So this 


just happened, and I decided to do a follow forever! :D

I just want to thank you all so much for following me, I love you all and appreciate all you followers tremendously!

The fact that I actually put time and effort into this blog makes me feel accomplished aha! It took a long time but I finally reached 1000 followers, yay! :)

First off I want to thank Claire for being awesome and making this edit for me,she’s probably the nicest person I’ve ever talked to on this website. I also want to thank Kat for always talking to me and keeping me busy and just being my friend aha, she’s great :’)

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The bolded urls are my favorite and as you can tell there’s a lot of blogs that are my fav but idk I couldn’t choose just a couple haha

I totally forgot a lot of blogs that I love and I’m sorry. Luv u all k bye ;*