateson - Kreacher (5th film)-09/16/09
Peter Cartwright- Elphias Doge (5th film)-11/13/13
David Rydall- Elphias Doge (7th film)-12/25/14
Eric Skyes- Frank Byrce -07/04/12
Robert KnoxMarcus Belby 05/24/08
Richard Harris - Professor Dumbledore (Films 1&2) 10/25/02
Margery Mason - Honeydukes Express Lady (4th Film) 01/26/14
Derek Deadman - Tom, Landlord of The Leaky Cauldron (1st film) 12/22/14
Elizabeth Spriggs - The fat lady (1st film) 07/02/08
Sheila Allen
- Unidentified ministry witch (4th film) 10/13/11
Christopher Whittingham
- Ministry wizard (4th film) 08/08/12
Alfred Burke -  Armando Dippet (2nd film) 02/16/11
John Hurt
- Garrick Ollivander (1st film & DH part 1 and 2) 01-27-17


Borden: Everything’s going to be alright because I love you very much.

Sarah: Say it again.

Borden: I love you. 

Sarah: Not today.

Borden: What?

Sarah: Well, some days it’s not true and today you don’t mean it.  Maybe today you’re more in love with magic then me.  I like being able to tell the difference… it makes the days it is true mean something. 

Top 10 Favorite Directors:

1. Quentin Tarantino 

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2. Coen Brothers

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3. Wes Anderson

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4. David O. Russel

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5. Alfred Hitchcock

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6. Christopher Nolan

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7. Stanley Kubrick

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8. Francis Ford Coppola

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9. Robert Zemeckis

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10. Edgar Wright

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Between 1958 and 1973 Kettle’s Yard was the home of Jim and Helen Ede. In the 1920s and 30s Jim had been a curator at the Tate Gallery in London.

Thanks to his friendships with artists and other like-minded people, over the years he gathered a remarkable collection, including paintings by Ben and Winifred Nicholson, Alfred Wallis, Christopher Wood, David Jones and Joan Miro, as well as sculptures by Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Constantin Brancusi, Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

the day when the deadkid rose to life: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFRED CHRISTOPHER!

you’re out of the “-teen” bracket aLready.
you get to party aLL you want, drink aLL booze you couLd chug down, smoke how many sticks you can inhaLe and what eLse there is.

just be there for me tomorrow, okay?

we’ve seen each other through years…
and yeah, you’ve taught me that there are stuff worth forgetting. :)

i love you soooo much. our friendship is worth keeping.

words just aren’t enough so here’s where i’LL end,
thanks for giving me another reason to live..

no one comes in between, ever. ♥

forever your sister/friend/lover,

darn. i sound like your girLfriend, don’t i?
haha. whatever.  iLy.

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anonymous asked:

You wanna work in the film industry right? Who are some of your favorite directors/writers? Favorite movies?

Oh god, such a big question! This list is obviously pretty extensive but here’s just the short version:

Fight Club
The Social Network
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Fall
The Birdcage
Cloud Atlas
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
The Matrix Saga

David Fincher
The Wachowskis
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfonso Cuaron
Christopher Nolan
Steven Soderbergh
Mike Nichols
Spike Jonze

Aaron Sorkin
Charlie Kaufman
Mel Brooks
Paul Haggis
Dustin Lance Black

I could literally spend all day doing this. This is just what came off the top of my head within five minutes.