My SPN Season 13 Wishlist
I’ve made my peace with the fact that Crowley isn’t coming back. It’s difficult, because I adore Crowley. But I’ve made my peace. However, there are things I want from season 13
- Gabriel back
- Garth to have a happy family with his wife and a pup on the way
- Gabriel back
- Charlie back
- Gabriel back
- Destiel to be canon, because you know Cass isn’t dead
- Gabriel back
- Kevin to be alive and well, TFW’s baby brother
- Gabriel back
- For Jack to not be as freaking creepy as he was in the finale
- Gabriel back
- Jack to be raised by Team Free Will
- Gabriel back
- Just once, I want some stranger to ask Jack ‘were you born yesterday?’ ‘Yes, I was.’
- Gabriel back
- Eileen back
- Gabriel back
- Rowena to be alive
- Gabriel back
- Chuck to swoop back in and just be himself, because I miss Chuck
- Gabriel back
- Mick to be in Heaven, because he deserved better
- Gabriel back
- Balthazar and Samandriel back
- Gabriel back
- For rogue BMoL agents to team up with the Winchesters (my favorite British actors, specifically)
- Gabriel back
- AU!Charlie
- Gabriel back
- Dean to be hugged by everyone possible, because he needs it
- Gabriel back
- Sam to start recruiting for the MoL, the right version of them
- Gabriel back
- A nice conflict could be the BMoL, home base, attacking America
- Did I mention that I want Gabriel back?


Pairing: Alfie Solomons x reader

Prompt:  “You’re Satan.”

Warnings: none

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

You walked into the bakery, going straight towards the back where Alfie’s office is. You couldn’t believe what he did.  You were so pissed at him. 

“Goodmorning Miss.” One of Alfie's men said to you. You didn’t respond and just kept walking towards Alfie’s office. 

You opened the door of the office and said straight away. “You’re Satan.” When the last word leaves your mouth, your eyes fall on the two man sitting in front of Alfie’s desk. They both look at you. Your attitude changed immediately. “I.. I will be just outside and wait till you done.” 

“thank you, darling,” Alfie said before you closed the door again. 

You were sitting just outside Alfie’s door. Just a few minutes later the two men walk out of his office and straight away you made you way in and closed the door behind you. 

Alfie was behind his desk, his arms rested on the desk. He had this little smirk on his face. “So why am I Satan?” He said, his voice soft. 

“You know why..” The anger you had before was getting the best of you again. “ You told my sister I was pregnant. With the big mouth she has, she told my parents.” You stopped for a moment and you took a deep breath. “So guess who is coming to town?” You said looking at him. 

Alfie get’s out of his chair and walks towards you. He places his hands on your hips and pulls you closer towards him. “I’m sorry..”

Those words coming out of his mouth just took you by surprise. You looked at him confused. 

“I  just want to tell the world you know..” He says looking down at your belly, a smile growing on his face. “Tell them that we are getting a little Solomons.” He looks you in the eyes. “And I will take care of your parent’s don’t worry.” 

You smile towards him… He gives you a little smile back and gives you a kiss. 

Imagine: The Shelby brothers sending you for the meeting with Alfie

“I’m just going to cut to the chase here” you say as you walk into Alfie Solomon’s office. He looks up at you, clasps his strong hands together and leans forward on his desk, intrigued by you. “Sabini” you begin holding onto the back of the chair that faces Alfie from the other side of his desk. “I’m sure you are acquainted” Still leaning forward, he nods at you, hanging on to your every word. Listening intently.  “I hear that your bookies are being run off their courses, by none other than Sabini himself”
“Oh really?” Alfie asks, never breaking eye contact “well what do you want from me then?” He asks with a smirk forming on his lips. You raised an eyebrow at him and took a seat opposite him.
“We, at Shelby Company Limited, would like to make a proposal” you mimicked his body language and sat exactly as he did, leaning forward so the two of you were almost touching noses.

After feeding him your proposal you sat back with your hands still clasped together on the desk. Alfie simply smiling, eyes still transfixed on yours. “I think we have a deal” he placed one of his hands on yours “as long as it’s you that will be attending our meetings.”

Joe Sugg - Best Friend

Words count: 1425

Warning: None

Summery: being friends with people with cameras everywhere.

A/N: I made a mini serious of this so expect more to come.

Part two

You’re a blogger/artist.  You knew Tanya Burr through some mutual friends, and events. You became friends very easy and very quickly. And through her you met Zoe aka Zoella and Alfie and then Joe. You and Joe hit it of straight off you joked around as if you knew each other your whole lives.

One day you were at the Zalfie household for a party which you were invited for. You haven’t been in any videos or vlogs, briskly in any or your friend’s videos. You told everyone that you weren’t comfortable enough to be in any of their videos and they all respected that. But being in a party full of youtubers and social media addicts you can never be sure of what may happen.

You and Joe were standing with Tan and Jim talking, Joe had his hand around your shoulder and leaning on you as he told a joke that made both you and Tanya to laugh and you to slightly lean onto Joe.

“I’m telling you Tan introducing us is the best thing you’ve ever done.” You tolled Tanya once Joe and Jim got pulled away by a few other lads. You glanced at Joe and smiled before your eyes meeting Tanya’s brown ones. Tan looked a tad suspicious.

“Do you in any way like Joe more than a friend, (y/n)?” She asked with a kind smile, that only Tan could master.

