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"I thought you didnt want me" usuk - arthur with insecurity issues

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Arthur had meant to keep the shock out of his tone. He was always very good at controlling his emotions, disguising them. His mother had just accused him of being too good at lying, but Arthur thought of it more like a defence mechanism. It was better if people didn’t know what he was thinking.

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Far too young to die

WARNING: Back to fluff! Papa!Bruce still hasn’t left. Mild cussing.
Summary: The reader is back home and Bruce is eager to find out who did this to her then they unexpectedly get a surprised visit.
Notes: Looooooooooiiiiiiiiiissssssss is here! This is a little short but it’s because i wanted to save the next part for chapter 4! Glad everyone is enjoying the story so far, I can’t wait to write the upcoming chapters. Send requests!

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Chapter 3


He descended slowly to your window and stayed a safe distance. The moment he saw you his smile appeared again. You were okay but he frowned when he saw the bruises on your body. What happen to you? He wanted to go in there but as Superman? And he can’t just show up as Clark because he would sound like a stalker creep if he knew exactly where were at and you never told him anything and that would give himself away as to how he found out. So he decided to stick to where he is and wait for you to tell him, that’s if Bruce let’s you. Again, the same questions popped up in his head from earlier; how? Why?
 He stayed for a few more minutes just to make sure you were okay then he departed back to Daily Planet where he went unnoticed to everyone except Louis.

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headcanon: once, when alfred dragged the boys with him to the grocery store, damian disappeared and tim later caught him staring longingly at a bag of those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. so tim snuck them into alfred’s cart and alfred gave him this knowing look with the eyebrow, but damian looked so surprised and ‘someone got these for me?’ that it was totally worth it

Two Dorks: Prom Awakening (Germerica)

 Okay the title as just a joke but I can’t think of anything else so.

This was meant to be short but ended up being a lot longer lol.

‘Ludwig just got asked to prom by Alfred Jones. And he agreed. For some reason. He didn’t even like the American teen. Didn’t he?’


Ludwig hated Alfred.

Well, hate was a strong word, he just had an ‘intense dislike’.

Alfred sat behind him in Chemistry and damn did it grate on his nerves. He was loud. Uncouth. He always thought his opinions were the best and had to voice them everytime a stray thought entered his head. He went off track and tried to mix two different chemicals and it blew up in his face, again.

What annoyed him more was that Alfred would just laugh it off.

The chemistry teacher just found it endearing for some reason.

Everyone loved him, girls chased after him, and everyone thought he was funny, except Ludwig.

One day, after Chemistry class, Ludwig had turned to go to the library to eat with his friends he felt a tap on his shoulder, and turned around. It was Alfred.

“Hey Ludwig!”

He looked at Alfred in surprise. “Hello, Alfred.”

“So, Ludwig, got any plans for prom?” Alfred asked.

Now why on earth was Alfred taking an interest? “I wasn’t really planning on going.” He wasn’t really, even if his friend Feliciano was encouraging him to go every day.  He had no date, he didn’t like crowded parties and crap music, there wouldn’t be any alcohol there, what would he gain? It was only Junior prom, maybe he’d go to senior prom because that would be his last get together with the school, and that was only a maybe, but even then he wasn’t even sure if he liked the American tradition of prom anyway.

“Oh well, that’s a shame, because I was wondering if you wanted hang to together there.” Alfred said, and laughed, scratching his head awkwardly. “And by that I mean, hang out on the way there as well. Like, do you want to go together, haha!” he finished.

Ludwig looked at him dumbfounded. “What?”

Alfred seemed to get redder. “Do you want to go to prom with me?”

Ludwig could’ve died on the spot there. Could’ve, should’ve. Because now he was left standing there, and he could feel himself getting redder with every passing moment.

Alfred Jones, school wonder-boy who Ludwig claimed to dislike, was asking him to prom.

A crowd of girls and guys had gathered to look at the scene. He could feel their eyes, watching him, some in surprise, seemingly at Alfred asking a guy out, but most in expectation. Maybe to see if Alfred would get the guy.

He didn’t know what to say, and Alfred was looking expectantly, but also incredibly apprehensive.

“Okay.” he finished lamely.

The girls went ‘awwww’ and then dispersed as Alfred gave him his number. He gave his back, and the two went their separate classes.

What the hell just happened?

And why did he say yes?

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Dearest, Darling Arthur (Office Antics Series 3)

Summary: Arthur’s heart soars after Francis and Kiku’s latest matchmaking attempt, but his good fortune does not last long.
Pairing: USUK
AU: Human, Office AU
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,600

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My dearest, darling Arthur,

Although I am not very good with words, I have decided to write to you. Despite my horrible writing skills, even this is better than telling you how I feel face-to-face. When you talk to me, you can probably tell that I’m an idiot; it’s just that, whenever I see you, I choke up and act like an idiot, even though I want to be smooth and impress you. I get nervous, and none of the sweet, suave things I want to say will make it out of my mouth.

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