Old Zalfie Videos Masterpost

As I was scrolling through my dash, basically dying even more inside than usual thanks to all the gifs and videos of zalfie and just ugh. I came across this ask:

I don’t know if anyone else has done it but I had some spare time and my video converter thing was playing up so why not add to this zalfie madness! I did as much as I could on both zoe and alfies channels and some random bits and bops but otherwise I was too lazy to go through everyone but feel free to add onto it if there are any I missed! P.S these are all the videos and moments before zoes blogpost!

Pre - zalfie:

Sort of Zalfie Very First Younow Show #0

Zalfie Younow Show #1

Summer In The City 2012

Zoella does my makeup

Pointlessblog does my makeup (badly)

Lies Lies Lies

Post - Zalfie

Zalfie (+Janya) Younow #2

My Valentine Date (LIES)

Zalfie (+Louise) Younow #3

Love and Valentines day (MORE LIES)

Zalfie (+Tiyana) Younow #4

Valentines Bloopers & Extras

Valentines bloopers

Zoe’s Last Younow With Caspar, Marcus and Alfie

Day out with Zoella and SprinkleOfGlitter

Festive Gathering

Meeting sexy viewers

Filming & Friends In London

Car Journey with Zoella

Room Tour Bloopers

Bristol with Marcus and Zoe

Tin Can Challenge

London Party Time

Posh youtube party

Embarrassing phone call challenge

Covent Garden Funzies

Mini “House Warming” Shindig

YouTuber Vlog Mashup

Hanging out with Jim, Tanya & Zoe

Ask Pointlessblog and friends

Florida Day 1 | YouTuber Arrival

Florida Day 2 | Universal Adventures

Florida Day 3 | PlayList, Eating & Shopping

Florida Day 4 | IHOP, Main Stage & “Kevins House”

Florida Day 5 | Meet Up & Cardboard Box Fun

Florida Day 6 | #Laspar & Cheesecake Factory

Florida Day 7 | Disney World

Florida Day 8 | Last Day & Flight Home

Florida Day 3 | UK Youtubers!!

Florida Day 4 | Harry Potter World

Birthday Fun | Zoella, Louise & Louis

Meeting Waxy One Direction

Harry Potter Studio Tour : Part One

Harry Potter Studio Tour : Part Two

Boyce Avenue - Tour Announcement & Live Performance Part 1!!! - Hosted by Pointless Blog & Zoella

A Day At Blackgang Chine

Black Gang Chine With Zoe & Joe

Black Gang Chine With Zoe & Joe #2

The Boyfriend Tag (you lie)