alfie live

“I want to be where the people are…”

We’re a big family on set. It’s just really tough to know that a friend of mine would be going. It’s hard for us too because Alfie doesn’t live here. If Matt, or myself, or Aja, or Karla would step off the show, presumably we’d still be in the neighborhood. That especially is difficult to reckon with that he’s going to be in London, which is sad, but we’ll see him down the road.
—  Jack Falahee (x)
Idk man it's just that youtubers literally are famous because of literally being themselves like we love them because of their personality and looks and interests like we fall in love with them as people so yes, yEs, it means A LOT to get the opportunity to meet them because we genuinely love them.

Hi yea. Please remember that all of these Youtubers are REAL LIFE PEOPLE.

People screaming “Fuck me!” And “nice ass!” Or going as far as to grope them in any uncomfortable way are absolutely ridiculous and ignorant.

Do you not understand that that is sexual harassment?

What if someone did that to you? You’d feel uncomfortable right? You’d feel objectified, right? So what makes it any different if theyre youtubers or theyre famous?

It doesn’t.

And DONT EVEN SAY that they should be used to it. Or that they should expect it. Because then there is no respect for you on my part. Youre just as equal as people who sexually harass women in the streets. Theyre used to it, but does it make it okay? Are the comfortable with it?

No. Same goes with Youtubers. Or anyone famous in fact.

No, im not talking about every fan. Just they few select ones.

I need you guys to understand this, so I related it to something that I know would cause you to realize: “Oh shit. She’s right.”

Please, pleae understand that doing and saying these things is sexual harassment and it makes them as uncomfortable as it would you.