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Youtubers around Hogwarts

Finally finished! This took a buttload of time, but I’m proud of the result.

Dan and Phil are strolling through the bridge.
Tanya and Jim are enjoying their free time.
Joe sabotaged Caspar’s potion.
And Louise and Alfie are helping Zoe with her magic.

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Alfie x Reader

Requested By Anon

“What do you want?” You snapped and the man looked you over before answering.

“I’m here to see Mr Shelby.” He said slowly, watching as you sat on the table and nodded.

“Which one?” You crossed your ankles as you sat on the table and raised an eyebrow when he didn’t answer. 

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Youtubers with creative integrity! ft. The 7 Second Challenge

It’s frustrating how long it took to find this many videos that gave Phil proper credit, but nice to know there are some respectful content creators out there. All of their videos will be linked below!

Phil’s video [x]

[Zoe, Tanya, Alfie, Connor, Troye, Tyler, Cat, Luke]

If you’re ever feeling down about yourself or feeling scared about your future, just remember that Lily Allen made a song about her little brother, Alfie, sitting in his room smoking weed and watching TV all day, and now he’s Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.

Youtuber 1: What’s our ship name?

Youtuber 2: *names a few options*

Both: *agree on one*

Youtuber 1: Is sounds like a disease..

Youtuber 2: Yeah, it does..

anonymous asked:

alfie: 6, 8, 21, 45, 48

6. Eating habits and sample daily menu.
Alfie follows kosher dietary restrictions and also suffers from a variety of allergies, so his diet is pretty limited. Porridge for breakfast, dried meat and bread mid-day, and chicken and potatoes for dinner. Nothing too spicy – he gets terrible heartburn. 

8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulgence.
Sex. He’s convinced it’s what keeps him healthy. 

21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs?
Turn-ons: Being challenged, being introduced to new things, seeing another person bite their lip, chaste kisses on the cheek.
Turn-offs: Dishonesty, false modesty, and poor hygiene. 

45. Superstitions or views on the occult?
Alfie doesn’t believe in anything he hasn’t seen. 

48. How do they express love?
Fierce protectiveness, mild teasing, and abundant physical affection.

Send me a character and a number! 

Also I forgot to say this but THANK YOU for 300+ followers, it’s unbelievable and I’m speechless :O 

When I created Alfie I was absolutely NOT convinced about this new muse, I felt like he was a bit a cliché ( you know the whole rich/bastard/handsome male muse with a pretty aesthetic ), but now I’m so PROUD of the deep, complicated, twisted asshole my mind produced. He has developed so much in these five months, and even though it’s been only five months, I feel like Alfie’s been my muse since forever. 

A big thank you to all the amazing people I’ve interacted with and all the followers I’ve still never rplayed with or spoken to.  

Idk man it's just that youtubers literally are famous because of literally being themselves like we love them because of their personality and looks and interests like we fall in love with them as people so yes, yEs, it means A LOT to get the opportunity to meet them because we genuinely love them.