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A/N HELLO! my second Joe Sugg imagine, I’m feeling quiet positive abiut this one. I hope you enjoy it! xo

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As I walked the London’s streets, passing by the extraordinary buildings, examine every single building closely. Gazing up the bitter sky as the birds chirp away. As the wind blows in my direction hair flowing in every direction; creating a birds nest. Which doesn’t bother me at all. So much to do, in one city although when you look close enough not all souls were happy, and Y/N was one of them.

An unfortunate soul that has to live this horrific life that she never wanted, born and raised in London the south end; with a strong posh voice that she always despised. London was never a place she called home nor a place to enjoy living. Y/N never knew what was wrong with London - actually, nothing was wrong with London, absolutely nothing. But in Y/N petite head; she thought that London was an absolute mess and she wanted to leave, fly away from the reality just like birds do. Even though Y/N wishes would never come true and she knew that very well, out of all the people that she knew well every single one of them could say the same.

She was trapped in London and she could never get out, for so many different reasons. one: her family lived here and as her mother and father are so ill, she couldn’t just leave them behind she would feel negligent like she doesn’t want to help her family. Y/N loved her family to full extend so leaving them in this enormous city would make her paranoid with terrible thoughts.

Two; Y/N knew leaving the city means leaving her best friend, Abbie, and the thought of leaving Abbie for Y/N was heartbreaking enough that she couldn’t live or do daily tasks that were needed without thinking that she has left Abbie alone. Abbie is a very exquisite girl and is such a lovely person, although, one word can describe her the best is: melancholic. meaning she suffers from depression and in any circumstances, there is a chance that she would try suicide as an escape. Y/N remembers the time she tried to suicide like it was yesterday, it was so vivid for her that she cried herself to sleep for days after the incident. Abbie was the only friend Y/N had and she didn’t want to lose her; losing Abbie means losing her life the little bit of light she gets from Abbie would be taken away and never brought back.

Walking around London gives her time to think about everything and how her life ended up the way it is. Y/N had one problem more like a bad habit and that was; trust issues. After her abhorrent break up (yes it even surprised Y/N that someone was interested in her that way) She never wanted to let anyone back in. She didn’t trust anyone, there was a moment when she didn’t want to trust her own father! Which was petrifying for Y/N as she loved him with her full heart and trusted him all of her life.

She knew the break up damaged her, but she didn’t get any help nor visited the therapist; which suggested her grandma. She felt isolated, alone but she didn’t want help. Y/N was and still is a very stubborn girl. Thinking that it was a natural reaction and everyone goes through the same after a breakup. But deep inside of her she knew that this wasn’t right and she needed to get fixed or to get help.

Y/N never listened to her instincts and carried on with her life like nothing happened. When it was a year after the break up she could say that she recovered and felt much more delighted and smiled every day.

A deep sense of smell hit Y/N which made her hum in delight, closing her eyes and reopening them again, she looked up to be met with a cafe. A small grin appeared on Y/N face and she skipped across the road into the coffee.

Entering she was hit with a smell of coffee which she fondness. I wandered to the cashier ordering a small black coffee, as she nodded and said it will be a minute. I beamed with excitement and sauntered to the spare table next to the window, which had the most alluring view I have ever seen.

I heard this cafe was only opened yesterday and so many people are already visiting, it was truly mesmerizing, she watched out the window as to how people strolled by, some were rushing but some just was enjoying the sunny weather. It was a blistering day in London today, I was not going to lie it was one of my favorite days.


Y/N swollen her last bit of coffee and placed in on the table, she took out her phone to see what was the time and her eyes widened in realization; she has spent nearly over two hours she pulled a face looking up she shook her head in annoyance. that probably why the cashier was giving her funny looks earlier.

Y/N usually spends a lot of time in the cafes rather than outside. So many thoughts ran through her mind today that she wanted some alone time to herself. Whenever Y/N would come home late she would explode with apologies, tearing up a bit thinking her mother and father must be very vexed with her. Usually, her mother would tell her to calm down and take a nap. Mother and father would never be crossed with Y/N they knew how much she did for them which they were glad for to have such daughter.

“Sorry.. didn’t mean to intrude but is this seat taken?”

Y/N jumped a little she was a caught up in her thoughts again, she cursed in her head. She looked up and was met with blue ocean eyes, it made her trip and fall. She could look into those eyes forever and never get bored. There was so much in them that she wanted to know more. His fluffy blonde hair was quite messy probably the wind ruining it. She imagined running her hands through them.

She realized that she was staring now, and bit the inside of her cheek and shook her head lightly.

“Sorry, no no it isn’t. I was about to leave anyways so er, yeah..”

Y/N cursed, at how awkward she was and she stuttered what was wrong with her for the past year or so no one made her stutter in this way like she was nervous. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks, coughing a bit she looked away not making any eye contact to terrified to look at the stranger’s charming eyes.

“So why’s a pretty lady sitting on her own on such a beautiful day?” he asked.

Wow. was the word that rushed through her mind. Pretty she never thought of herself pretty so having this stunning creature like him telling you this cathed you of guard.

“You know just needed some alone time, but the weather is so glorious today not going to lie”

“That understandable, I do that quite often too, as I get caught up in work alone time is always a good one” he agreed.

It felt like we spoke for centuries I have never spend so much time speaking to a stranger like I did with Joe which I learned his name was mid conversation. But I knew I had to head home. Mother must be concerned. we told goodbyes and parted our ways.

Whiles walking home I felt disappointed that I didn’t get his number or that he didn’t ask, but I guess he just thought of me as another boring soul which I had to agree on. But the feeling stuck with me all the way home.

Who knew that one boy could corrupt a war in my head.


disclaimer: this video uses racial slurs and stereotypical comments to convey a comedic/realistic depiction of how racism works. if you are easily irritabale or butthurt please do not watch this video. we love all people and this was solely for a little tee hee!


