alford art


I made this bmp princes icon set♪

 It’s my first time making something like this so i hope they turned out fine…

 (wondering if Roberto would use it as his royal talk profile picture XD voltageparty)


[Feel free to use it as your icon, but please don’t repost these anywhere else. Also, please ask before and credit when using for edits. Thank you.]


The Second Set of Genderbent Princes by eirasenpai

This time with us on a state visit, we have Princess Keitha Alford, Princess Wilfreda A. Spencer and Princess Edwarda Levaincois!

Keitha: Heh, of course I would be introduced first! And Wilfreda, I don’t think you should be reading that in public…

Wilfreda: (Gives Keitha a cold glance and returns to her book)

Keitha: Hey! Don’t ignore me!

Edwarda: What a lovely day we have today… (Ignores both of them and continues to recite poems to the flowers)

These are just as cute as the first set! Hope you don’t mind me making up conversations for them~ Thanks for the submission ^^

(First set can be found here)

[Note: lovely fan art by eirasenpai]