Cartoomics loot! Milan is a good place, if you visit it with your friends, and you can even Shaft-fag in the meanwhile!

>mfw met italian fansub legends :O
>mfw italian version of Hyuoka’ manga out at Cartoomics
>mfw I didn’t notice Giant PKs (based on PKNA :Q_) ‘till Sunday
>mfw megane-ld really is a really cool guy :3
>mfw I was going to miss Pi Day
>mfw a friend of mine did a live commentary of ESL CS:GO grand final on Telegram
>mfw you can’t beat a cosplay saying “Crisis there! [=Could not buy a decent cosplay ‘cuz no money]” :P
>mfw indie writers sometimes are really cool (or do I value them higher than mainstream ones? [bias intensifies])

Yeah, going full retard with friends really is a cool thing, I can’t wait to do it again \o/

(Thank @urielmatt for the photos on Dropbox!)

Telecom I.: acquisisce Alfabook dal gruppo Hoplo - ultimaora - flash ... - Corriere della Sera

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Sono di ritorno dal Lucca Comics.
Immaginate di stare in un posto dove puoi trovare tutto quel che ti piace e di essere in mezzo a gente a cui piace la stessa roba. Come può non piacere un posto del genere?

(ah, la maglietta l'ho instacomprata, era anche della mia misura :D)


New books over here!
Two days ago I ordered the new FF XIV game and, just for fun, I added Megatokyo #2 [ita] and Watchmen to the order.
While waiting for the package, I bought some new manga (after a looong time). Now I don’t have space for them (」゜ロ゜)」

Then… the package arrived. I ordered a cheap version of the Watchmen. I thought it was the Italian version. I opened the volume and… ENGLISH VERSION! ヽ(^。^)丿


If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song

These words reminded me of a beautiful book my mother gave me a long time ago. Maybe it’s time to find it and read it again.

Sometimes, you just can’t catch the bus. Who cares, let’s go in a bookstore! … and you find these.
the first is a book from a writer a friend of mine is fagging on (“beatiful!” “besto Japanese writer!”), so… let’s try!
the last… I loved the saga, and I didn’t read the last book. It was discounted, why not?

めくらやなぎと眠る女 (Mekurayanagi, to nemuru onna) [at left]
Inheritance [at right]

Telecom Italia acquisisce Alfabook

Telecom Italia, attraverso la controllata Telecom Italia Digital Solutions, ha acquisito la società Alfabook, azienda torinese leader nel settore dell’editoria didattica digitale con oltre 90 marchi editoriali distribuiti, 13.000 titoli a catalogo e 440.000 utenti registrati. L’operazione consente al Gruppo Telecom Italia un’ulteriore focalizzazione sulle attività di sviluppo e diffusione di soluzioni innovative dedicate alla […]

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