Sun, Sea and Friends in Santorini - Joe Sugg Imagine

Hi! So this is a joe imagine that I wrote and to be honest I am a little insecure of it and I would really like some feedback to know if I should continue on with it! Thank you xx


You had just finished packing away your toiletries and clothes into your rather large suitcase. Your hair was pulled up in a high ponytail and you were dressed in your airport trackies and your comfortable white t-shirt and of course you were sporting your favourite trainers. Today was finally the day that you’ve been anticipating for so long! Today was finally the day you were heading off to sunny Santorini in Greece with your best friend Tanya Burr! You honestly couldn’t wait to head out of the rainy, cold, autumn city of London and head straight to the sunny land of Santorini where you’ll be able to put your worries of work behind you, and focus on building yourself a tan, having a dip in the pool, heading to amazing, golden sand beaches and overall spending some time with your best friend and her fiancé.

Actually, it wasn’t just yourself, Tanya and Jim that we’re going to Santorini. Originally it was, just the three of you heading off for a relaxing two week vacation, but Tanya recently told you that her friend and also fellow youtuber Zoe, also know as Zoella and her boyfriend Alfie needed a much well deserved break that has been long over due, and the news then spread to one of Tanya, Jims, Zoe and Alfie’s other close friends, Marcus and Niomi. Honestly, you didn’t mind one bit, although knowing that you were the only single girl there, it did make you feel like a black cloud amongst white ones. You were a rather shy girl. You never had much confidence in yourself, although you had a great sense of humour which every one of your friends really admired and enjoyed. You always managed to crack a corny joke that would make anybody laugh, but when it comes to meeting new people, you get rather timid and quiet. Overall though, you were very excited to meet Tanyas friends and you would hopefully make friends with over the next two weeks.

Your flight was at six in the evening, but unfortunately, due to the other couples having meetings and last minute packing, they would be taking another flight over to Santorini so it was just yourself, Tanya and Jim. You rolled your suitcases out of your apartment and locked up the entire place before you made your way outside of the apartment building with your two suitcases and your carry on satchel.

“"Y/N!” You heard a loud squeal which made you turn around instantly to see Tanya racing towards you, dropping both of her own suitcases and enveloping you in a large warm hug. “Tan!” You beamed hugging her back just as tight and you watched Jim over her shoulder as he groaned at Tanya for dropping her suitcases and bent down to pick them both up. “I can’t believe after all the waiting and marking days off on the calendar, we’re finally heading on holiday!” Tanya smiled brightly while pulling back. You both jumped up and down excitedly, allowing the excitement to overtake you for now. You knew that when you would meet the rest of Tanyas friends, you would definitely turn back into your shy self.

“Neither can I! And you’ve been here before! I’ve never even travelled as far as Greece, this is such a new and exciting experience..I’m so excited Tan! There’s going to be so many things to do! Beaches, swimming, ice scream, sun bathing, relaxing!” You babbled whilst Tanya nodded her head quickly in full agreement with you. “Trust me Y/N, your going to absolutely love it..I can feel it..” Tanya winked laughing her adorable laugh. “Oi! You can both have a wonderful chat on the plane over there! But if we stand here all day, we’re not going to have the opportunity of having that chat!” Jim chuckled shaking his head and began packing the suitcases in the boot of the taxi. “Oh hush!” Tanya giggled while leading you both into the taxi to continue the conversation. Yourself and Tanya sat in the back and began making plans and having a general catch up while poor Jim was left listening to the taxi driver tell his whole life story.


You arrived at the airport and in good time. You all checked in your suitcases and you were currently sitting down in the waiting area whilst Tanya and Jim went to grab some coffees for themselves. You scrolled though your Twitter accounts and even managed to message your mum who texted you ‘Have a great time and a safe flight over, we will miss you and remember no boys! Xxx’ You rolled your eyes playfully and laughed to yourself knowing your mum was always one for joking. Maybe while you were over in Santorini, you might make friends with a cute boy. You shook your head at your thoughts and sank back against your chair. This holiday was for relaxing, making new friends and overall just enjoying yourself and letting go of the stress and worries you have on your shoulders.

Time passed and it was now ten to six and you were sitting in the plane beside Tanya who’s telling you every detail of what you would be doing in Santorini, for example, like heading to the beach, going for evening meals, heading to an amazing spa and shopping! You couldn’t wait! It all sounded so exciting and you just couldn’t believe that you were actually heading off on holiday, it all felt so surreal.

“Passengers please put on your seat belts and get yourselves comfortable as we are now heading off to your destination. There will be air hostesses walking up and down the aisles and they’ll answer your questions or get you food and drink. We hope you enjoy your flight with us today.” The pilot announced over the planes intercom, the engine roaring to life. You relaxed back against the chair and gazed out the window momentarily and watched soar off into the sunset to your holiday destination.


Yourself, Tanya and Jim have arrived in Santorini and wow, this place was absolutely amazing! There were beautiful exotic flowers everywhere, the sun was beaming down on you and there wasn’t a cloud in the beautiful bright blue sky. You were currently sat in a cab, driving to your holiday home. Tanya was taking many pictures with her professional camera and you laughed at her excitement. You couldn’t believe that you were actually here! Never, not even in your wildest dreams would you have ever imagined you’d actually be on holiday in such a beautiful country.

You arrived to your holiday home and gasped, your jaw dropping at the sight before you. There was a beautiful white house with two large double wood doors. Yourself and Tanya squealed with excitement and you both raced inside before you both jumped and screamed in shock. “SURPRISE!” shrieked six people popping some party confetti. “You guys are here!? What!? How!? Oh my gosh!” Tanya gasped whilst wrapping her arms around all of the six people immediately. You tilted your head in confusion knowing you only thought it was two couples going to be here with you. You smiled shyly and shoved your hands into your pockets whilst watching the sight before you take place. “Let me introduce you to Y/N” Tanya smiled making all of them line up. “This is Zoe and Zoe this is Y/N” a petite brunette with blonde highlights and shortish hair smiled at you whilst shaking your hand. “It’s so nice to meet you! Tanya never shuts up about you!” She giggled whilst looking at you. “This is Alfie..” Tanya nodded to a tall guy with jet black hair slicked back. “Hey I’m Alfie..Its nice to meet you..” He grinned shaking your hand. “This is Marcus and Niomi..” You smiled at the couple who both shook your hand. Marcus was rather tall and was sporting glasses and Niomi was if average height. She had beautiful long hair. You instantly felt insecure, you were going to be living and be surrounded by three beautiful girls whilst you were wearing a no make up look today unlike the rest of the girls. You looked down at yourself and shuffled along to the next person. “And this is..Joe?” Tanya seemed surprised herself. “Hi I’m..Joe..Its really nice to meet you..” A soft voice spoke out, you looked up to the stranger and felt your breath catch in your throat.

