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Can’t Help Falling In Love. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

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Joe couldn’t help but grin from the head table of the room, his eyes casting over the crowd. The view from up here was rather spectacular, giving him a view of almost every guest. Music played from the live band that were situated on the other side of the grand  hall, the voice of the soft jazz singer echoing around the room.

“You know, Alfie and I just wanted a small and private wedding..We never stick to plans, do we?” Zoë’s voice giggled, her body now sitting down in the chair beside her brother, her flowing white dress fanning out in front of her, the small diamonds along her waist line glimmering in the light.

Joe chuckled at his sister’s words, his lips now pressing against the glass of white wine he sipped on. “That’s just what you two do, isn’t it? Make a successful plan, but never follow it through. You know what though? I think having every single one of our friends and our family here, makes the day even more special.” He grinned at his newly wed sister, his eyes gleaming with pride as he took in her sight, taking hold of her petite hand and gently squeezing it.

“I bet you never thought you’d see this day, right? I didn’t expect to see it so soon! After an entire year of planning and it’s finally here.” Zoë gleamed, her bright blue eyes twinkling with happiness as she took in her brothers attire; a clean black tuxedo, with a fresh crisp white shirt and a simple black bow tie.

Joe grinned with pride, wrapping his arm around his sister’s shoulder, holding her against him closely. “I’m so proud of you, sis. I’m also proud at the fact that you finally managed to make dad cry. That was quite a sight at the alter.” Joe sniggered, following the giggles of his sister.

“I think he’ll soon get over the shock. Besides, look at him now.” Zoë laughed, pointing over to her father with her husband Alfie, the two of them dancing on the dance floor in attempt to try and start a conga line. “He’s having the time of his life!” She grinned, rolling her eyes playfully at the sight before her. “I think it’s all of that wine that’s gone to his head.”

“Mhm, he’ll pay for all that drinking in the morning.” Joe sniggered, sipping from his own glass of white wine, feeling the wine making his head spin ever so slightly. A comfortable silence lingered over them both, only the sound of the music filling their ears as they enjoyed one another’s company.

“Y/N looks absolutely gorgeous. You’ve definitely got a keeper there, broseph. I hope you don’t plan on letting her go.” Zoë smiled, nudging her brothers side with her elbow while motioning her dainty hand over to Y/N, Joe’s girlfriend of three years, dancing away with the siblings younger cousins.

Joe couldn’t help the smile that continued to grow on his lips as he watched his girlfriend dance with two left feet with his younger cousins. Her long and soft pink pastel bridesmaid dress, swaying side to side. Her hair/colour hair, perfectly curled, framing her beautiful features. Joe could feel his heart skip multiple beats as he looked at his girlfriend in awe, wondering how he was so lucky to win the heart of such a beauty.

“She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Joe grinned proudly, his eyes never leaving his sweet love. “I don’t plan on ever letting her go. I’m so in love with her. I want to continue spending the rest of my life with her. I want to be the first to greet her in the morning and the last to bid her goodnight. I want to marry her. She’s the one.” Joe breathed, his heart thumping quickly against his chest as he took in the beautiful sight of his sweet love, watching her twirl two of his younger cousins around to the beat of the music.

Zoe simply grinned at her brother, watching him speak so highly of Y/N. Zoe could feel it in her bones that one day soon, Joe would ask Y/N to be his bride and become a new member to the Sugg family. Zoe could see how loved up Joe was and indeed how loved up Y/N was, they were the perfect match. The love Y/N and Joe shared, reminded Zoe of the love and the feeling of falling in love she experienced with her husband Alfie.

“You’ll marry her. You’ll know within your heart when to ask her too. You’ve got a very special love that you share between you both, and I hope you know that, don’t take advantage of it. Cherish that love you have and treat it with tender love and care, because a girl like Y/N, who has a heart of pure gold, does simply not come around that much.” Zoe spoke softly, patting her brothers shoulder as he slowly turned to face her, watching as she stood to her own feet.

“Come on now, you can’t sit here all night! Dance with your sister!” Zoe smirked, grabbing hold of Joe’s hands and pulling him up from his chair and leading him to the dance floor.

Joe laughed at his sisters silliness, twirling her and her dress around to the beat of Adele’s ‘Rolling in the deep’ song. The smooth jazz singer from the live band, hit  the high notes perfectly. The two Sugg sibings were now stomping their feet to the beat, dancing around one another clumsily. The photographer for the wedding, snapping pictures of the pair as they belted out the lyrics at the top of their voices.

“I’ll give you that broseph, you’ve always had some good moves.” Zoe laughed as the song slowly died out, coming to an end giving the band a chance to grab a breath.

“I’m the talented Sugg, what can I say?” Joe smirked, sticking out his tongue at his older sister before running a hand through his hair, calming down his fast beating heart with a deep breath.

