alfred f. jones gakuen

Happy belated birthday, Haki-dear. And only like 2 months late… Y… Yayyy…… *covers fais* Sorry, babbuuuu — Ignore how ‘Meh’ the shading is.

You’ll notice that I like that pose a lot, in the first panel. I went through my USUK stuff and I’ve drawn it like 4 other times before LOL. Also the last panel is a reference to the manga 'Kirei ja Nai Kedo’

I have no idea what’s going on here. It was only suppose to be one panel but you know me; I get carried away. It’s our Gakuen!USUK boys ;w; askgakuenusuk

Give Haki some belated birthday love too, guys. mayugesplace tasteless-combination - What a sweet Haki-babbu you are uwu