The Overdone Proclamation

Prompt: HS!AU where Caspar gets dared/forced to ask Joe out (x) [this deviated from the prompt a lot more than normal]

Summary: Alfie wants to date Zoe, who can’t date until her brother Joe can. Luckily, Alfie’s friend, Caspar, is plenty willing to help out with that problem (based on 10 Things I Hate About You).


Zoe doesn’t really know what happened to her brother. He went on summer holiday to LA with Will, happy, well-liked, carefree and came back almost a completely different person. LA seemed to have embittered him. 

He stops talking to Zoe as much as he used to and when Zoe tries to push him for an explanation, he ignores her. Reluctantly, she begins to do the same thing. Before summer holiday, she considered Joe to be her best friend, but by the time the school term resumes, she doesn’t really know who he is anymore. When they start up school again, she drifts back into her and Joe’s group of friends, dubbed as the “popular” crowd, whilst Joe drifts out it, only spending time with Will in and outside of school.

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Frat Brat. -Part Six. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

“Do you want to go out for dinner?” Joe repeated, his eyes gazing into yours intensely.

As soon as those words left his lips, you couldn’t help but laugh. A broad and giddy smile spreading across your lips while you laughed, clutching your phone tightly.

Surely Joe wasn’t serious?

Since when has Joe ever asked you out for dinner?
That’s right, never!

That’s simply because the two of you get along like cats and dogs. He’s the bad boy and you’re the good girl. The two of you simply don’t connect hence why you don’t socialize together. Besides, you’ve got much better things to do with your time then to spend it with him.

“What’s so funny?” Joe questioned, his eyebrows furrowing. Shaking your head, you clutched to your phone tighter, looking over to the blue eyed boy amused as you wiped away the tears of laughter brimming your eyes.

“You’re not serious are you?” You giggled, watching Joe’s look at you with an expressionless look, his brows furrowing while a huff left his lips before he pursed them together. Allowing yourself to scan Joe from head to toe, you watched his lips curl into a frustrated frown.

“And what’s so funny about it if I am being serious? Any other girl would be already in my car if I offered them dinner!” Joe scoffed madly, folding his arms across his chest making his muscles flex. Taking a deep breath to calm yourself, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at Joe’s statement, biting down on your tongue to stop you from saying something you’d regret.

“Like I said earlier, Joe. I’m not like ‘any other girl’.” You glared, rolling your eyes once again at the alert boy who narrowed his eyes at you. You watched as he took a step towards you making you take a step back, giving him a stern look as you glowered.

“Why don’t you go out to dinner with me then? Give me one damn good reason.” He snapped, his eyebrows raising at you while you folded your arms, copying his actions and popping your hip out as you exhaled slowly.

Closing your eyes into slits, you glowered at the blue eyed boy. You could feel your blood boiling from anger at his words.

Why was he so demanding?

Why did he think he could just take you to dinner just like that?

Has he never had a girl reject him?

Sighing you could feel your head thumping and your stomach growl hungrily. You really weren’t in the mood to snap back. You weren’t in the mood to have a snap fest and see who can have the best comeback, you just wanted to sit and eat. You haven’t had anything to eat since lunch so you were more than sure that any comeback you would throw at Joe would probably flop due to your little energy.

“You know what Joe? I’m really not in the mood to snap back at you and have you try boost your little ego and I’m too hungry to think properly so fine lets go for dinner then!” You huff annoyed at him, spinning on your heels in fury while storming over to Joe’s shiny, sleek white range rover. As you strutted to Joe’s fancy car, everything dawned on you in an instant.

Did you really just agree to go out with the school’s frat brat?

Suddenly you realized your words, your jaw dropping instantly as you quickly turned around to object the offer only to be greeted by a triumphantly smirking Joe.

“'Let’s go for dinner then’.” He smiled smugly, quoting your earlier words making you glare annoyed. “Your words, not mine L/N. Let’s get something to eat, hm? I’m feeling like something spicy.” He smirked smugly, rubbing his chin with his pointer fingers, sending you a wink as he swiftly moved towards his car.

What an ass.


“Nandos, really?” You asked amused, looking up at the glowing red name cemented to the wall, glancing over to Joe noticing that he was already facing you, almost waiting to see your reaction.

“Why not? Let’s have a cheeky nandos!” He chuckled causing you to groan loudly, cringing immediately. 

“Joe, please never say that again as long as you live. Firstly, it makes no sense and it’s cringy and so last year! I can’t believe you said that!” You whined, hiding your face in embarrassment between your hands.

Why do all guys like Joe enjoy calling Nandos cheeky?

“Yeah, yeah, whatever! C'mon, do you want Nandos or not? There’s a burger joint down town we could go to or we could be classy and grab a McDonalds.” Joe simpered, his hands shovelled deep into his pockets.

“Nandos is is fine..” You smiled slightly, nodding towards the restaurant before walking towards the two front doors.

“Ah, ah, ah! Ladies first..” Joe tutted as you grabbed the handle to open the door. You watched as he grabbed the door for you, pulling it wide open feeling a grin form on your lips at the small gesture.

“When did you learn to be such a gentlemen? Hm?” You questioned in surprise, walking in ahead of Joe only to gasp loudly feeling him pinch your bum. Whipping your body around to scold him, you felt your blood rush to your cheeks as you glared at him seeing him smiling innocently at you.