Suddenly, the lights slowly dimmed down to a soft glow that casted along the dance floor. Fairy lights glistened like soft shimmering stars around the room.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I steal my lovely bride, do you?” Alfie questioned, his arms snaking around Zoe’s waist from behind her, pulling her backwards into his chest and already pulling her away from Joe.

“She’s your wife now mate, I’m not in charge!” Joe laughed, rolling his eyes at the newly wedded couple as they sauntered over to greet some of Alfie’s family.

Joe turned around slowly, grinning widely at the sight of his cousins still dancing with Y/N. Joe sauntered over to them both, crouching down to their level.

“Excuse me pretty ladies, but you don’t mind if I steal the lovely Y/N away for just one moment, do you?” Joe asked kindly, smiling triumphantly as the small girls nodded and ran to their parents, leaving a breathless Y/N facing Joe.

“Might I say, that your cousins never tire.” Y/N laughed, brushing a strand of her hair to the side. Joe hummed in agreement, watching his younger cousins race one another to the sweet stand that Zoe organised.

“Well, eight year old girls tend to have a lot of energy, and I am certainly not surprised with all of that sugar they’ve been eating.” Joe smiled, placing his hands on Y/N’s waist while her own petite hands wrapped around his neck, drawing both of their bodies closer together. The jazz band were now strumming their guitars in a soft rhythm. The instrumental sound to 'Can’t Help Falling In Love’ now beginning.

Y/N sighed dreamily, listening to the band strum the version by twenty øne piløts begin. The sound of the lead jazz singer now crooning through the microphone. Joe could feel himself melt like butter as Y/N pressed her forehead against his, both of them softly swaying side to side.

Wise men say only fools rush in,
But I can’t help falling in love with you.

“You look so beautiful, m'love. You’ve left me breathless.” Joe whispered, pressing his lips to the shell of Y/N’s ear as he spoke. Joe kept his hands pressed down on her hips as they slowly swayed.  

A rosy blush now coloured Y/N’s cheeks, a smile drawing onto her lips. Y/N could feel her heart flutter like a butterfly in the Summer sky at Joe’s words. The soft glowing light from the fairy lights hid the crimson blush on her cheeks.

“Are you sure your not breathless after that dance battle with Zo?” She teased, knitting her fingers into Joe’s hair gingerly, earning a pointed look from Joe, causing her to giggle lightly.

“The line that ruined the perfect moment.” Joe mumbled amused, his eyes rolling playfully at his lovers words.

“It’s what I’m known for.” Y/N humored, allowing Joe to twirl her out from his body and then twirl back into him. The melody of the song wrapping around their bodies as they swiftly glided along the dance floor, moving gracefully.

Joe smiled in awe down at his sweet love. Joe could feel himself being brought back to the very first day they met. It was quite a coincidence really. Joe was running late for a big meeting in the heart of London. He was in a desperate rush to leave and as he exited his house, he began running away from his housing estate and onto the main road where there were many taxi’s. As Joe hailed a cab, little did he know that Y/N also hailed the same cab. As the two of them reached for the door handle, their hands touched. Confusion sketched on one another’s faces as they glance at  each other, wondering how they ended up hailing the same cab. After a short argument about who should have that taxi, Y/N decided they could both share it. They were both heading to the heart of London, so, why not? They could split the fare and make it cheaper too.

After deciding on splitting the cab between them both, it resulted in both of them being stuck in heavy traffic. Y/N was the first to break the awkward silence and ask Joe how his day was and where exactly he was heading. After slowly opening himself up, Joe couldn’t help but begin to slowly fall head over heels in love with the girl. Joe was indeed late for the meeting, but overall, it didn’t matter because he managed to score Y/N’s phone number and manage to find the courage to ask her out.

Like a river flows,
Surely to the sea,
Darling, so we go
Some things were meant to be  

“You know, I still think about that day we met. I think it was most definitely meant to be that I was late for that meeting. Because, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have met you.” Joe spoke, keeping their bodies close together as they gently waltzed around the dance floor, friends and family members clearing the path for them as they danced.

“We would have met one day. Who knows, maybe if we didn’t meet, I would have sparked a relationship with a Spanish sailor and sailed the seven seas with him.” Y/N spoke jokingly, sticking her tongue out as she did so causing Joe to chuckle quietly at her humor.

“Trust me, you wouldn’t want a sailor. The last time I took you on a boat was the first and only time because you were awfully sea sick.” Joe laughed, his eyes twinkling in admiration down at his sweetheart as she laughed lightly at Joe’s words, reminiscing on the memory.

Y/N closed her eyes, allowing the moment to consume her as she danced with Joe. Joe could feel Y/N’s nose against his, giving him the opportunity to give her a gentle Eskimo kiss making her smile. As she smiled, Joe could feel his stomach do back flips at the sight of her.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Joe questioned softly, gazing down into Y/N’s orbs. As Y/N gazed up through her dark lashes, Joe could feel his heart pound rapidly and butterflies float throughout his stomach. He could feel himself falling in love with this girl even more, constantly falling in love with her again and again.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Y/N asked, repeating Joe’s words.

