Zalfie diary - May 19th

Zoe had a photoshoot with Simple Skincare. 

Company magazine also instagrammed a photo of Zoe saying that they are working on a new exciting project.(x)(x)

Alfie was rowing down the River Thames with with Louis and Steve and he tweeted a picture:

Alfie uploaded a 37-minute Sims episode where they announced that they will upload a 30 min long episode every Monday and Friday. Zalfie spent 37 minutes trying to build their new house while their burrito baby was laying on the floor :) At some point Alfie mentioned a merch idea with their burrito baby on it. I love when they refer their sims baby as their own. Aaand crazy people of internet already designed the tshirts, here and here :)

To be honest this was the most fun sims video ever! As tripodsandmarshmallows put it it was hella cute that they let the other pick something they don’t like just because the other does and end up not choosing it because the other one did not like. It was also cute that they were referring to things in their own life and I guess I love watching building and furnishing houses too. Adorable gifs:

Today’s trending topic on twitter was #youtubefandommemories. Here is a list of some Zalfie related ones:

I find it really funny that Joe favourited this:

And I love the fact that Alfie favourited this:


Zalfie One-Shot: The Daddy Long-Legs

so here it is… *nervous sweating* I hope you enjoy it!


“Zoe two, Alfie nil!” I say after I had pranked Alfie with a daddy long legs once again.
“You’re gonna make it into a challenge?” Alfie says as he rubs his tired face and and begins to get up. “That’s fine with me.”
I laugh and put the camera down by the foot of the bed, then tackle and collapse over Alfie in a hug.
“I’m sorry gorgeous.” I say, with a muffled voice, my head tucked into Alfie’s neck, laughing slightly. “Alfie? Are you okay?” Silence. All of a sudden, Alfie flips over, hovering over me, and I scream.
“ALFIE!” I shout, trying not to laugh, for Alfie has his silly serious face on.
I reach up and give him a peck on the lips and then put my arms over his neck and pull him down into another hug.
“I said I was sorry!”
“And I forgive you” he says in the same straight faced, silly tone he used earlier. “I’m just not giving up yet. You’ve turned this into a challenge.”
“What? It was your decision” he says before kissing me on the cheek.
“Alfie Deyes, what am I going to do with you?”
“I don’t know, but you could start with a cuddle?” he asks with a puppy dog face.
And that I did.


so I hope that was good? idk it just came to me after watching Zoe’s new vlog haha. sorry if there were any grammar errors and such but I hope you enjoyed! x

It Just Happened....(Zalfie FanFic Part 4)

Zoe’s POV-

I turned around to see Alfie’s face, stood in the doorway. I looked down at myself sneakily just to make sure I was fully covered, as Alfie is stood around, hmmmm….4 feet away, and I was not wearing any clothes. He had a cheeky smile planted on his face.

“Hey, what’s up?” He started moving closer.

“Alfie! Oh…I’m just doing some um…washing.” I stated. “I actually left my makeup bag down stairs in my purse, so um…”

“I’ll get it for you, where is it?” He started moving back out the door way. I moved to the door and we slightly brushed past one another. I turned away shyly, blushing.

“Um, in the living room probably by the couch.”

“Kay!” He said while walking down the stairs. I raced back into the bathroom, awaiting his return.

Alfie’s POV-

“Kay!” I started racing down the stairs. I got down the stairs and found her bag and grabbed it. I went back up the stairs and walked to the bathroom.

“Knock, Knock! Here is your bag me lady!” I stated with a mental slap in the face.

“Thanks!” She stated with her beautiful eyes lighting up.  She took the bag and shut the door. I stood there for around 30 seconds, then was walking down the stairs and began to hear Zoe’s phone ring. I raced to the arm of the love seat and answered it, not thinking as I was still captured with her beauty.

“Hello?” I asked with a smile ever present on my face.

“Where’s Zoe? Who is this?” It was Wilf, Zoe’s now ex-boyfriend. Shiz, big mistake. Why on earth would I answer Zoe’s phone without looking at who it was. I heard a scurry across the floor above and then heard the door open to the bathroom.

“Look, Wilf, Zoe and you are done, stop calling.” I felt like was going to be sick. I had just realized how much I truly liked Zoe. I hung up as Zoe entered the room, I felt my face go pale and put on a smile, obviously fake.

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