“What do you mean when? I’ve always been a gentlemen.” Joe smiled sweetly, his hand now placing itself on the small of your back making your cheeks burn. “A table for two please.” Joe grinned over your shoulder at the waiter who held two menus. “We would love a booth.” He continued.

“Right this way.” The waiter beamed, his smile wide and enthusiastic, making you wonder where he got his energy from. Following after the waiter, you were guided to a large cushioned booth, causing you to sigh in satisfaction as you relaxed down into the cushioned seat.

“And what are you so relaxed about?” Joe chuckled, sliding in on the opposite side of the booth, immediately gabbing the menu.

“I’m not in a speeding car with you! That’s what I’m so relaxed about..I’m honestly surprised you haven’t been out behind bars for the speed driving you do!” You tutted, sitting up a little straighter while folding your arms on the table, glancing down to the menu.

“I just thought I’d give you one rebellious and reckless drive of your life. Did I achieve that?” He grinned mischievously, his eyes studying yours while you pressed your tongue  against your cheek.

The car ride with Joe was rather reckless. He drove well past the speeding limit. Every time you scolded him and yelled, it only made him go faster. The car ride consisted of him trying to out his hand on your thigh while you swatted it away and you also had to bear with his music taste such which was mainly punk rock and rock and roll. It was a rather risky drive since he enjoyed taking sharp corners and swaying the car side to side but you somehow managed to survive. 

“I would never give you the satisfaction of telling you if you did or not.” You tutted, focusing your eyes back down on the menu, debating with yourself what to order.

“Fiesty.” Joe chuckled, his fingertips now drumming against the table before your eyes widened as your menu was suddenly snatched from your grip.

“Hey! Joe, I was-”

“No babe. Tonight, I’m going to order us both something I know for a fact your tastebuds will love me for. So, please, no buts because tonight, you’re going to take a break from being so..strict and uptight. You’re going to learn how to at least live a little.” Joe smirked, his eyes levelling with yours while your eyebrows raised in surprise, your fingers connecting together while you sat back against the booth.

“And what if I don’t want to?” You challenged, a small smirk forming on your lips making Joe give you a playful glare.

“Too late. Ah, yes, excuse me sir, but we’re ready to order.” Joe commented to the waiter who arrived at your table. Before you could even give the slightest input into the meal you wanted to order, you were cut off by Joe who briskly ordered two chicken dishes and two coca colas.

“There’s really no stopping you, is there?” You huffed, playing with your nails and ignoring the look on Joe’s face.

“Tell me about you.” He stated, your head snapping up in curiosity as he left your question.

Gazing into Joe’s eyes, you slowly inched your face over the table watching Joe mirror your actions. Within the blink of an eye you were soon just inches apart. Your heart beat was now hammering radically fast against your chest as your eyes gazed into his. You’ve never noticed how blue they really are. They’re like a light sea blue, yet you’ve seen them once before at the football match when they appeared to be a vibrant blue.

Quickly, you snapped yourself out of your thoughts. You could feel your face burn from embarrassment, even though it was impossible for Joe to read your thoughts. Although, since he’s been sleeping and sneaking around with almost every girl in the school, it wouldn’t surprise you.

“I don’t know what you’re playing at Sugg. First you offer me dinner. Secondly you take me to dinner. Thirdly, you want to get to know me? Where’s all of this sudden interest coming from? You know, I’m damn sure Bethany would just love to be sitting right here, you know, since you two love playing tonsil tennis, so why are you picking an evening with me over her?” You questioned, your lips pursed in dissatisfaction.

Since when did Joe take the sudden interest in you? Surely now is the time when himself and Caspar would break out the vodka and have a drinking session with friends. Instead, he’s sat in front of you wanting to know you?

“Because in this life Y/N, good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.” He whispered huskily, his breath fanning your lips making your heart beat harder and your throat to tighten.

“So, Y/N. Tell me all about you. You can tell me the truth or if you want to build a new identity for yourself, go right ahead.” He continued, his face slowly move back from yours while he smirked at your frozen figure still situated by leaning on the table.

You stared at Joe, seeing a glint of devilishness flickering in his blue orbs.

“Tell me Joe. What do you so desperately want to know?” You exasperated, your body now retracting back against the booth, the waiter now setting down your drinks.

“Everything.” He replied quickly, his hand now holding his glass of cocoa cola while he nonchalantly sipped on it.

“Alright. Fine.” You answered confidently, looking at the surprised look on Joe’s face.

“My name is Y/N L/N. I’m in my final year of school. I’ll be graduating in a couple of weeks, which will quite honestly be the most exciting time of my life. English is my favourite subject. I’m apparently quite gifted with pen and paper.” You smiled,my our nails drumming against the clear glass, the aroma of food wafting through the restaurant.

In all honesty, you couldn’t really believe what was going on. It was almost surreal. If someone told you that you and Joe would be out eating dinner together, you would have laughed in their face. But right now, it was actually happening. You could feel butterflies and nervous knots in your stomach since you’ve never actually been in this situation with Joe. Usually you’re both at one another’s throats. Right now, that didn’t seem to be the cause apart from the sneer or snappy comebacks.

“I’m an only child..I live with my parents..My favourite colour is..” As you started to speak up again, you were cut off by Joe who tsked.

“Your favourite colour is this, your favourite animal is that. Let’s get deeper into your world Y/N.” He smirked, leaning back against the booth making you raise your eyebrows challenging, surprised at his words.

“Oh? Like what?” You asked, looking at him expectantly.

“What’s your biggest goal in life right now?” Joe quizzed, showing genuine interest.

“Honestly?” You queried, watching Joe nod his head slowly. “Honestly, my biggest goal in life right now is for things to be going the way they are. I’m in a happy place right now. My grades are great, my social life is good, my family are always by my side, I’ve got a great part-time job and I could be going to university for free on a scholarship in five more months..My goal right now is just to keep everything the way it is.” You explained, biting down on your lip. You could feel your face flush and your heart race. You’ve never been so open to Joe. Why would you? You don’t socialise together. Gazing over to Joe, you noticed the genuine curiosity in his eyes making your cheeks flush before you cleared your throat, not wanting the attention to being on you.

