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Alfir: Hello yes Alva I am here to make sure you're not fucking up your wool again.

Alva turns to you, shears in his tentacles and a shorter, uneven and lopsided coat of wool around his legs. A good amount of wool lays at his feet, discarded.

It would seem you came a little too late.

Gray and bleak was the ocean that day. It lulled back and forth, pulling in shells and seaweed only to spit them back out on shore. Dark clouds drifted along the sky. Though it was raining, one Pokemon was sitting out in the sand, gathering to her various shells and bits of rock that had gotten washed up. A fine pile sat atop her apron. She picked them up gently in one hand, cradling them as she looked at them in closer detail, and those she did not like were thrown back into the ocean.

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They stood in their original forms, whispering in low voices between each other. Zeke and his friends had been ushered to the back room but now stood down the hall, looking around the corner. While the Growlithe pawed the ground and shook around the Zorua on his head, the Riolu gnawed on his thumbnail, trying to inch around the Pokemon and see around his parents. They gestured quite a bit, too quiet for Zeke to hear, and finally turned toward the door to open it.

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