alfie deyed

Ok listen up.

So many of my friends/family say that YouTubers don’t do anything ‘good’ in the world and they don’t impact anybody/anything. So REBLOG this post if any YouTuber has impacted your life one way or another, and I’m going to write down EVERYBODY who reblogs this and put the URLs in a container and whenever someone says that youtubers aren’t important I will pull out a url and prove them wrong.

My Bedroom! It’s more like the shelf above my bed!
btw look at the jar it’s all pretty now! #HappyTumblr'15
You can clearly see that I’m obssesed with youtubers ( or internet in general)
-Girl Online
-Troye quotes in frames
-Tumblr url jar
-All of the John Green books ( Let it snow is missing) (i read it on kindle)
Ok, so what do you think?

My blog dedicated only to youtubers:

gonna be posting a lot of

marcus butler

alfie deyes

jack and finn harries

caspar lee


sam pepper

louis cole 

mazzi maz

toby turner

dan howell

phil lester

alex day

charlie mcdonnell