“What about you? What’s your goal in life right now?” You smiled, grabbing your glass of cocoa cola and sipping on it thirstily in attempts to cool your flushing face down a bit. Looking over to Joe intensely, you watched as he licked his lips, his hands connecting together while he leaned forward and shrugged.

“My goal in life right now is to graduate. Sure, maybe I haven’t got the best of grades or a perky attitude, that’s not going to stop me from getting my certificate and throwing my cap in the air. Once I finish school, I might go to college and study arts. Actually, I’ve been thinking of starting a YouTube channel. My sister Zoë has one, she’s got a couple of thousand viewers. Zoë reckons I’d be quite hilarious with my oh so hilarious impressions that I can do.” Joe grinned, his voice now changing into kermit the frog making you laugh.

“That’s quite impressive, Sugg. You don’t strike me as the impressionist.” You giggled.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, Y/N. So, why don’t you take this opportunity tonight and find out more?” He whispered, his voice now impersonating Captain Jack Sparrow making you giggle like a giddy child.

Biting down on your lip, you couldn’t help but feel yourself loosen up and relax in Joe’s presence.

“I didn’t know you had a sister..” You trailed off surprised, looking over to Joe’s eyes as he shrugged.

“Her name is Zoë, she’s a year older than me. She’s pretty cool. She graduated last year and now she’s studying interior design. She’s pretty cool. She has a popular blog and a couple thousand subscribers in YouTube.” Joe nodded, sipping from his glass.

“And you’re thinking of setting up a YouTube channel?” You asked, looking over to Joe intrigued, wondering if Joe really was serious about setting up his own YouTube channel. Sure, you’ve watched a couple of videos on YouTube, but there weren’t many people or videos to watch. Could you make a career out of YouTube? You’d be far too shy to appear in camera anyway. You were much happier with your little part time job that doesn’t involve your life being sprawled on the Internet.

“Sure, why not? I help Zoë make a couple of videos. I’ve got a couple of videos planned already. Maybe it will are off or maybe it won’t. It’s just a risk I’ll have to take. Although, I’ve been thinking of studying graphics design in college too, maybe make my own comics or graphic novel. Now that would be pretty sick.” Joe smirked, nodding his head making a small grin appear on your lips.

You never knew that Joe had such an interest in art and you were pretty surprised that he knew how to work a technical camera.

“Your own book? Since when does the almighty Joe Sugg have big dreams like that?” You asked smirking, looking over to the grinning blue eyed boy as his slips slowly turned into a smirk.

“Like Captain Jack told you, sweetheart. There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” Joe whispered, his hands rubbing together quickly as the waiter produced a large rounded plate of various chicken wings making your eyes widen with shock.

“Joe, what on earth have you ordered us!?” You laughed, looking over to Joe seeing the smug smile on his lips.

“Ever played wing roulette?”


“You really did that!? I’m surprised your room mate hasn’t murdered you! You’d be dead if I was your room mate! Why hasn’t he moved out!?” You laughed, sipping on your drink as you finished your piece of chicken, your eyes rolling playfully while you listened in shock.

Joe was now telling you one of the many famous pranks he’s pulled on his room mate Caspar. This prank just so happened to be that Joe had hidden over forty alarm clocks in his room mates bedroom and disguised them under socks and shoes and hid them in drawers, setting them for different times in the early morning.

“I’m definitely going to have to pull that prank on one of my friends for revenge.” You giggled, wiping your face with the napkin.

Tonight has been very enjoyable, something you never thought that you would say. Joe told you about his ambitions in life, he told you about how he helps his uncle out by thatching roofs with him, he actually has a soul inside of him, something you never knew he had! It was a really lovely night, and if you could, you’d most definitely sit and chat about the pranks he’s pulled on his room mate. Unfortunately, it was nearing ten o'clock and your parents were starting to call and ask where you are, although, you really didn’t feel the time fly by as you chatted with Joe. It was almost like speaking to a new person. A different and totally unexpected person.

“Thank you for a really and very surpassingly enjoyable night, Sugg. I didn’t know you had a heart underneath all that tin.” You grinned sheepishly, looking away from Joe’s gaze while taking out some money to pay, only to feel your hand suddenly grow warm as Joe’s hand covered yours.

“I had a great time too..I didn’t know you had such a wicked sense of humour.” He chuckled, his hand now pushing yours from your purse while he stood from his seat. “It’s on me. It’s a thanks for helping me out earlier with the hopelessly romantic Romeo.” He chuckled, taking his wallet out and standing to walk,towards the cash register as you felt your cheeks flush. Standing to your own feet, you wrapped your cost around your body, watching Joe grab his change before he lead you out of the restaurant.

“Thanks Joe, I really appreciate the gesture.” You grinned in appreciation, looking up to his eyes only to find him staring at you as he whispered.

“Why do you hate me?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing as he looked at you intently, catching you by surprise with his sudden question while you stepped back in shock.

“Joe..” You sighed, capturing your lip between your teeth while your shoulders slumped. “I don’t hate you..I just..I don’t like the way you act. You were a completely different person tonight then you are in school. You gave yourself a bad name.” You explained, a scoff leaving Joe’s lips making you frown.

“What’s that meant to mean?” He glared, clenching his jaw while looking down to you intensely. You glared madly at him, your happy and excited mood now disappearing while you tutted.

“Oh please Joe! Don’t act stupid now! You sleep around! You’ve slept with every girl in our school, you’ve been kicked out more than twice and your always getting into trouble. I can’t count the times that Bethany has come into class thinking she’s pregnant with your kid! You get Becky to do your work and you pretty much think you can get laid by anyone or anything with legs! You act like a cocky jerk! You take advantage of every girl in our school and you know it! It’s so sleazy and repulsive!” You shriek, your hands running through your hair feeling frustration run through your veins as you glared daggers into his eyes.

