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Batfam Embarrassing Moments at Galas


Let’s out a loud cackle in the middle of a speech praising the work of earths Green Lantern(Hal Jordan). The crowd all turns to see Bruce Wayne laughing his fool head off at the prospect of Hal, the guy who regularly runs into buildings and hums the theme song to Star Wars in the middle of battles, being given such credit.


This was when he was still a teen… he accidentally burped really loud and let out an “oh fuck I’m sorry” right in front the mayor of Gotham. The look Bruce sent him could have turned him to stone.


Popped five hot chili peppers in his mouth. He then preceded to yell my mouth is on fire, fan his watering eyes, and stumble to the drink table to chug an entire jug of water.


Tripped, grabbed the first thing nearest to him, which was a ladies skirt, and tore the dress down the back as he fell to the floor.


Was caught, by Dick, staring at a woman’s butt in a tight dress.


Gagged on an orderve and choked up the entire thing, which landed with a loud slop on the floor.


At one of the Wayne banquets, Bruce asked his kids to join him on stage. She fell asleep durn the speech and tipped against Damian, who let her fall to the floor. The crowd went silent, a look of utter exhaustion flashed across Bruce’s face, and he turned to see his kids beginning a silent argument of glaring at each other(Robin was spotted falling off a building later that night).


Got drunk. Stumbled around mumbling “Howdy, sexy lady” to everyone.


Non. He’s British perfection.

Chemistry Test

“During casting readings, directors and casting directors will look for physical signs of natural attraction between actors, such as

enlarged pupils

open body language


skin flushes

and heightened awareness of each other.

If some of these basic signs are present, one may only have to add the proximity of weeks or months on set together

and the willingness to have a creative success

to cause a spark that transcends the workplace.” (Pamela Stephenson Connolly, The Guardian)

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How would Allen, Matt, Alfred, and Francis comfort their SO after they get a call from them in the middle of the night crying from their “friends” house since they were supposed to spend the weekend together but SO wound up being ignored and yelled at the entire time and just had a horrible time

France: “Mon petit, come here…It’ll be okay..”
Francis’ first concern would be to comfort his s/o..even if he was livid at his s/o’s “friends”, he’d stay calm and comfort them..he would know that they needed him. He’d talk them through it, and have them cuddle with him all night, but would tell them that their “friends” aren’t real friends, and help them through that.

America: “Come here…I got you…”
Alfred would hold them close against his chest and kiss them softly as he tells them it would be okay. He would tell them that those aren’t really his s/o’s friends anyways. He would talk to their friends later and give them a piece of his mind, but it would wait until his s/o was okay. 

2p America: “Fuck them! That’s what I say!”
Allen wouldn’t be able to hold his tongue when it came to others treating his s/o wrong. He would be calling them all kinds of names and throwing shade for days, but he would eventually shut his mouth and make sure his s/o was okay. But Allen wouldn’t let the others get off the hook. Allen would pay them a special personal visit…

2p Canada: “So ditch them for good.”
Matt isn’t the best in the advice department or in the dealing with drama department. So he would honestly just hold them close and wait until they were okay before unleashing his anger on their friends. He wouldn’t let his s/o know what he said, but he would give their friends a piece of his mind before coming home and never talking about it.

In my head Alfred is totally one of those parents who shows their kids partners embarrassing baby photos. Anyone that Bruce is serious with gets sat down on the sofa and shown a load of photos whilst Bruce watches in horror, blushing bright red. There’s the usual stuff: “Here is Bruce when he was a baby, he’s only wearing his nappy. The silly kid, he was always taking his Pjs off. Bless him” and “Here he is age three trying on sunglasses in the shop. He though the neon orange ones were particularly stylish.” But you get other golden moments like “This is Bruce trying on his first batsuit” (which looks totally ridiculous) and “Here is a picture of the first time he did weight training” (he is hopelessly trapped and being squashed to death.) These photo collections are usually treated with really awkward silences and nervous facial expressions or a fair amount of teasing at Bruce’s expense (Selina.)

Bonus: When Bruce gets together with J the time comes for the traditional embarrassing photo moment. To Bruce’s horror J whips out a stack of photo’s to show Alfred in return. Picture after picture of Bruce hopelessly trapped in ridiculous death traps and looking like a total idiot. Bruce goes on patrol straight after the ordeal is over and doesn’t show his face in the manor for at least 6 hours.

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Hey Admins! How would the (1p!) Allies react to their s/o who has kids from a previous relationship (And they already knew about their s/o's kids) and their s/o asks them if they want to meet their kids? (I'm so awkward haha-)

America: “Dude, I’m down!”
Alfred wouldn’t mind at all if his s/o already had kids. He would love to be the cool older brother to them or at least someone for them to go to if they ever needed help. He would bring them gifts all the time and would play with them every time he was over. 

England: “Oh…let’s hope they don’t hate me…”
Arthur knows he isn’t the best with kids…as much as he loves them, he always seems to be too strict and they never like him. So if his s/o already has kids, he would be terrified that the kids would hate him or find him to be too much of a buzzkill. He would try to bring the kids gifts and be there for them if they ever needed words of advice or someone to vent too. 

France: “They will learn to love me, oui?”
Francis would be slightly nervous, but he wouldn’t really mind if his s/o already had kids. It wouldn’t bother him..he’d just be worried they wouldn’t like him. He’d want to bring a present to give to his s/o’s kid(s), just to start off on a good foot with them. Overall, he’d think they’re adorable and want to raise them like his own…he’d just hope his s/o would still want to have one baby with him down the road.

Canada: “I hope they like me..”
Matthew would be afraid that his s/o’s kids wouldn’t warm up to him, or just wouldn’t like him..but as soon as he met them, he’d start to talk and have fun with them. Matthew is great with kids, so it wouldn’t take that long before he adores his s/o’s kids, and they hopefully adore him back.

Russia: “They won’t be scared of me?”
Ivan would expect his s/o’s kids to be a bit scared of him at first..but if they weren’t, he’d be relieved. He wouldn’t really care if his s/o had kids from a previous relationship..if anything, he’d rather take the place of their dad than try to have his own.

China: “Aw! I love kids!”
Yao loves kids and wouldn’t mind at all if his s/o had kids already. He would treat them like his own and would always be there for them. If they ever needed help or someone to talk to, he would be right there. Not to mention, he would sometimes make them cute little gifts when he would come over and would always play games with them. 

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Could we see some vampire America headcanons? S/O or just any is fine

Vampire Alfred? Alright! Coming up! Though only for this ask, since he is a miserable little vampire, and probably better suited as a werewolf. -Admin Jay

Cries some days because he misses the sun, baseball games and the beach. 

Tries to find ways to avoid having to feed from people.

Actively searching for any kind of cure.

Tries to keep animals to have company…but animals hate the undead. 

Sits in the forests at night and just listens to all the sounds. 

Finds ways to give back to the community in anyway he can, just to alleviate the guilt of having to feed.