“No, no I don’t.” You said shaking your head. “Not as you think at least, but you know hard it is for me to move after (y/bbf/n) moved away.”

“I know.” Tanya gave you a sad smile and gave you hand a squeeze. Zoe called for Tan, who left after giving you a last look.

“What was that all about?” Joe asked you, carrying a drink for you.

“Nothing, to worry about.” You took the cup from him. You gave him an innocent smile. That’s when a song started playing, everyone cheered and started to dance.

“Come on, let’s show everyone our dance moves.” Joe said loudly and you laughed. You set your cups down and moved to where people were dancing. You and Joe started dancing with everyone and having a good laugh, while making a few silly dances.

“Come on Joe, I know when we’re not wanted.” You said pouting. You moved to the kitchen to talk with Naomi about your blog and organizing a shopping trip. After a while everyone started leaving, you were thankful you only had one drink because Joe was on his way to drunk. You had music playing lowly as you drove back to London (from Brighten) with Joe asleep in the passenger seat.

You managed to drive to London and to Joe’s house and not falling asleep. You decided to spend the night seeing as you almost fell asleep on the way to Joe’s house. It wasn’t the first time you stayed, you helped Joe to his room and left him change and go to bed on his own, before going to the spare bedroom where one of your leggings and joe’s hoodie .

In the morning Joe surprisingly woke up before you did. He decided to let you sleep in for a bit as you still looked a tad tired. He made scrambled eggs for the both of you. You spent the day with Joe, you watched a movie and talked a bit. You were just having a lazy day. It was around 4 in the afternoon when you decided to watch a few of yesterday’s vlogs. There was about five or six people vlogging yesterday. You watched Zoë’s and Tan’s first, you then clicked on (insert Youtuber) around the minute 7:39 your mouth opened wide. You were in shock. He got you in the vlog, in the background there you stood talking to Jim and Tanya with Joe’s hand around your shoulder and you were laughing so hard.

“Joe we’re in the background.” You stated to Joe who lost interest and was on his phone.

“What?” Joe asked confused, looking up from his phone.

“We’re in the background of the vlog.” You pointed to the clear paused video of you and Joe.

“Oh (y/n).” Joe said sadly. You played the video your face showing no emotions, and to your horror you were in the video again. This time the focus was on you. It was of when you and Joe were dancing like fools, and causing everyone to laugh. Joe was just as shocked. “I’ll call (Insert Youtuber) I’ll tell him/her to remove the video.”

Joe moved away to make the call, and you kept refreshing the video and seeing as the views number went up every time 153,334 to 179,235 to 199,429, to 201,123.

“He’s taking it down.” Joe said and took a seat beside you.

“It’s too late, there’s so many views; I know for sure that some people downloaded the video.” You said sadly. You really wanted your friendship with all your friends to stay away from the screens of people all over the world.

“I’m so sorry (y/n).” Joe said and took the laptop away from you and sat it on the coffee table and pulled you close for a hug. You didn’t want to cry but you couldn’t help the few tears that slipped away.

“Don’t be, it was bound to happen.” Your chin was on his shoulder as you hugged. You let go of Joe and smiled. “I wondered how we kept our friendship a secret for over ten months. And Tan and I have been friends for more than a year and a half.”

“I know but still-“ “Joe just shut up, all we need to do now is tell everyone we’re not dating because everyone thinks we are, and the comments are just filled with rumors ready to spread.”

“Okay, do you want to do it in one of my vlogs?” Joe asked you sincerely. You nodded in agreement and helped Joe set everything up. You then made tee as Joe made the final touches to everything. When the lights were in place and the tripod was sat up and everything. You sat on the Livingroom sofa as Joe pressed on or play or whatever on his camera. You gave Joe his mug and started a relaxed looking video.

“Today’s vlog is a bit different, we’ll be talking about this amazing person beside me.” Joe said and looked at you, you smiled and waved. “Tell them who you are.”

“Oh, right, hi everyone I’m (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” You said with a neutral smile. “I’m a blogger and an artist, and also I’m friend with this idiot.”

“Hey.” Joe exclaimed faking offended.

“What you can’t deny it.” You teased him.

“Now she’s my ex-friend.” Joe told the camera and crossed his arms in front of his chest and pouted. You only laughed at his expression.

“Anyway, we decided to make this video to clear the air and stop any theories from spreading.” You said turning back to serious.

“Yes, (Y/N) and I are good friend I consider her one of my closest friends even.” Joe said and gave you a smile before turning back to the camera. “We met in one of Tanya and Zoë parties, and we just clicked I guess.”

“And the reason you haven’t seen me in any of Joe’s vlogs is because I asked them all not to include me in any of their videos or vlogs.” You then explained the reason you haven been spotted yet. “I’ve been blurred in some videos had my voice change and even my name changed, everyone just seemed to agree on a name for me when they talked about me in their videos, and I have no idea where it came from.”

“It was Tan’s idea, she sent us all texts and said to always use it when we’re talking about you.” Joe then said.

“Huh, well I’ll have to ask her where she came up with it.”

“Well now that you’re on my channel, I can assure you all, you will be seeing a lot more of (Y/N) on a lot of channels on YouTube.” Joe said excitedly.

“But not on Joe’s channel seeing as we’re ex-friends now.” You smirked, and subtly winked to the camera.

“You wound me.” Joe said clutching his chest, you shake your head and leave him to die. “You’re leaving? Oh you’re leaving me to die, how could you? -oh she’s gone.”