It was almost like the Joe that was in the restaurant was now gone and cocky ass and. Popularity was now standing in front of you to your dismay.

The next thing that happened was almost like a movie scene in slow motion. Joe’s hands were now holding tight to your waist, your body now pressing up against his white Range Rover while your hands instantly grasped his biceps in shock by his sudden strength and move.

“I could have you any way I wanted and you know that. You know what? I bet you’re dripping for me. You’re like a drug aren’t you Y/N? So addictive. So risky, so much fun and games..” Joe whispered hotly against your ear, goosebumps rising onto your skin as his nimble cold finger tips pushed up underneath your t-shirt, your breath hitching at his touch.

Joe’s forehead was now pressing against yours, your chest leaning against his while his pointer finger and thumb cupped your chin making your legs go weak. Your body was now craving his touch. Your stomach was swarming with butterflies while your head span like a merry go round, wondering if you were living in a dream.

You gazed into Joe’s eyes, completely tranced and mesmerised by the colour of the, before you noticed the way he slowly leaned in, both of your eyes now fluttering to a close in anticipation until something that you didn’t expect shocked you completely. The all too familiar voice was now ringing in ears, hurt and confusion as he called out.

“Y/N?” Snapping your head to the side, you felt your eyes widen in complete surprise and your heart fall to the pit of your stomach.

There stood Oli White, his loveable pooch Millie at his feet, hurt and sadness expressed on his face, his brown puppy dog eyes flickering between you and Joe.

What have you done?


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First we have people turning up at the zalfie house, then some girls followed dan and phil home from the tube, and now there’s a young viewer calling Louise’s house repeatedly to the point where she had to make a public post about it!?

WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE GET IT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I know most fans aren’t like this but this made me SO angry and I cannot believe how little respect youtubers are getting recently.

THEY ARE PEOPLE, not characters from a movie for you to obsess over.

I’m almost 100% sure they aren’t going to love you more than other fans for stalking them to THIS level.

Valentine Love. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

14th February 2003.

“Mum, do I look okay? Do I look funny?” You asked nervously, running your hand over your leggings while looking at your curly ringlets in the mirror. You felt your face burn with a rose red colour as your Mum laughed at your words, as she flashed a smile down to you and softly squeezed your shoulder.

“Oh sweetheart, you look absolutely beautiful.” Your mum cooed as you looked at yourself in the mirror shyly, rubbing your shiny pink lip glossed lips together. Today you were going on your first ever date and you couldn’t help but feel millions of butterflies in your stomach and your heart race nervously. It made you feel even more nervous since you were going on your first ever date with your first ever Valentine.

“I’m so nervous mum! What do people do on dates?” You questioned nervously, your fingers playing with your denim jacket as you looked out the window to make sure no one had arrived just yet. You had changed your outfit many times, but since the time was now ticking closer to noon, you settled on wearing a pair of simple black leggings with a pretty flowing shirt that looked like a dress. It had a floral pattern and was designed with your favourite colour, so of course you settled on this one in the end. It was definitely in style too.

“Well, they talk..they eat some nice food..and they have a lot of fun.” Your mother explained with a warm and reassuring smile as she softly patted your back. You glanced back to the mirror, making sure that your eyelashes didn’t need any more mascara and rechecked your cross over purse to make sure you had your tube of lipgloss and your money.

You couldn’t feel any more excited and any more nervous than you did in this moment. Today was Valentine’s Day and you were going on your first ever date with your best friend’s brother Joe. It all had happened last weekend, when Zoë and yourself were swinging on the swings outside in her back garden. You were both gossiping about the latest celebrity trends that had hit the Girl Pop magazines when Zoë’s brother Joe, who was very cute indeed, had walked up to you both with bashful pink cheeks.

“Y/N..I..erm..I…” Joe had stuttered, his fingers clasping and unclasping together while his shoes scuffed against the grass. You slowly stopped your swinging, allowing Zoë to continue to smug higher while you smiled questioningly at Joe, wondering why he was talking to you since he was usually either in his room doing his homework or out playing football with his friends.

“Ask her now you rodney!” Zoë squealed making you look to her with curious eyes as she started to giggle and encourage Joe to speak up. You turned back to Joe who was blushing as he smiled a timid smile at you.

“Yes Joe?” You smiled, watching Joe nervously rub his hands together as he looked around the garden, almost nervous and unsure to meet your eyes, afraid to spit out the words he wanted to say.

“I..Y/N..I think you’re really pretty..Do you want..Will you…Will you be my Valentine?” Joe asked, his eyes glistening and twinkling with hope and shyness. You could now feel your face changing colour like Joe’s, your once peachy cheeks were now red at Joe’s words and you could feel your heart racing hard against your chest.

“I…Yes Joe..I’ll be your Valentine..” You grinned completely dazed and almost star struck. This was the first time a boy has ever called you pretty! This was also the first time a boy has ever asked you on a date!

You gasped hearing a knock on the door as your mum shrieked with delight, breaking you from your flashback trance. “That must be him now!” She beamed as you quickly looked down to your outfit, making sure that you looked rather cool before quietly tugging on your mum’s sweater. “Please don’t say anything to embarrass me!” You pleaded desperate, not wanting your mum to start saying unnecessary things.

“Oh nonsense! I won’t say a word!” Your mum teased, opening the door to reveal Joe. You grinned looking at his neatly combed fringed haircut and scanned his outfit. He was dressed in a pair of baggy jeans and he had a t-shirt that was printed with cool designs and a pair of slightly worn out converse on his feet. You beamed seeing a small bunch of pretty and colorful flowers in his hands and a box of chocolates as he smiled sheepishly, flicking his fringe to the side as he spoke up.

“Hello, Ms. L/N. Hi Y/N..” Joe smiled giving you a small nod, your mum instantly cooing making you internally cringe at her, wishing that the ground would swallow you whole.

