alfie tidball


an updated Alfie, who is by far my favorite legacy founder i’ve ever had, and possibly my favorite sim ever. i was inspired by the ‘my first sim’ challenge, since i can’t be bothered to boot up my old desktop and grab some of the first sims i made (i want to do that this week though because it sounds fun!).
i debated posting the second picture, because if anyone remembers the Tidballs, Alfie will rarely (if ever!) smile.

i’m going to send her to uni today :3


I was tagged by @simpyre and @holosprite to share some of my favorite sims :D This was really fun so thank you both for tagging me! These guys are in no particular order!
1) Alfie Tidball (forever my all time favorite)
2) Eleanor Greenwood (another one of my all time favorites)
3) Venkat Ott (honestly how could I NOT put him on here)
4) Bristol Ott (i really miss having her around, she is precious)
5) Vienna Ott
(by far the most expressive sim I’ve EVER had!)
6) Avery Cortez
(she’s always been one of my favorite sims I’ve made and even though she was a spouse in gen 3, I may play her again one of these days)
7) Owen Parks & 8) Ruby Flynn (very new sims but if you read my blurb last night you know that I’m attached to them already!)
9) Chloe Tinsley (another new sim but she’s so cute and quirky I couldn’t leave her out <3)

It seems like tons of people have done this already and if you don’t want to do it or already did, ignore me! But I’m gonna tag @simnels, @plumbobbles, @riddikulsims, @simlishface, @pxelbox, and everyone else who wants to do this but hasn’t ;]