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anonymous asked:

Hello do you have any half asian-half white female model face claims?

Hi there! I don’t have a lot of them but here you go:


Ase Wang, half-chinese
Eileen Feighny, half-korean
Jennifer Koch, half-korean
Kiko Mizuhara, half-zainichi korean.
Tiana Tolstoi, half-korean
Tina Tamashiro, half-japanese
Yana Shmaylova, half-korean she’s stunning
Yumi Lambert, ¼ Japanese sorry, i love her


Juliane Alfieri, half-korean
Melanie Aurora Lee, half-korean
Shannon Williams, half-korean

Asami Zdrenka, half-japanase

I really enjoy this one. Hope it helps! Please let me know if there are any mistakes.