alf: the animated series


here’s a video i made back in 2015 and never posted for some reason


TAS PSA: anti-pollution public service ad from The Animated Series, featuring Shatner, Nimoy and Takei.

OK so I just finished Star Trek TAS...

so my one question for the Trekkie fandom simply comes down to this:

what in the hell did I just watch??

ok so before I started the series, I had heard that this series was kind of ridiculous, you know, the whole 

up close…

and personal experience you have…

of everyone’s face

(sorry about the captions but that’s how I watch shows)

but I had no idea it was going to be THIS weird….

so it was definitely much different than the Star Trek I was used to (I had finished TNG before starting this and was used to that style rather than the TOS, which it’s been almost 6 months since I had last watched a TOS episode) so maybe you could imagine my surprise when I saw characters like

scary big bird,

and creepy seductive cat-lion lady (seriously why was she so sexual?)

make their appearances on the show. But then, there were some classic characters like 

the mutated tribbles (or as I like to call them, giant snuggly fuzzballs) 

and of course, the adorablely sassy fetus Spock and his pet, I-Chaya

that were both adorable and made the show kind of fun to watch.

ok now that that’s covered, I like to switch gears and mention something else. Now, I am really not a big believer in the whole “Spock/Jim” relationship, just because I just never saw their relationship like that until I found out there’s a whole fandom for it on tumblr. but this series made me think that the writers of this show caught wind of that “ship” and totally decided to run with it… and it was kind of ridiculous..

First it was this scene, but I was like, “Oh he just saved his friend from falling no big deal” but then they kept going and was all like

“thanks Jim, it’s good to have a friend like you”

“strange, that’s how I feel about you too, my dear friend Spock”

[queue cringworthy pause and semi awkward side-hug as they gazed longingly into each other’s eyes]

but then I knew it couldn’t have been a coincidence because there was this scene in the second season when the ship decided to turn into a sassy lil’ bitch and put fog/ice on the ship, and Spock saves Kirk from falling

and they just keep holding onto each other for the rest of the scene.. So, as a nonbeliever of this relationship, not that I have anything against it or all you people in this Spirk(?) fandom, I constantly found myself laughing from the fact the writers didn’t seem to even try to hide that they totally shipped these two as well.

But wait, there’s more.

During the entire show, was it just me, or was the music playing in the background some type of mixture between Scooby Doo and jazzy secret agent? the whole time I couldn’t decide whether or not the cast was going to break out in some 1920′s dance as they fought off aliens with their perfectly executed charlestons or if Spock was suddenly going to say, “Jeepers Kirk! the Romulans disappeared into thin air!”

Lastly, other moments got me so confused. I turned away for two seconds and all of the sudden…

Uhura was an infant,

Kirk was a jerk

and my favorite “old country doctor”, was hitting on women like, “yeah I just save the whole crew for a living NBD lemme swoon you with my fancy schmancy words about your heart” like come on doctor, pull yourself together..

I don’t know, this series felt like a complete mess, please, someone give me clarity or is this pretty much it?