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I'm in love with the idea of Arthur moaning "Alfieeee" as Alfred fucks him into the mattress

Okay, but like- same-

And he can’t stop, and he starts babbling Alfred’s name over and over until he can’t take it anymore and he just cums, untouched.
And Alfred just keeps fucking him, cause now he doesn’t plan on stopping until the only thing that Arthur can think about is him and his cock inside him.

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Ah... Proposing Allies~? Gender neutral S/O if possible? Merci beaucoup, mon cheríe. <3 ~ Space Anon

I’m so sorry for being so late!!

Mod note: I think I’ll break this up into a series. The engagement, the planning and then the wedding. I researched about different types of wedding traditions and was just enchanted with them! But, onto the ask!

America/Alfred F. Jones:

Alfred was peacefully relaxing on the couch, when he got this sudden idea. “____ says that they’re fine with marriage, and marriage is this whole romantic type of thing and then ____’d be mine forever and I will be theirs and if I propose then—!!”

With that said, he excitedly ran to find his (s/o). They were peacefully sleeping in their shared bed with Alfred. How cute… It got disrupted as soon as Alfred made his way into the room. He jumped on the bed, thinking to himself that he already has their peaceful face burned in his mind, and hugged them tightly.

“_____,” Alfred called quietly, kissing their lips. “_____.”

____ woke up with a slight grumble, “Alfieeee, I was taking a n-”

“Marry me, _____.”

Russia/Ivan Braginsky:

_____ had gone on a business trip. For obvious reasons, Ivan couldn’t go along. This left him feeling incredibly lonely. He was worried, terribly lonely. What if ____ got attacked while they were gone? While Ivan wasn’t by their side? What if they willingly left him for someone else?

нет, I should have more faith. ____ loves me, and I love her… Ivan’s face flushed. He had complete faith in his (s/o), and he knew that ____ had complete faith in him.

“да, I shall buy ___ flowers and propose to them,” Ivan said with a smile, thinking over the type of bouquet that he should buy. Although buying flowers wasn’t a mandatory thing to do for engagements in Russia, he just knew that ____ would appreciate them.

Once ____ arrived back on the plane, Ivan was waiting for them at the airport. The duo met up at suitcase pick-up, and that’s where Ivan handed the flowers over.

“Will you marry me?”

France/Francis Bonnefoy:

Francis would be just as blunt as Alfred. Marriage is a union of two people, and though it should be more serious, he was just too anxious! He had his fears on uniting as one and being so open to another person and so vulnerable. But, ____ was worth it. He even had the marriage contract ready!

That’s just what this is. A contract between two people. Francis tried calming himself down as he sat at the table with food and wine. You’ve done plenty of those.

With newfound confidence, he perked up as the door to his shared house with ____ opened.

Mon amour,” Francis smiled. “Please, sit.”

A small giggle escaped his (s/o)’s lips, and they sat across from him and noticed the piece of paper on their plate. “Oh, my.”

Francis’s palms grew slightly sweaty, “Mais, oui.” Then, looking them straight in their (e/c) eyes, Francis smiled. “Erm, ____. Would you be willing to stay with me?”

China/Yao Wang:

Yao was terribly old-fashioned. Although him and (s/o) had already moved in together, Yao still took the time to consult their family, even before he consulted ____! He was ready to send presents after presents, but was stopped after only 2. The first present left both _____ and ____’s family floored with confusion. Rather sudden, isn’t it? But, after some explanation, _____ would hopefully react in a positive way, and as would their family. They would then start wedding preparations together.

If ____ didn’t want to consult their family, Yao would happily go through all the traditions with them alone. It “makes the process quicker anyway, ___!”

Yao would have a rather surprising proposal, but his timing is impeccable.

England/Arthur Kirkland:

Arthur was nervous, no doubt about it. He’d been irritable at the meeting, and was just plain irritable all day. But, he was also full of a strange excitement. He was on cloud 9, and couldn’t wait to meet his (s/o) at the restaurant he’d reserved seats for.

Finally there, he sat at the table waiting for ____ to walk in. He glanced at the box he’d stuffed into the chest of his tux and then glanced back at the door. In walked ____, looking amazing as always. This is it.

The meal went by great, but at one point in time, ____ just had to ask. “Arthur, you… Don’t seem yourself. Is something wrong?”

Perceptive as always. Arthur smiled, making it awkward as he gazed into their eyes and didn’t answer the questions. “Hello?”

“Ah!” Arthur stood up quickly, that would’ve been the perfect time to propose! He stumbled over himself, and the box on his tux made its inevitable descent to the ground. “Oh!” Arthur’s palms immediately began to sweat, he got down on one knee, scooped up the box and cleared his throat.

“Well, something is wrong, ____. I was just curious… Would you do me the honor of your hand?”

Canada/Matthew Williams:

Matt had had the perfect day with _____. Perfect is an overstatement, many things had gone wrong. But, he knew exactly how to make the day end on a nice note.

The duo had been walking home, when they made a detour in a park. Normally quiet Matthew walked over to the fountain in the center of the park and started directly at his (s/o) as he opened his mouth.

“I’ve had the honor to get to meet and get to know _____. No one is perfect, and nothing can ever be such… But, _____, you always seem to make any day brighter. Your smile, your voice, everything about you. You fill me up with glee… That’s why, I’d like for you to stay by my side for eternity.” Matthew walked down from his spot and bent down on one knee. He took out the box he’d been hiding all day and blushed. “Will you?”

Decided to add a little bit to his faceup today - I’ve been trying to go for a more realistic distribution of pigment across the face, although it’s still pretty concentrated around his eyes. 

Also, sometimes I feel like I’m taking headshots for some aspiring actor or something, idk. 

“Wait, wait, so this is why you had me pose naked inside a bag for a month?”

My ball-jointed doll is probably just high from the turpentine fumes, excuse him. 

Oh, also, this is as done as this painting is probably ever going to be, even though I’m nowhere near satisfied with it. The exhibition is tomorrow. ;_;