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“You choose favourite characters because they remind you of yourself…”

I need a doctor.


Peaky Blinders Premiere.

(I have just been informed that the top photo of Tom Hardy isn’t from the PB premiere it is instead from the Locke premiere. Apologies for the mistake……. he still looks hot though 😜)

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Youtubers around Hogwarts

Finally finished! This took a buttload of time, but I’m proud of the result.

Dan and Phil are strolling through the bridge.
Tanya and Jim are enjoying their free time.
Joe sabotaged Caspar’s potion.
And Louise and Alfie are helping Zoe with her magic.

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Harry Potter Next Gen Characters Part 1 (2)

Missed you (Finn Harries Imagine)

Hi guys! This is the first imagine I’ve written in this account. It’s quite short. Hope you like it!

Word count: 418

Warnings: Fluff I guess?


It had been 8 months since you last saw him. 8 months since you last hugged him, kissed him, and touched him. Studying in a different country was hard. It was heart breaking for you and for him. But your relationship was only getting stronger because of the undying trust and loyalty you both have. There have been bumps along the road but you overcame them.

Today was like any other day, you wake up, shower, dress and head to class. At the end of the day you head over to the main school entrance groaning as you see a crowd.

Today was one of the few days you would get to skype with your beloved. If you missed the time, you had to wait for days to match your schedules. Finn is a busy guy, he has his studies and Jacksgap to deal with. All you ever wanted was to be in his arms.

You continued walking and walking and walking. Yells and whispers were heard “She’s coming!” they said. Pushing against people just to be able to go outside. But when you did, you stopped. Balloons were everywhere, a few cameras here and there, people filming, a few vlogging and one person in the middle of it all, a bouquet in his hands and that one cheeky smile you’ve been dying to see in the flesh.

Finn was here.

You collapsed on the floor crying, not being able to believe to see what-who- was there. You sobbed letting out every ounce of frustration, sadness and anger from the past 8 months out of your system.

Someone crouched in front of you.

“Hey there, princess”

That voice, that one voice you loved so much, it was what you always wanted to hear everyday.

You latched on to him for dear life, never wanting to let go. For a good 5 minutes you just hugged him not saying anything. He let go for a moment to look at you.

He gave you the bouquet and held your face in his hands. “Don’t cry, princess, I’m here now.” He wiped your tears, then leaned in.

You didn’t care if anyone saw, you didn’t care what they thought, Finn was here with you. You kissed him back. As soon as you parted,

“I missed you, Finnegan Frayn Harries.”

“I missed you too, beautiful”

•You start making out in the middle of his YouNow (as requested by Anon)•

Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it. Dating a Youtuber has its perks, but when it’s kept as a secret, it’s a double-edged sword. On one side, letting the secret out would enable Dan and me to do normal couple-y things, but would also unleash a pack of angry fan girls that wouldn’t hesitate to rip me apart. On the other side, keeping the secret would put an immense amount of strain on our relationship, and could possibly lead to something we both desperately wanted to avoid: breaking up.

Despite contemplating the options of breaking the news, I worked at keeping the relationship a secret since I knew it would make Dan feel more at ease. “Soon,” he’d tell me, “I promise baby, soon, we’ll tell them together.”

I held on to that, but it didn’t make any of the struggles easier to handle. And if we’re being quite honest, one of the biggest obstacles was my overwhelming horniness. Going almost a week at a time without seeing each other doesn’t seem like long, but when my hormones start going nuts, it’s almost unbearable to be away from his touch. That’s why, one day, I took the initiative to… feed my cravings.

I drove straight over to Dan’s flat, used the key he gave me to unlock the door, walked through, and snuck my way up the stairs. I could hear him talking from his room, so I figured he was making a new video. I didn’t care if the camera caught me eating his face off; at that point, my body was in full control over my logic.

I busted through his bedroom door. He quickly spun around in his chair, shocked and surprised. “(Y/N), you scared the shit out of me, what are you do-” I cut him off with a deep kiss.

Before he could push away, I worked my hands through his hair, and eased myself onto his lap. His hands found their way to my ass, while his thumbs hooked into the belt loops on my jeans. I ran my hands from his head down past his neck and rubbed his chest, feeling his heart beat beneath my palms. I was so caught up in the moment that I almost had a heart attack when he drew back sharply and gasped.

“Jesus, Dan, what the fuck?” I said as he pushed me off his lap. This was miles away from how I wanted things to go. He quickly spun back around in his chair to face his computer without giving me an answer. I looked at his computer screen.

When I saw the flurry of messages popping up, my stomach dropped to the floor.

Dan was doing a YouNow.

I covered my face with my hands, ashamed and embarrassed beyond comprehension. Dan’s face was blank, just staring at the computer screen in utter shock. “Dan, I, I’m so sorry.” I said reluctantly, knowing my apology couldn’t fix shit. He didn’t respond for a few minutes. His gaze shifted from the computer screen, to his lap, to the side, back to the computer screen, almost in a pattern. When he did speak up, he said what I didn’t expect him to say for a long time.

“Well, guys, as you can probably guess, that was my girlfriend.” He smirked, then broke out in his famous laugh. I raised my face from my hands and grinned. He smiled back at me, and waved me over with his hand.
“I’ll introduce her so I don’t look like a proper shit head.” He said as he took my hand.
“Guys, this is (Y/N), and (Y/N), this is…guys?” He laughed again, and I waved hello to the camera. I was hesitant to open up because I couldn’t bare to look at the comments section. I just looked into the camera lens to avoid reading all of the potentially nasty things they were saying about me.

It was only until Dan said, “Aw, you guys are too kind!” that I dared to look at the responses.

“She has such a nice smile!”
“her outfit is goals tbh”
“she has such a gorgeous figure ugh shoot me”

Those compliments were some of the funniest, most flattering compliments I’ve ever gotten. It was so relieving to see that Dan’s fans were very accepting and encouraging. As Dan continued his YouNow, they asked plenty of questions, which Dan responded with, “Maybe we’ll make a video some time in the future, but for now we’re just enjoying sensual make out sessions.”

His smug expression didn’t last long before I punched him in the arm and sarcastically yelled, “Dan you’re SO funny honestly you should look into a stand up career!” He laughed, and said to the camera, “Well, I guess I’ll stop here since I have to look into a promising career path. Thanks for watching, guys!”


Bespectacled Game of Thrones! Just in time for the season 5 finale this weekend. I tried to find one of everyone’s favorite “prostidude,” Olyvar (Will Tudor) but alas, he must have perfect vision. 

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