Joe simply shook his head.

“Do you know how much I love you?” He asked, his heart pounding a little harder and a lot faster than before.

Y/N was Joe’s everything. If Joe did not have Y/N, he simply would not be living. Y/N completes Joe in so many ways and Joe loves Y/N unconditionally, that is why it is so important for Y/N to know how much Joe really loves her.

“Why do you ask?” Y/N spoke softly, twirling once more back into the strong and muscular arms of Joe, her eyes glimmering with innocence as she moved her hands down to Joe’s chest.

“I ask because I need to make sure you know how much I love you. I love you so incredibly much, Y/N. I love you with my entire heart and all of my soul. I never thought I would find a love so powerful, and then you walked into my life Y/N.  I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you over these last few years. I have fallen so hard, and in moments like these, I fall for you all over again. Every day I look at you and feel love and inspiration. I just wouldn’t feel complete without you in my life Y/N.I cherish you above anything else in my life.  I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you, because I know I would never be as happy as I am in this moment, with you. Every day, I wake up smiling, simply because I get to spend another day with you and I am so incredibly lucky that I’m the man that gets to do that. I will never love another person with as much intensity as I love you, Y/N. I will scream it from the top of the tallest mountain if we ever travel there. I love you Y/N L/N, and I will never stop loving you.” Joe expressed, his hands now tightening on Y/N’s waist as he pulled her against him closely, leaving no space between them. Joe could feel his head rush with blood as he caught his breath, his eyes gazing into Y/N’s desperately, hoping with all of his heart that Y/N knew how special and loved she is.

Y/N could feel herself getting emotional at Joe’s words. The smile on her face was now becoming impossible to grow larger. Y/N could feel happiness radiate from her skin, almost like a glow. Her heart was now melted into the pit of her stomach. Joe’s words were now being sung into her ear by angels. Y/N always wondered what she did to deserve such a sweet, loving and caring guy like Joe. She was so grateful to have Joe in her life and she would never take him or his love for granted.

“You’re getting me emotional, Joe. I love you so incredibly much. You mean the absolute world to me. I can’t even begin to describe my love for you, and I certainly will never be able to tell you through so many beautiful words like you have. My love for you is so real, that it makes me want to do unreal things like go bungee jumping or sky diving.  Falling in love with you..I don’t know how or when it happened. All I know that it is the best thing to have happened to me. I love you so, so, so very much and I always will. You are simply the most amazing, caring and sweetest guy in the world and I will never stop loving you. Do you know how much I love you?” Y/N breathed, her hands now softly caressing Joe’s cheek as they spun slowly around the dance floor, the entire world drowning out behind them, everyone now becoming a blur as they gazed up at one another.

Joe could feel a shock of electrifying and excited butterflies swarm around his stomach. He could feel his heart almost grow with the love he had for Y/N. He could feel his body grow warm and fuzzy, a delightful tingly sensation trickling down his back at her words. He could almost see the gold spark fly from their bodies as they touched one another.

“I do.” Joe grinned, gently swaying side to side. “Do you know how much I love you?” He asked, his words drawn out soft and slow.

Y/N smiled brightly up to Joe’s striking blue orbs, nodding her head slowly. “I do.” She beamed, earning a beaming smile from Joe.

“Promise me, you’ll practice those words.” Joe whispered, his lips brushing lightly against her ear.

“What?” Y/N asked amused, fixing her eyes up to Joe’s in confusion.

“I do.” Joe whispered, listening to reality slowly creep its way back into both of their lives. “Because you’ll be saying those words on our wedding day.” He smirked, pressing a soft and gentle kiss against Y/N’s lips, her heart physically bursting with love at his words.

Y/N kept her promise to Joe. Four years later, all of that practice came to good use, as Y/N smiled brightly at her lover on the alter and whispered those two special words.

“I do.”


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Alright- quick explanation of Nuzlocke for those who don’t know. Basically it’s supposed to be the hard mode of Pokemon. This is my first run so I’m just going with the most basic rule, that you have to catch and can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in an area, and if a Pokemon faints, you have to release it. I also have to nickname them all so please keep sending nickname suggestions.

Things I’ve learned so far: Purrloin has a surprisingly slow growth rate, Lillipup has a surprisingly fast one, the game starts you at the season where Pidoves are the hardest to catch even though the male Unfezant is one of your favorite Pokemon and it would have been such a good one to name “Alf” but Noooooo they have to give you the mcfreaking kernel.

Upcoming challenges: Do I try to catch a Pokemon in the outskirts of Virbank Complex, where I have a 35% chance of getting a Pidove, or do I try to risk it for the Growlithe?


Measure for Measure Dream Cast
O, what may man within him hide, Though angel on the outward side!