Happy to Help

Alexza carefully placed the newest batch of flasks in the guild bank and slid the door closed. Pulling a small notebook from her pocket, she marked down the latest herb inventory – Golden Lotus back to zero, as every week. She’d need to send messages off and ask people to farm some up, but it could wait. For now, it was time for a drink.

She gazed around the Shrine of Seven Stars. Two years now since she first came to this place. A year since losing her eye while aiding the Klaxxi Paragons – a loss made more bitter with the knowledge that Maeli and the others were now facing those same Paragons as enemies below Orgrimmar. “Well,” she muttered, “they did warn us.”

Realizing she was sliding back onto a train of thought that only led to moping and bitterness, Alexza pushed her hair out of her face and sighed. “I think tonight calls for a change o’ scenery” she remarked to no one in particular, and headed for the portal room. On the way, she saw Maeli talking to the mechanical auctioneer, a spectral porcupette dozing at her feet. Happy to see a familiar face, she hopped down off the ramp and perched on the mailbox, almost bringing herself to eye level with the towering night elf. “I hope yer not fixin’ to buy any flasks there, Miss Maeli” she said, trying to sound stern but her tiny gnomish voice not quite pulling it off. Maeli winked at her. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Alexza. I’m fairly certain you’d stab me in the shins for such an offense.”  Alexza laughed heartily. “Is that a short joke? Watch it or I’ll smack ya in the kneecap with my tankard!”

Maeli finished up her business with the auctioneer and turned her full attention to the gnome. They chatted for a bit about this and that, until it was time for Maeli to take off and prepare for the evenings visit to Orgrimmar. “Do ya need anything for this trip? I stocked up the flasks, o’ course, but anything else?” Maeli thought for a moment. “Not me, no, but I did hear Quaras mention something about looking for some brandy.” Alexza grinned. “Brandy? I was just headin’ to Dalaran for a change of scenery and a drink, I’m sure I can round some up while I’m there.”

Alexza ran back up the ramp to the portal room, and headed for Dalaran. She trotted down the stairs - and ran straight into a Tauren paladin. “Oy, I somehow didn’t see ya there!” she squeaked, rubbing her face in surprise more than pain. The Tauren gazed down at her and laughed, a deep rumbling sound the gnome could feel in her very bones. He, too, was wearing an eye patch. In surprisingly clear Common, he said “it will take years to adjust to having just one eye, small one.” Alexza, already flustered, was utterly thrown off by this seemingly friendly giant. She nodded and bowed awkwardly and took off for the Legerdemain Lounge.

“Arille! Ya got any o’ that Snowplum Brandy around?” The bartender glanced over at her and sighed. “That’s not your usual fair, Lex. And how many times do I have to ask you not to stand on my bar?” Alexza hopped down onto a barstool. “Ya can keep tellin’ me until ya get some taller barstools! I can barely see even standing up on this thing.” The elf walked over and handed her a tankard of ale. “Yes, yes, so you say. Most of my clientele is considerably taller than you. Perhaps I should get you a booster seat.”

Alexza made a face. “Ya ya yer very funny. How ‘bout that brandy? Pickin’ it up for a friend.” She downed her ale and threw some silvers on the bar as Arille handed her a case of Snowplum Brandy. “I gotta get this shipped off, but I’ll be back.” She waved to the bartender and trotted off to the closest mailbox, pleased as always to be able to procure whatever Waypoint happened to need.