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I’M FINALLY BACK, i’m really sorry i’ve been quite busy with school but i can’t wait to get drawing, hope you guys like this special halloween drawing


NEW VIDEO: “10 Year Surprise Reaction” - today marks one entire decade at the same job - i thought i was going to celebrate by reacting to my first video, but little did i know, my team put together this little surprise for me instead. my heart bursts! reblog to help me celebrate <3

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It's fucked that actually good authors with actually good books have a hard time getting published but youtubers that have not had an original thought their entire career can write a book and their 12 year old fan base will make it a New York Times best seller
People think that fangirls are bubbly, silly, and overly happy and hysterical teenagers when in reality were the complete opposites. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, we deal with depression and suicide and eating disorders. We deal with rejection and loss and pain. We deal with hours of hell in school with people we didn’t wish to be with. Fangirls aren’t fangirls just because they’re naturally happy people, they’re fangirls because it’s actually one of the only sources of happiness they have left.
—  Unknown