“I got these for you..” Joe grinned, passing the flowers and chocolates into your hands, creating a swarm of butterflies to jumble and spin around your tummy. “Thank you so much Joe..These are beautiful!” You grinned down to the flowers in your hands, noting that they were a bunch of your favourite flowers. You listened to your mother telling you both to wait at the door.

You watched Joe rock back and forward on the balls of his feet with his hands shoved deeply into the pockets of his jeans as he flashed you a nervous grin. Soon your mother ventured out from the kitchen with a disposable camera making you internally groan.

“Okay you two darlings, just one picture before you both go out! This will be great for when you both want to look back on this in a few years!” Your mum sang, as you and Joe grinned shyly at one another before you both stood next to one another with blushing faces and smiled for the photograph.

“Perfect! Now you two darlings have a great time, okay?” Your mum grinned, taking the flowers and chocolates from you while you fondled with your purse strap and stepped out the door with Joe and waved your mum away.

As soon as she closed the door, you instantly turned to Joe. “I’m so sorry about her, she can be so embarrassing!” You flustered, walking down the pathway and away from your house. You could feel your heart race and you listened to Joe laugh.

“She wasn’t embarrassing Y/N! I mean, have you seen my mum? She’s crazy! Your mum is so cool!” Joe laughed, a happy smile on his face as he lead you both down into the village. The both of you were making casual conversation, something that you were very nervous of indeed. The night before, you had an awful nightmare that you would somehow just turn into a statue and freeze up with nerves because you wouldn’t know what to say to Joe but now actually being on the date, it somehow just came naturally. You and Joe talked about your hobbies and about his football practice, he even invited you to come to one of his matches!

Eventually yourself and Joe ended up at the cinema, looking at all of the posters that were advertising the many films that were now showing.

“How about we go and see Pirates of the Caribbean? Johnny Depp is hot..and we both love action!” You suggested, pointing at the large poster of Johnny Depp with the rest of his cast, looking to Joe who grinned. “Good choice, L/N..But you and I both know that I’m so much better looking than that Johnny Depp lad!” Joe laughed making you giggle as you both walked to the ticket stand. You took out your money to pay but Joe instantly pushed your hand away.

“I’m buying Y/N..” He smiled softly, handing in his own money for two tickets to the film. You couldn’t help but feel your heart flutter at his gentleman actions. Joe was like one of those guys from those romance movies that you and Zoe would watch on your sleepovers!

You and Joe shared a large popcorn and a bag of sweets and you both got a bottle of your favorite soda’s which Joe also paid for, even though you insisted that you would pay. The movie was very exciting and half way through it, Joe put his arm around you! It felt so romantic and magical!

Now you and Joe were walking through the park, the sun was just setting as you both strolled by the blooming daffodils and the rippling lake. You couldn’t help but feel your stomach swarm with butterflies, like the ones you were both watching flutter by as Joe grasped onto your hand, swinging your hands back and forward as you both walked down the path.

“I had a really great day Y/N…” Joe grinned looking into your eyes with a shy glimmer in them. You could feel your cheeks start to blush as he did so, catching your,power lip between your teeth as your curls blew behind your shoulders form the gentle breeze.

“Me too Joe…Thank you for everything..” You smiled, looking down to your shoes as you both sat down on a bench facing the rippling lake. Small new born ducklings were following after their mother as they journeyed down the stream. Two beautiful snow white swans were nestling against one another underneath a tree beside the lake. You couldn’t help but smile at the peaceful atmosphere as Joe lightly ran his fingertips along the back of your hand making you giggle.

“You know..We’re going to be so old in like eleven more years..We’re going to be in our twenties!” Joe exclaimed, your own eye widening as you gasped. In eleven more years you would be twenty four, you’d no longer be thirteen!

“Oh my god, we’ll be ancient!"  You pouted, playing with Joe’s fingers that were warm against yours.

"How about we make a deal?” Joe asked, looking into your eyes softly as you focused your attention on Joe’s blue eyes, giggling as he flicked his fringe to the side.

“And what type of deal are we talking about?” You queried, gently closing your hand around Joe’s large one as he grinned at you.

“Well how about if in eleven years..If we don’t have a Valentine of a boyfriend or girlfriend..How about we be each other’s Valentine?” Joe beamed, gazing into your eyes as you felt your smile widen with excitement. This sounds like such an exciting deal!

“Mhmm..You have got yourself a deal!” You grinned, pressing a quick kiss to Joe’s cheek causing him to turn bright red.

“Pink promise?” Joe grinned, holding out his pinky for yours. You giggled and extended your pinky, wrapping it around Joe’s as you nodded happily.

“Pink promise.”

Just eleven more years..
14th February 2016.

The sun was now radiating down on your skin, the smell of freshly cut grass wafting around the air as you turned the page of your romance novel. You could be spending this day full of love and romance with your boyfriend, but since you don’t have a boyfriend, you were happily spending Valentine’s Day wrapped up in a love story, where the fictional boy character was always better than the guys in reality.

You smiled at the soft breeze that blew by you. Your hair cascaded behind your shoulders in light waves while your floral pattern skirt shielded your legs, a white top matching your skirt. You would of course be spending the day with your boyfriend if you had one, but since you were single you were spending it by yourself. Although your mum did promise she would make you your favourite meal and you could already smell the delicious aroma passing through the windows.

“Then he kissed her…soft and slow under the light of the moon..” You whispered, your eyes burning into the words that danced across the page, your heart soaring and melting as you read the words again and again.

“So typical of you, Ms. L/N. I should have known I would find you here with your nose in a book..” A voice spoke, your body instantly jolting from the small fright. Looking up from your novel, you felt your breath catch as you were met with an all too familiar set of striking blue eyes.

