alfieri st. john

Alice Campello answered some questions before the inauguration of “Alfieri & St. Johns” :

About the wedding rings

We designed them, my fiancee and I. We chose pink gold because it steps out of line, it’s neither yellow gold nor white gold which are more classic and then, we thought we would not like with a thicker edge.

About having children

Yes, I’d love it. I would like to have two or three.

About Alvaro

He is a good person, humble, selfless. He is very funny, he makes me laugh a lot and we have a very special complicity

About the wedding

It’s the coronation of the love Alvaro and I feel, I hope it will never change.

About how she feels before the wedding

Until now, I have been really calm, but now, with one month left, I became more nervous. I hope everything will go well, I’m very excited and very happy.