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4R’s: Encantadia Season 2 (Feb. 14, 2017 episode review)

Episode 152


The beginning of a new terror

Ether took Avria and Andorra back to the Etherian palace, in addition to that, Ether summoned back Amarro, Asval and Lila Sari whom Ether had put to “sleep” for many years. The three swore loyalty to Avria and was ready to follow her orders. Avria knew soon their enemies will discover Etheria thus they have to act now, for their first task, Avria ordered the three and Andorra to form an army by gathering encantados who will fight on their side. The four immediately went on their way, Amarro noticed how different Lila Sari was from before, Amarro guessed that Lila Sari must have gotten over the loss of her daughter. To his surprise Lila Sari no longer remembers having a daughter and had no idea what Amarro was talking. When Lila Sari left, Andorra revealed that Ether must have wiped out Lila Sari’s past and changed her completely, the reason why she can’t remember her daughter. Along the way, they met a group of bandidos. The encantados have no idea who they were and fought Lila Sari’s group. Using Andorra’s power to control the mind of anyone, they have successfully turned the bandidos to their side, Etherians are indeed much worse than Hathors.

In search for answers

Luna went back to their tribe and told everyone about the encantadas who look just like her, upon suspecting that these encantadas might be diwatas, Helgad scolded Luna for leaving without her knowledge and forbid her to go anywhere for the mean time, she was relieved though that Luna didn’t show up to the encantadas and ran away instead. Helgad warned her about the dangers they could possibly encounter from meeting other encantados which is why it is much safer to stick with their fellow nymfas. That night, the nymfas noticed the Algonas being wide awake and restless, Luna became worried and wanted to investigate but Helgad forbid her, if there is really something wrong then the more they shouldn’t leave the mountains, Helgad told everyone including Gilas to go home. Being young, impulsive, and curious just like a typical diwani, Luna couldn’t shake off the many questions in her mind, Helgad let her ask what she wants to know but only one question a day. First thing she wanted to know was the truth about herself, Luna knew she wasn’t a nymfa, it was obvious from the way she looks. She asked Helgad who she really was and what race she truly belongs to, still, Helgad refused to answer her. Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Luna decided to sneak out but was caught by Gilas, Luna asked him not to tell anyone especially her mother, Gilas won’t tell unless she lets him tag along, refusing to take “no” for an answer, Luna had no choice but to leave with Gilas.

A warning from pashneas

The loud howling and cries of the pashneas were heard in all of Encantadia, Ybrahim noticed the strange occurrence and ordered a group of Sapirian soldiers to investigate. The pashneas were also heard even in Lireo, Lira became worried and decided to investigate, Mira was initially hesitant, but her curiosity was just as strong as Lira’s so they decided to leave together. Along the way, Lira and Mira came across a group of Sapirian guards and informed the young sang’gres about the pashneas. They saw Awoo who was been very anxious, Lira calmed him down and asked him what was going on. Thanks to Lira’s Sapirian heritage, she has learned to use another innate ability of hers to communicate with animals like Alena and Danaya. Awoo told Lira that the animals were sensing danger, that’s why they were all afraid. They couldn’t tell what kind of danger it was, but it was something the sang’gres should heed and immediately tell the elders. Lira and Mira hurriedly went back to Lireo were they were welcomed by their Ashti Hara Danaya and Pirena who were obviously unhappy about the youngsters leaving without permission. Mira and Lira apologized and explained the reason why they decided to investigate on their own and revealed Awoo’s warning. Aquil came and proved that the young sang’gres were telling the truth and revealed what he discovered, while he was out in the woods to hunt, he noticed that the pashneas were uneasy and decided to find out the reason why, and then he found the answer, in the north was a newly built palace, a palace he has never seen before, and it seemed like it rose from the earth. Pirena and Danaya decided to go there with Aquil, Mira and Lira wanted to go as well but the elders did not allow them despite of Mira’s reasoning that it would be a learning experience for them, Pirena bluffed and told them that she and Lira should stay behind and guard the palace in case anyone tries to invade. An argument with Pirena was pointless, the youngsters had no choice but to stay, Pirena, Danaya and Aquil went on their way. Aquil took them to the place, Danaya and Pirena were petrified at the sight of the palace, the sisters knew something was indeed stirring and they have a feeling that it was not good.

💎 I can’t really consider this as a rave but I wouldn’t call this a rant either so…whatever! I don’t know about you guys but Etheria’s rise is the only thing that excites me this week, like I know this arc focuses on Etheria but…no other interesting sub plots? I find Deshna’s side story too cliché to look forward to—and I mean the part of her self discovery although I am really curious of the role she’s going to play in this season. Same old, same old pabebe romance between Inah and Jake, and although it’s not bad, it’s just that it’s nothing new to me which is why I’m not really into their love team as of now.

👻 Wow! I must say Alfred and Diana still really has IT. Their scene together reminds me so much of DanQuil 2005 and my fan girl heart couldn’t be more happier rn. LilaTano what? Chos! Hahahahaha! Honestly I don’t mind, I have decided to multiship Lila Sari with Hitano and Amarro just because 😂

🙄 This isn’t related to tonight’s episode but I am definitely NOT looking forward for the next ep after seeing the teaser, like dude, I know GabRu has chemistry outside Encantadia and I admit they look cute together, but GabRu as AleBarro is just one hell of a big NO. The so-called AleBarro reunion might be a way to make Odessa’s ivtre possessing Alena’s body become more sensible (assuming my suspicion is correct) but I am NOT liking it, it was hinted in the previous episode that Avria is going to use the sisters’ “fatal flaws” to win against them but I am just not looking forward to it, I hate that Alena 1.0 made a come back and I don’t care of what’s the whole purpose of this, when I don’t like it, I don’t like it regardless of the reasons. Please lang maawa kayo kay Alena, stop making her seem like she can’t live without romance, she’s so much more than that. Or I would rather go for Odessa possessing Alena, yaman din lamang na this arc seems to be a sanib-serye, and let Alena fight Odessa head to head, Alena will win against Odessa, and then she’ll come to realize that she no longer feel the same for Ybrahim in the end. The problem with Alena is that she’s too drawn in the past, she’s the type that when she gets hurt especially by someone she loves, she’ll remember that forever which leads to the theory that she hasn’t really forgiven Ybrahim, she’s in denial that she can’t let go of the past even if they already had a closure a long time ago. Otherwise, if she has really forgiven Ybrahim, then all the pain should have been gone, and that she’s not afraid of facing her ex-lover right? Here we thought Alena has finally leveled up, but surprise surprise, Alena 2.0 is “half-cooked,” so are Danaya and Pirena and the rest of the characters, except Lira and Mira (hopefully) who will be the keys to bring out the real 2.0 versions of their parents and Ashtis.

🤔 Is it just me or are they giving us a set of average and not-so-eventful set of episodes this week?

Best performers for this episode:
Solenn Heussaff ⚜
Alfred Vargas ⛓
Diana Zubiri 🕷

Rating: 7 out of 10💎s (I’m sorry but this episode is so-so)

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