“My, my, my Mr. Sugg…What on earth are you doing here? Don’t you live in London now?” You giggled, standing to your feet as you took in Joe before you. You haven’t seen Joe in quite a while. Of course you both kept in contact since you were best friends with Zoë, but once Joe turned eighteen, he decided to move to London with some friends. Zoë moved to Brighton with her boyfriend Alfie when she turned twenty one and you were left here in Wiltshire. Joe was dressed in a pair of black ripped skinny jeans with a white shirt. His hair was no longer in a fringe like when he was thirteen but instead he was now sporting a quiff which suited very well. Puberty had hit Joe insanely hard over the years and now he was a very muscular and fit gentleman.

“Well..I do recall that eleven years ago, you promised me that you would be my valentine..and now it’s eleven years later..” Joe explained, a bashful grin on his lips as you felt your heart beat rapidly against your chest.

“How did you get here?” You laughed, wrapping your arms around Joe as he opened his own for a hug. You beamed as you inhaled his cologne, your nose pressing against the, soft cotton material of his shirt before pulling away from his warm grasp and smiling up to his inviting eyes.

“Well there is this form of transport known as the train..” Joe chuckled, as you cleared him a seat on the swing for the both of you to sit. You laughed at his words and felt your cheeks brighten in colour, watching Joe shake his head before he stepped off of your porch.

“Actually Y/N..If you would still do the honour of being my Valentine..I have some other plans for us.” Joe explained with a handsome grin, his eyes twinkling with confidence. Joe pulled out a large, woven, light brown picnic basket and held it out for show while his hand stuck out towards you.

You gazed at Joe in awe, a smile growing on your lips as you took in everything he had prepared. “Just..I have to go tell my mum there’s a change of plans..” You grinned with excitement, turning to go towards your front door to tell your mum the change of your new and rather exciting plans but you were instantly greeted with your mother standing at the front door. She was grinning at you both, her hands holding onto your cardigan as she passed it to you and waved her fingers at Joe.

“I’ll see you both later.” She smiled, placing the cardigan in your hands as she shooed you back to Joe, waving you both goodbye with a friendly smile.

You smiled walking down to Joe, watching him instantly take hold of your hand making butterflies grow in your stomach as you both started to stroll down the pathway away from your house and down to the park where you and Joe both spent your first ever Valentine’s Day together. As you walked down to park, the both of you made some talk since the park was only a ten minute walk from your house.

The two of you found yourselves a nice area by the lake. Joe sprawled out the red and white checkered blanket, sitting the picnic basket in between you both before he started to unpack the delicious goodness.

“So, Y/N. Other than getting more beautiful, what have you been up to?” Joe chuckled, flashing you a cheeky grin as he poured you both a glass of white wine. You could feel your face flush a red colour from his words.

“Well, I haven’t been up to too much. I work down in the local bakery. You know Ann’s bakery? We used to always go there for the best cookies..” You grinned, thanking Joe for the glass of wine as you sipped on it slowly and allowed the sun to glow down on you both.

“No way, you’re a baker now, eh? That’s great! You must have the recipe for the best cookies then..” Joe chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows at you making you giggle as you nodded.

“As a matter of fact, I do..Maybe I’ll whip up a batch for you..” You offered with a flirty wink making Joe beam.

You watched as he took out neatly cut sandwiches as well as some sweet treats. You couldn’t believe that Joe remembered your pink promise that you made when you were both thirteen. As you both grew older, you started to see other people of course since it was only natural but the relationships you had never worked out, which was completely fine since you weren’t exactly happy in some of your past relationships. Sometimes it was better to be single. But you never really expected a Joe to remember a promise you both made when you were thirteen. It really warmed your heart.

The sun was now starting to set and you couldn’t feel any happier than you did this moment. Joe and yourself spent the day laughing, cracking jokes and catching up with one another. Joe shared with you how he was planning on going to Coachella in the coming months and you should join him and his friends on the trip. He also shared with you how he plans on adding more to his YouTube channel and how he hops to achieve some new projects that he’s been working on with his flat mate Caspar. Joe also told you that you just had to come and visit his swanky flat and stay over for a weekend so he could give you a tour of London. You also spoke about your dreams of opening your own bakery and Joe suggested that you could quite possibly achieve your dream in London where you would have a wider market for your pastries.

“I’ve really missed you..” You sighed, watching the sky turn a soft red and pink colour as the sun lowered in the sky. Your eyes glanced to Joe, seeing that his eyes were already focused on you. You smiled warmly at him, seeing his eyes gazing at you as he scooted closer to your side and placed his hand over yours.

“I’ve missed you more Y/N..I had a really great day today..We need to meet up more often..” Joe grinned, gently tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, his hand now cupping your cheek in a gentle manor as his eyes flickered to your lips and then to your eyes.

“Y/N..You’re so beautiful..You’re so, so beautiful..” Joe whispered, his face now leaning closer to you while his forehead pressed against yours. You could feel your face burn with a shade of pink from Joe words, your skin tingling from his tough and your breath catching from the your fast beating heart.

“Can I kiss you?” Joe asked, his free hand now laying you down against the picnic blanket, his hand cupping your cheek as you listened to his breathing quicken. You could feel your mind go blank at his words as your stomach started to do backflips. You could feel your heart flutter as your lips tugged into a smile as you nodded.

Joe’s lips widened into a radiant smile, his lips now slowly leaning closer to yours. Suddenly Joe’s lips were now against yours, your hands now running through his hair as fireworks exploded in your eyes, and rang in your ears. Joe’s lips moved against yours in a deep and loving sync, his hand caressing your cheeks as your lips moved against his softly.

Joe gently and slowly pulled his lips away from yours, a joyful and beaming smile resting on his lips as he grinned down to your eyes, whispering softly.

“I wish I had the guts to kiss you when we were thirteen..But the wait was so worth it..”


Hello lovelies, Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all had such a lovely day and please remember that you do no not need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make this day special. You are all loved and cherished by friends and family and I love every single one of you all so incredibly much!

I hope you enjoyed this imagine as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Please don’t be afraid to message me your thoughts and feedback because all of your feedback/messages and thoughts mean so much to me so please don’t be afraid

I love all of you so very much and I really hope you enjoyed this Valentines Day imagine!

All of my love xxx