alexxphoto asked:

i never saw my first submission!

Is this it?

Sometimes I post like 40 times a day (what with the queue and all) so it can be easy to miss your photo being posted. 

Or if it was a different photo, it might not have gone through tumblr.  I never delete submissions (unless they are digital) so if it ended up in my inbox, it should have been posted. 

New work for the family project. I think ive finally decided on a name as the project is coming to an abrupt ending. As my family is moving to Germany, I made my last trip count by look at old memorabilia, photo albums, personal items.

Im really excited to see all of my film coming back almost perfect but im not ready to say goodbye to a project that must be put on hold for a few years.

Hopfully the book will be out by the end of the year.



Today, I celebrate for many reasons.

My Bronica SQ-A came in the mail - this time around I made sure to get a polaroid back for it as well.

Also; new flashes, a new lens, and tons of film help motivate me to bring new ideas to a still developing body of work Im putting together for my seminar class.

O, im hanging some work at the East Side Lounge this Thursday from 6-12pm, its going to be an awesome collection of artists and bands so come out and say hi.